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Between Lines

A purveyor of intelligent literary commentary some of the time, and whatever I feel like the rest of the time.


Starburst. Guard extraordinaire, determined to make captain of the Royal Guard. Ready to face any foe she could come across in the defense of Equestria.

Any foe, except for a cruel sense of humor.

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Comments ( 14 )

D'awwwwww :rainbowkiss:

But why? Why? What was it about her that made her so adorable?:raritycry: Still, a funny story.
Also, I declare that we hereby call trying to dominate a dragon "Fluttershying."

Great story. I found Starburst predicament to be hilarious.

Above, the skies were black with dragons, their migration rather unfortunately disrupted by a particularly inappropriate “happy migration” party cannon.

:facehoof: Damn it, Pinkie/Pinkie's kids.
6060633 If you know Starburst, you know that she's an adorable, runty, tough-girl, and that she hates it when others get all cuddly on her or refer to her as 'the cutest thing ever'. What better way for the poison joke to prank her than by casting what's basically a 'want it/need it spell on her.

It made me giggle. Good job :D

That was HILARIOUS!:rainbowlaugh: Poor Starburst.

6062468 Actually, I imagined that it somehow turned her into a filly again, and maybe made her extra fluffy. Just picture this itty bitty ball of fluff with wings trying to act all big and tough.

I've read two of these Kilala97verse 2nd generation stories today, and both were very cute. I'm not usually into OCs, but I might have to consider becoming a fan.


I couldn't stop laughing.

Hahaha, poison joke. Thumbs up!

6150855 Hey. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

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