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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Diamond Tiara finds out what 'rape' is from a very realiable source, and decides that she wants to try it out. Together with Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara 'rapes' her three favourite targets, and soon a new trend spreads throughout the school.

The adults of Ponyville are very, very concerned.

NOTE: There is NO foalcon in this story, nor is there anything of any sexual nature, rape or consensual. If you wish to understand, feel free to read on :3

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I see what you did there. :pinkiecrazy::ajsmug:

Way to avoid the issue, Flutters. Ten points.

Epilogue? (when they get back to school?)

No wonder my folks don’t wanna have any more children,” Scootaloo said with a shudder.

This. This right here.

Ignorance is bliss.

Because rape is cruise control for funny.

Gimme a fuckin' break, dude.

Tell me, how would you explain it then?

The M. Night Shyamalan of Funny.

...*AB gets home* hey Apple Bloom you wanna...Pickle? :trollestia:

Well! This is officially the funniest thing I have ever read!
P.S. What should I bring to the Sex-Ed fair pinkie? ...say....Pickles? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this. Does that make me a bad person?:derpyderp2:

I really wish Equestria Daily accepted stories like this.

On the subject of rape, that is bad....

On the subject of this story, this is gold. I applaud you sir.
You really... tore me a new one with this :trollestia:

4442320 ...Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Not sure whether to laugh or be offended. I think I'll go with the former.

4442377 Absolutely not.

Apple Bloom turned to Applejack. “D-Did Ma an’ Pa do that?” Applejack nodded. “Three times?!” Another nod, followed by a moment of silence. “I-Is that how they died?”


Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon struggled as they tried to move about inside of the net they were being suspended in. Below them, three cheerfully fillies danced about as they celebrated their success. They had raped Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
“Okay, fine, you got us!” Diamond Tiara yelled. “Now get us down from here!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you!” Scootaloo said, putting a hoof to her ear as Sweetie Belle giggled. “Can you repeat that?”
“We said you raped us!” Silver Spoon admitted. “Now let us down!”
“Ah think they’ve had enough punishment fer now,” Apple Bloom said. “Sweetie Belle, if ya would.”
“With pleasure.” Sweetie Belle kicked the crank and allowed the netting to fall to the floor. The two fillies scrambled out of the net, rope covering their bodies and tripping them up many times in the process. In the distance, Sweetie Belle could see some ponies approaching. “Hey, look! It’s our sisters!”
“Uh-oh,” Apple Bloom muttered as the group of mares closed in on them. “Um… hi?”
Applejack looked over the scene with a worried look over her pale face. “W-What in tarnation happened here?” she asked, terrified of the answer that she would receive.
Scootaloo puffed her chest out. “We raped them!” she proudly declared.
“Oh no,” Rainbow Dash said as she slammed a hoof into her face.
“Please tell me I didn’t just hear that,” Rarity pleaded, her legs shaking beneath her.
Cheerilee looked at the two fillies all tied up in rope and felt like she was going to be sick “H-How could you- The three of you are always such sweet little angels.”
“Hey, they started it!” Scootaloo argued. “They raped us first!”
“Two wrongs don’t make a right!” Applejack scolded. “Y’know that, Apple Bloom!”
“Tell that to our bottoms,” Apple Bloom muttered. “It’s not like we hurt ‘em too bad or anythin’.”
“That’s not the point! Rape is never acceptable an’ I can’t believe mah own sister is now a rapist!”
“But you guys do it all the time,” Sweetie Belle said.
“We WHAT?!” Rarity screamed, hitting a new pitch never before reached by ponies.
“Yeah! Rainbow Dash raped both of you last week!” Scootaloo shouted, pointing an accusatory hoof at a now-panicked Rainbow Dash.
“What are you saying?!” Rainbow demanded.
“And we saw Miss Cheerilee rape her sister Berry Punch two days ago!” Sweetie Belle added.
“Girls!” Cheerilee shouted, now no longer concerned but instead just full-on angry. “If you think that lying and spreading false gossip will make things any easier on yourselves-”
“But it’s not a lie!” Apple Bloom protested. “We saw you put hot sauce in yer sister’s drink an’ then she ran around lookin’ fer water!”
The five mares looked at each other. Now nopony was sure what to say, or to think. “Girls,” Cheerile began, “What exactly do you think of when we say the word ‘rape’?”
“Prankin’ somepony,” Apple Bloom replied.
“That’s what Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon told us,” Sweetie Belle said. All eyes turned to the two fillies, who were now free thanks to Mayor Mare’s help.
“That’s what Miss Fluttershy said it meant,” Diamond Tiara explained.
“Are… ya sure?” Applejack asked with a suspicious glare. “It ain’t exactly like Fluttershy ta lie like that.”
“But that’s what she said!” Diamond Tiara defended adamantly. “She said that rape was doing something to somepony they don’t want you to do!”
“Um…” All eyes turned to the nearby bushes, where a blushing, yellow pegasus emerged from within. “S-Sorry I’m late. I heard about what happened and I… I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”
“Fluttershy, what is goin’ on here?” Applejack asked.
“It’s all my fault,” Fluttershy repeated, closing her eyes tight in fear of seeing her friends’ angry glares. “Diamond Tiara found that word in one of my books and asked me what it meant, and I didn’t know how to explain it without going into ‘that’ and so I… I didn’t exactly lie to her, I just…”
“So… it was all just one big misunderstanding?” Cheerilee asked and Fluttershy nodded. “Oh, thank heavens,” she sighed.
“This is such a nightmare,” Mayor Mare said as she held her head. “But… at least now it seems as though the matter is resolved. Well, just as soon as I inform everypony as to what we have found out.”
“Wait, I don’t get it,” Apple Bloom said. “If rape don’t mean prankin’ somepony, then what does it mean?”
The other fillies all moved in closer, each one expressing a desire to know the truth. “W-Well, that’s-” Cheerilee stumbled, but then felt a hoof on her shoulder.
“Ah think y’should probably just tell ‘em,” Applejack said. “Lest we cause any more damage than what’s already been done.”
“I agree,” Rarity said. “I think they’re still a little young, but these days I think teaching them whilst they are young is probably the smart thing to do.”
“Uh… I have no authority over any of ‘em, but uh… I learned about sex way younger than ‘em, and I turned out fine,” Rainbow Dash said, hoping to add to the conversation in any way that she could.
With a sigh, Cheerilee nodded. “Um,” Fluttershy spoke up. “W-Would you mind if I… sat here and listened, too? J-Just in case you need any help explaining things, of course,” Fluttershy said, her eyes shifting about nervously.
“Sure, why not,” Cheerilee responded before clearing her throat. “Okay fillies, listen up. First, I’m going to teach you about ‘sex’.”
A long time passed, with Jeopardy music in the background as the five fillies’ facial expression ranged from slightly horrified to ‘oh my god, why would you even?’.
“And that’s why rape is wrong and why you should never, ever force somepony into sex without their permission,” Cheerilee finished. “Any questions?” Sweetie Belle raised her hoof. “Yes, Sweetie Belle?”
“WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!” she screamed, before covering her head in her hooves.
Diamond Tiara removed her tiara and poked Silver Spoon with it. “Silver Spoon, quick! Take this and beat the last five hours from my memory out of me!”
Apple Bloom turned to Applejack. “D-Did Ma an’ Pa do that?” Applejack nodded. “Three times?!” Another nod, followed by a moment of silence. “I-Is that how they died?”
“No wonder my folks don’t wanna have any more children,” Scootaloo said with a shudder.
“Well, ah think we’ve punished ‘em enough for their actions,” Applejack said. The other mares nodded in agreement.
“I think we can safely resume school activities starting tomorrow,” Cheerilee said to Mayor Mare.
“No, make that the day after,” Mayor Mare said. “Parents are going to have to have ‘the talk’ with their children and not all of them may be able to do so today.”
“Ooh! How about a Sex Ed fair?!” Pinkie Pie asked as she sprang out of nowhere, startling everypony present.
“P-Pinkie Pie?! Where’d you come from?!” Applejack asked. “An’ what d’ya mean by a ‘Sex Ed fair’?”
“Well if all the foals are gonna be learnin’ about it on the same day anyway why not make a massive fair about it so they can all learn together?!” Pinkie Pie bounced up-and-down as ideas ran through her mind. “There’ll be streamers and food and games and activities and-”
“Pinkie, no offence, but ah don’t think Sex Ed is the kinda thing ponies usually make a fair about.”
“Aah, my dearest Applejack. Don’t you know me by now? I can make a fair about anything!” Pinkie Pie bounced her way towards town, talking about how she’ll need to prepare one thousand balloons in just twelve hours.
Mayor Mare looked on with a worried look. “S-Shouldn’t somepony stop her?”
“Already on it,” Rainbow Dash said as she released a balloon and pushed it in the direction of Pinkie Pie.
“Ooh, something floating!” Pinkie Pie chased after the balloon, completely forgetting about her previous idea.
“Alright, well, now that that is taken care of…” Rarity turned to the fillies. Apple Bloom was praying for forgiveness from her parents, Scootaloo was shielding herself with her tail, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara were banging their heads into a tree and Sweetie Belle had apparently taken up being an ostrich. “Perhaps we should get these little ones home.”
“Agreed. C’mon, Apple Bloom,” Applejack said as she picked up her sister onto her back. “Ma and Pa don’t blame ya. It wasn’t yer fault.”
“C’mon, Squirt,” Rainbow Dash said as she picked up the shivering filly. “I’ll take ya home and, tomorrow, I’ll show you a cool new trick I’ve been working on.” Scootaloo did not respond. “… That usually works. Huh.”
Rarity levitated her sister onto her back. “I’ll take Sweetie Belle to our parents’ house and ask them to fix her,” she said, earning a disapproving look from Cheerilee. “Oh, forgive me for not being ‘motherly’ at the young age of twenty-one! Hmph!”
Cheerilee retrieved the last two fillies as the other mares left. “Well then, I suppose I had better get the two of you to your homes.”
As the teacher walked down the streets with the two fillies on her back, all was silent. So silent it almost threatened to drive to teacher mad. Finally, one of the fillies spoke. “Miss Cheerilee?” Silver Spoon asked.
“Can you tell Diamond Tiara not to learn any new words?”
Cheerilee laughed. It was the only response her brain could come up with as she continued walking. “Just remember, any questions-”
“Ask you?” Silver Spoon asked.
Cheerilee sighed and shook her head. “No. For this, any questions… ask your parents.”


