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Broken computer · 1:48am Feb 25th, 2018

Okay so a few of y'all may have noticed that i havent gotten further on my writing for 'An Awkward Encounter' and the reason is my laptops screen got screwed up:flutterrage: so because of that i cant continue to write the story. Whats more, a recently became unemployed before the screen broke so i cant afford a repair on the thing yet. I'll let y'all know when its fixed.

Again i must appologize for the delays and i hope everyone can understand my situation.:raritycry::facehoof:


Further Hold on Story · 1:27am Dec 13th, 2017

So between the holiday's and the fact that I got a new job that requires more of my time, which means "An Awkward Encounter" will have to go on further hold for the last chapter.

But, I do want to let ya'll know that I have at more than half of the final chapter done, and if I lucky, I might have it done near Christmas Time. If it's not done within that time, then I will try to have it done sometime after the New Year if I can help it.

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An awkward encounter clop ending · 4:36am May 28th, 2017

Okay so for the last chapter its obviously going to include the final parts of the clop between Alex and the crusaders, but I decided to leave it up to ya'll who gets what. No matter what I would prefer the format to be in the following way.

One filly per fetish and the fetishes are:
1. One filly does vaginal only
2. One filly does anal only
3. One filly does both

I'll leave it to all of ya'll that are interested in voting into the outcome.


Story on Hold · 7:15pm Jan 4th, 2017

So I know I told you guys a couple of blogs ago that I would be doing a chapter for a story made by EbonyStallion. Something has come up though and, I'm afraid that there will be a delay in the chapter being released. I'm not going to specify what's causing the delay, but just know that it's important enough to call a hold on the project.

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New Years Resolution · 4:37pm Jan 1st, 2017

Hey followers,

Just thought it would be fun to post your New Years Resolution's as a way to get support for the effort.

Mine are:
1. Loss some weight.
2. Make new friends
3. Get into my college of choice
4. Finish all my Fimfiction Projects

Feel free to post any resolution you want if you want.

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Kilala97 and Ebony Stallion Fans · 8:39am Jun 16th, 2016

For those of ya'll who have followed Ebony Stallion or the kilalaverse, you may know of the story 'Like a Virgin' which has been on Haitus for quite some time now. Well, as it turns out I have been asked to help with the next chapter in the story which involves a Story about Claire x Illusion. I'm really looking forward to working on this chapter, and to those who have been looking forward to the next chapter of the story, I promise not to disappoint.

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An Awkward Encounter on Haitus · 10:33pm Jun 6th, 2016

Okay, so I know that this story has been anxiously waited on by a lot of you for the official ending, but unfortunately my editor and prereader is a bit less active right now and im afraid until he becomes a little bit more available I can't say I would have a lot to put into the story without it being seen by him right away.

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Nice Song about Friendship · 4:15am Mar 23rd, 2015