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It was an average day in Carousel Boutique.

And then the monster came.

Edited by ROBCakeran53.
Original art and character by kianamai.

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This story is a sequel to Fading Memories Create New Ones

Ever since their wedding, Princess Nidra and now Prince Turquoise Blitz are expecting anything to appear. But when Nidra suddenly becomes pregnant, they never saw it coming. Even when it happens twice. This is the tale of Nidra's parenthood.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! I know most of you were anticipating this and were disappointed at the setbacks put this through but here it is! I hope you enjoy!

Rated teen for language.

Chapters (12)

Decades after getting married,the aging Anthea is saying her final farewells. Turquoise, her husband, isn't coping well with it. But at the time of her death, her last request is for him to move on. Struck with grief, Turquoise sadly and slowly begin to keep their promise. And there is one mare that is willing to help him in this time of sorrow and grief......

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This story is a sequel to Crystal Maiden

It has been almost twenty-five years since Amber Lily was left at Ponyville Orphanage by her father. In that time, she has left the orphanage, adopted her two best friends, became a nurse, and made the best friends a pony could ask for.

Also in that time, a stallion named Herb has had time to mourn his lost wife and the separation from his daughter, as well as finally accomplish something he had wished to do two decades earlier.

Now - twenty-five years later - Herb's travels have finally brought him back to the town where his daughter lives, with hopes to salvage his relationship with her and let her rest easy on a subject of her deepest sorrows.

Characters belong to the amazingly talented kilala97

Chapters (1)

Amber Lily is a mare currently doing nurse work around the country and caring for her best friends, Hot Head and Lucky Star. She was in an orphanage with them for the longest time, however one thing has always managed to barely slip under the radar; why she's there at all.

Isis Quartz, Amber's mother, was one of the Crystal Empire's many great wonders. An entertainer of hundreds, if not thousands, with her jousting matches, she was a high-tier citizen below only royalty itself.
Unfortunately, she is dead. She died of a disease not well known to the populace, leaving behind her husband and their daughter to figure out what to do next.

All of the characters in this story belong to the talented kilala97

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Starburst. Guard extraordinaire, determined to make captain of the Royal Guard. Ready to face any foe she could come across in the defense of Equestria.

Any foe, except for a cruel sense of humor.

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This story is a sequel to Ruined for Pun

The lowest tier of literature meets the lowest form of wit, for the second time.

Five simple but delightful stories based in the universe by kilala97, independent and separate from one another but connected by one similarity: a punch line.

Feels will be felt, tears will be shed, groans will be heard.

Blind Mare's Bluff: When Turquoise Blitz's overprotectiveness becomes too much to handle, can he and Anthea salvage their relationship?

Releasing Regrets: With nopony else to turn to, Starburst finds herself working along side her clueless rival.

Baseball Bat: For the sake of her best friends, Nidra must face her greatest challenge yet: babysitting.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A sickly Fluttershy teaches her son-in-law a little lesson about how precious memories can be.

Our Little Escape: Api, Pixel, and Echo meet together one final time before their little world comes to an end.

Cover art by kilala97

Chapters (5)

Del has a severe case of chiroptophobia. He's kept it to himself for the most part, with others only catching glimpses of it. However, when one bat takes a shine to him, it might come out in full force.

Thankfully, there are those that can help him. Help, however, is a double edged sword in Ponyville and Del is about to find that out the hard way.

{This story takes place in kilala97's next gen universe. Please go over and check it out.}

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This story is a sequel to A Little Push

He never seems to fit in. Some of them are dynamic and active, he is passive. Some of them are driven, he is lethargic. Some of them talk, he simply listens. Yet nopony doubts that he is a true friend.

Turquoise Blitz and Prism Bolt have a relationship, to the eyes of most ponies, roughly equivalent to what their mothers had. All it takes is one incident in their youth to form a bond with no words, no promises and total understanding.

And, as is often the case, the strongest bonds are christened in blood.

This is my entry to Kilala97's Fun Fact Fanfic Contest.

Proofreading done by Imaginary Valued.

Chapters (1)

Turquoise Blitz (T for short) is a loving, gentle dragon-pony whose deeply enamored with his marefriend, Anthea. Through thick and thin these two 'ponies' have been (in the near literal sense) inseparable.

But when Anthea suddenly declares to him that they've been spending a little too much time together and could use a short break from each other, T takes that as a sign that she's no longer interested in him. Will this break be what the couple needs, or will it confirm just what T fears?

The fact I've chosen for Kilala's contest is:

One time, Anthea and T mutually decided that they should take a little break from each other since they were together pretty much 24/7. T was a mess because he'd keep worrying about her and was scared that she wanted to break up with him. During the little break, Anthea ended up showing that she could hold her own and be very productive. Because she wasn't with T, she ended up grabbing the attention of quite a few stallions all of which she had no interest in. T, however, felt that he was unneeded by her and was holding her back the whole time. They got back together around a week later and Anthea spent the week after that reassuring T that she loved him.

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