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Rose Quartz

My favorite characters on the show are Applejack, Rarity. And my favorite episodes are Sweet and Elite, and Rarity takes Manehatten. And I want my stories to be famous like Cupcakes and Bubbles.


Hestia is a lonely crystal filly who wants to know more about Equestria. Everypony doesn't accept her, even her mother. But almost committing a crime lands her an opportunity to take a trip to Ponyville and finds true friendship

Prereaders: ajvasquezbrony28 and Pastel Prose

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

I personally hope when she goes back she rubs the fact she has a cutie mark in her bullies faces.

first! :P Naw man
Wow, no other comments here?
But Mrs. Peridot;s cutie mark is an Apple with a pencil stuck in it?:rainbowhuh:


Still some present tense issue, but now I really really like it. Though, you may want to change this one line:

"But, I think we should let her stick with Crystal stuff"

"We'll only stick to places around the kingdom like the places and maybe the mountains."
Something like that

Um, frist, you fix up the summary of he story, including giving credit to all us pre-readers yet?
Second, you might want to look at the last half again, on here.
Also, we're not doing it where she sing the song in her head durning class or where she gose;
You can't fire/exspell me, cause I quit

6089048 AJ, its for the good of the audio drama. The pausing between verses isn't that long. And the second half looks fine

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