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I am able to call myself a brony and I don't care what people say. I like crossover stories mainly so that's probably what I'll be reading most of the time

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Celly, Discord and Cadey have been spying observing. Luna and Twilight seem to have feelings for each other!!! The problem? They don't seem to know how each other feels!! What to do?Celestia, Discord and Cadence (Well, mostly Discord) come up with Operation TwiLuna, to get the two together in their own ways. subtletly, beautiful romance, and chaos.
I feel compelled to add "What could possibly go wrong?"

Winner of the first Twiluna group competition. (THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYPONY!!)

Chapters (5)

During the great winters feast, Twilight Sparkle and the others have been enjoying their time together. However, Twilight has been challenged to a new game of cards by an unknown challenger. A game that was solely created in Canterlot for the use and enjoyment of unicorn ponies. Though the challenger has yet to be identified, will Twilight emerge victorious? Only the results of battle will tell.

Chapters (1)

This story follows the events of Gurren Lagann, and also deviates from some as well. It's more than the anime with ponies, it's changed up in some places, but the most iconic moments just had to stay. I was inspired by all of the crossover fanart out there and found no story for it, so here it is. the cover art is by johnjoseco from DeviantArt.

Chapters (4)

After falling through a time-slip, Scootaloo (who has just had her powerful card stolen by a mysterious stranger) meets with Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, who agree to help Scootaloo defeat the Great and Evil Trixie, who is planning to destroy Twilight Sparkle before she can invent Duel Monsters.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Chaotic Love

[The sequel to Chaotic Love, reading it is advised.]

It's been ten years since Discord defeated his inner demons and married Fluttershy. Now the father of three children, Entropy, Pandemonium and Songflower, he lives his days in peace & quiet with his wife and their friends.

He couldn't be happier.

But when something from his past threatens to resurface and possible tear apart his whole world apart, he stands to lose the one thing he cherishes over all else.

His family.

Temporary Hiatus whilst plot gets slight re-vamp. Apologies!

Humanized ponies, cover art done by ManiacPaint, background from Google images. Edited version to come!

Chapters (2)

Everything changes for Twilight Sparkle and her friends when a mysterious extraterrestrial ship crash lands in Equestria. When Twilight messes around in the ship's systems with her magic, she ends up transported to an alien world unlike anything she imagined: a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

To get home, Twilight must enlist the help of the eccentric Red and Blue soldiers that live there... if she can get them to stop bickering first! Additionally, she finds herself being pursued by the enigmatic military agency known only as Project Freelancer. Back in Equestria, all is not well for Twilight's friends as forces involved with the crashed ship make themselves known. Reds, Blues and ponies will all have to work together to discover the mysterious connection between Equestria and Project Freelancer.

A crossover with Red vs Blue. Written with the intention for the story to be followable without having watched the series. (just don't expect to get all the references).

Now with editors! BradtheBrony and Rough_Draft.

I made a blog post explaining things. You should read it.

TvTropes Page.

Chapters (38)

This story is a sequel to Tales of An Iotaverse

Change is scary. Drastic change even more so.

So when the news come out there have been not one, but two alien species fighting a war on Earth in secret, it's understandable some of Earth's people would have some pretty extreme reactions. Some see business opportunities. Others see the scientific potential.

Some, however, see a threat that needs to be eliminated, or at the least, contained and subdued.

And what will Twilight Sparkle do when the last group is able to use moles and conspiracy to take control, and label her and her friends as criminals? What will she do to fight back?

And how far is she willing to go?

Cover Art courtesy of Esle Ynopemous.
Currently in the process of being proofread and edited with the help of Troubleshooter.

Chapters (20)

(Humanized Characters)

An average morning came across Sweet Apple Acres with a not so usual surprise waiting for Applejack in the orchard. She would ask what happened, and she would be dying to know how it did; but, some things when you just see it are better if you just don't ask. This? This is one of those times.


Chapters (1)

Lelouch Vi Britannia has done many remarkable things. Build an army , take over the world, die to bring peace to the world , and live to tell the tale . What he didn't expect is to end up living in a world full of colorful talking ponies and become one of them. Now Lelouch must grow accustomed to living in Equestria and make friends with it's inhabitants while having to deal with annoyances such as natural disasters every week, chaos caused by six certain mares, and worst of all the constant stream of mares that keep hitting on him. Maybe if he's lucky he'll find love... or maybe he'll get killed again. It's gonna be a long journey for our Little Demon that's for sure

Chapters (1)

The Nightmare forces have possessed Rarity and she has struck down each of her friends.

Only Spike remains standing.

Can he save the mare he loves?

Chapters (1)
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