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  • 196 weeks
    Broken computer

    Okay so a few of y'all may have noticed that i havent gotten further on my writing for 'An Awkward Encounter' and the reason is my laptops screen got screwed up:flutterrage: so because of that i cant continue to write the story. Whats more, a recently became unemployed before the screen broke so i cant afford a repair on the thing yet. I'll let y'all know when its fixed.

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    Further Hold on Story

    So between the holiday's and the fact that I got a new job that requires more of my time, which means "An Awkward Encounter" will have to go on further hold for the last chapter.

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    An awkward encounter clop ending

    Okay so for the last chapter its obviously going to include the final parts of the clop between Alex and the crusaders, but I decided to leave it up to ya'll who gets what. No matter what I would prefer the format to be in the following way.

    One filly per fetish and the fetishes are:
    1. One filly does vaginal only
    2. One filly does anal only
    3. One filly does both

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    Story on Hold

    So I know I told you guys a couple of blogs ago that I would be doing a chapter for a story made by EbonyStallion. Something has come up though and, I'm afraid that there will be a delay in the chapter being released. I'm not going to specify what's causing the delay, but just know that it's important enough to call a hold on the project.

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  • 256 weeks
    New Years Resolution

    Hey followers,

    Just thought it would be fun to post your New Years Resolution's as a way to get support for the effort.

    Mine are:
    1. Loss some weight.
    2. Make new friends
    3. Get into my college of choice
    4. Finish all my Fimfiction Projects

    Feel free to post any resolution you want if you want.

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An Awkward Encounter on Haitus · 10:33pm Jun 6th, 2016

Okay, so I know that this story has been anxiously waited on by a lot of you for the official ending, but unfortunately my editor and prereader is a bit less active right now and im afraid until he becomes a little bit more available I can't say I would have a lot to put into the story without it being seen by him right away.

Now this blog isn't to recruit a new editor (mainly because I made a promise to my first editor of the story); this is just so I can provide a full reason as to why the story is on hold. I don't expect him to stop living his life and I don't expect yall to have to wait forever for the story, but I do assure ya'll the story WILL BE COMPLETED; nothing is stopping that from happening. I hope I can still rely on yall feedback on the story in the meantime while I try to put more thought into the brainstorming behind the story as the prewrite is still being written on my google docs but until my proof reader can take a look at it im afraid it wont go any farther than docs.

In the meantime, I am more than open to taking requested stories while yall wait so as to not disappoint yall during this waiting period, if yall have any ideas, let me know in this blog post.

Thank all of yall for your understanding.:raritywink::twilightsmile:
And live your lives to the fullest:rainbowdetermined2:

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Comments ( 3 )

well dang I have been watching for this story to have a few more chapters before I start reading it.
guess I will weight a bit longer.

4004066 I appreciate your patience, I know it hasn't been an easy wait but I assure it will be completed no matter what.

4004613 I understand how it is I help a few authors and it can be frustrating when one of the team stop helping.

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