...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:... YES YESSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

4442166 Okay then, you try explaining rape to a persistent little brat without going into graphic detail.

I just absolutely love lowbrow humor! :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

“Ooh, something floating!” Pinkie Pie chased after the b alloon, completely forgetting about her previous idea.

Oh great! It's season 4 Pinkie Pie! :ajbemused:

Comment posted by TheSlorg deleted Jun 20th, 2014

Wait... Where did Dash get the balloon? Oh! I know! Its where the balloons from Spiderman 2 go when you're like, "fuck it get another balloon" because there is SO MANY KIDS YELLING "MY BALLOOOOOOOOOOON!"

Thank you for saying this with far fewer expletives than I would've used.

All I can possibly add to this is the image of Snips and Snails with their butts glued together again after a vicious raping from Dinky.

:raritydespair: "Hee hee, gum on their bum."


foalcon and scat porn to be posted. There will be an audience for it here.

Having read the story, and having been a victim of said rape and knowing others who have been raped, I think its best you just stick to your own experiences and those you personally know. I found this to be anything but insulting, unlike your comparing THIS story to SCAT and FOALCON.

A Perfect example of what you won't post on EQD? You barely post shit on there that hasn't already been put into the feature box or shit done by those already in the little group of friends prior to latest changes. But regardless of that, did you actually READ this story or did you stop at the first chapter? Because I'm confused as to your tirade there on how this is so damn horrible that it's seen as the pinnacle of badness for stuff that crosses the line.

4443630 4443378 You should of seen the amount I used when the original joke ending was mentioned. But that's besides the point, I don't see anyone whose actually read this story to be bitching up a storm to such a degree to even use swears. But, whatever. The title, yes, it's not something that should be posted on EQD, but considering the shit that has gotten shown of actual Foalcon with that Two Best Brothers analyzing shit that was in the feature post, this story by far is the least offensive shit I've seen.

Anyhow, to each their own. But don't go fucking getting high and mighty and choose to be the ONE VOICE for ALL people. Fucking presumptuous. That's how shit gets started.

I'd like to see one genuinely raped individual whose read this story and actually found it made them feel like shit. If either of you were, well, I'm sorry. But I wasn't and I don't consider this on any fucking remote level to Scat or Foalcon or whatever clop shit you EQD team seems to think this equates to.

