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Rose Quartz

My favorite characters on the show are Applejack, Rarity. And my favorite episodes are Sweet and Elite, and Rarity takes Manehatten. And I want my stories to be famous like Cupcakes and Bubbles.


Inspired by the songs Daughter of Evil by Kagamine Rin, Servent of Evil by Kagamine Len, and Daughter of White by Yowane Haku.

This story is about Pride, one of the seven deadly sins. Princess Sunset Shimmer is known as the daughter of evil in her Yellow Kingdom but her servant Sunburn (Who is also her twin brother) doesnt think so. I would explain more, but then I would ruin everything.

Daughter of Evil:

Servant of evil:

Daughter of White:

Chapters (5)

One night, Rarity finds a sleeping baby filly on her doorstep named "Christabelle" or Belle for short. So she and her husband Trenderhoof decide to raise her. But Belle goes through bullying and other problems through out her life.

Chapters (18)

Inspired by the song "Reboot" by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and Samune Zimi. Hazel (Miku), Blossum (Luka), and Kiwi (Zimi), were the best of friends, until an accident happened which drove their friendship apart.

Coverart was made by 2fab4u

Here's the link to the song:

Chapters (8)

The life of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's youngest foal "Stella Nova". After Cadence dies after giving birth, Shining is the only pony who can take care of her. But danger lurks around every corner as an old foe returns to the Crystal Empire

Chapters (8)

The Mane six's younger foals and the CMC's foals decided to be the next Cutie Mark Crusaders

Heres a better coverart :). This was made by 2fab4u. And I could use some coverart for Cutie Mark Crush-saders too if your interested.

Chapters (22)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders just earned their cutie marks, and now they have to focus on one thing; Finding a date to the Ponyville Hearts and Hooves Day School Dance.

Chapters (13)

Rainbow Dash's brother is getting married, and she's not happy about that. Especially when she meets the bride.

Chapters (10)

After making a couple mistakes in the past, Trixie finds the error of her ways and decides to be a good pony.

Chapters (2)

The Mane 6 get pregnant AGAIN.

Chapters (30)

When a school project on "Princess Appreciation Day" comes up. Applejack's son "Bloomburg" works with his friends on a project to impress a filly in a class. But bad things happen when Bloomburg's younger twin sisters "Apple Heart" and "Apple Sweets" decide to "help".

Chapters (8)
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