So, yeah. Rape is a sensitive topic. One I'd rather not hear those how haven't experienced it treat everything with the word RAPE in it like some fucking taboo. That's why we have COMEDIANS, to help us fucking get over the shit that makes us or has made us feel like shit. People want to live in misery and let a bad experience ruin their whole lives that they go and make them selves obese just to hope no one finds them attractive enough to rape? Now that's pretty fucked up, and it's happened. Sometimes in life, you just gotta learn when to fucking laugh at shit, even yourself. It fucking helps.

Anyhow, blowing up on missydudewhateversex up there over whether anyone is allowed to use the word RAPE with a comedy tag isn't going to make what I think is an offensive comment go away, or how stupid I think the overall comment was, but it still pisses me off that they'd be so fucking pretension about it. Was this even submitted to EQD? IF so, shit, even I could of said the title alone would been an instant rejection due to the strict family safe content when foals are involved. Either case, I'll stop now, I"m done venting.

Gawd some people are just fucking stupid.

4444010 I was fully prepared to read everything you had to say, but then I noticed that you're the same person who posts these long winded rants about EQD every few weeks just about anywhere that you can be heard.

Sorry to hear about your personal experiences (no, really, I am), but I'd also suggest that you take your own advice or, at the very least, learn how to be at least remotely civil with it. You've been warned plenty of times in the past that nobody is going to take you seriously if you continue to rant and rave and come knocking at EQD's door with torches and pitchforks at every chance you get because, even when/if you have a valid statement, you still give off a poor impression in the way you say it.

If you'd like to continue this in a productive way, feel free to inbox me, assuming you can control yourself.

4444077 Well, good to know you know me, because it saved me the time to read yours at "long winded". So, I guess that's all we need to say to each other. Other So I'll give you the TL:DR version. Don't prfesume to talk for everyone and go fuck yourself if you made it this far.

Comparing this to scat and foalcon shows you didn't even read the story. Good day.

4443378 I really like the way you're utilising your own opinions on festishes to antagonise the userbase of FiMFiction.net, real smooth.

It isn't terribly hard to explain, honestly. It is sex where one of the people doesn't want to have sex.

4444368 I believe you don't understand what I said. Who cares what people like? On this site, where pretty much anything goes, it can be posted and find an audience. On EQD, where everything must be kept basically PG(ish), it won't.

Pretty basic. :facehoof:

4444414 I like how twisted your definiton of PG is.

Edit: what I was referring to is the fact that this story apparently isn't PG enough for EqD, yet Fallout: Equestria is for some unknown reason. I don't have anything about Fo:E or Kkat, I just find it odd that a story tagged Mature Gore that references sex on occasions are considered PG enough, while a story that's merely innuendo used for comedic effect and is tagged Teen Sex is considered too "vile" for a lack of better wording. But who am I to question the intricate thought process behind EqD's methods of approval?

After reading the description, I was disturbed and intrigued.

After finishing the first chapter, I am even more so. Also, there's a bit of senseless laughter thrown in with the disturbed and intrigued vibes.

I am equal parts disturbed and rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter.

Quite honestly, you might want to consider a "Dark" tag. I would call this "Dark" "Comedy."

Gotta remember that this is an American PG, so any amount of violence and disregard for self preservation is perfectly fine just so long as nobody has or even mentions the first thing to do with reproduction.

4444385 Apparently Diamond Tiara didn't know what sex was (Fluttershy even asked her that), so, do you want to be the one to give her "The Talk"?


Grouping scat and foalcon together is just as fucked up.:twilightangry2:

I tried to read the entire first chapter, but my brain just shut down around the time DT was asking Shy what Rape was. While I can she her telling somepony about the birds and bees, with motivation, I can't even see her trying to give an abridged version of this.,

Read the rest and it was a good laugh. I feel sorry for all the soon to be mentally scarred foals due to getting the talk and what rape actually is.

Sorry, but this title is clearly inappropriate, even if the story itself isn't. This story is now in the non-mature feature box. A child could log on and the first thing they see is 'DIAMOND TIARA AND SILVER SPOON RAPE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS'.

Yes technically it's 'okay' but my goodness come on! A bit of class and awareness please!


It's still tagged 'Sex' though. Isn't there a filter for Sex that's defaultly on?


Nope, no filters. The only line is between 'mature' and 'everyone/teen' which is seen unfiltered by everyone who visits the site.

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