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Better than Nicholas Sparks. Probably. Probably not. Also has a thing for Queen Chrysalis. Can't Explain Why.

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No really, Princess Celestia has a lot of sex. Really. Cadance's claims to the contrary are unfounded, wholly false, and her concern over the matter is entirely misplaced. There is absolutely no reason to continue discussing the matter. So let's just drop the subject completely and move on.


Featured on 12/31/17

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The Princesses have invited you to Canterlot to spend some time with them before the big holiday of Hearth's Warming Eve. You have enjoyed your time, but it really is time to be getting back to Ponyville. Then again, what sort of hosts would Celestia and Luna be if they let you, the only human in Equestria, just LEAVE in this cold weather!?

The first story of my December Christmas Carol writing project: this fanfiction is based off of the carol 'Baby, it's Cold Outside!'

Cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Featured 12/4/17!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING by Spore Harvest!
EDIT: Now with a Russian Translation (Русский Перевод) by Magyetash!

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Rarity just had a perfect date with a perfect colt! But something isn’t right.
She goes to her old childhood journal for inspiration. As she reads she notices a trend.
Hmm, she sure did write about Applejack a lot…

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This story is a sequel to My New Life In Equestria

So, Applejack is in a relationship now... with a human. Hilarity ensues. Sort of.

This takes place during MaxBeezy's epic "My New Life in Equestria", so you should probably read that first (the link's up there), both because it's really good, and because I don't know how much sense this will make otherwise.

Anyway, I loved Max's story, but I felt there was a missing chapter, covering what happened immediately after Matt (the only human in Equestria) and Applejack finally declared their feelings for each other and became a couple. With Max's kind permission, I thought I'd take a shot at writing that chapter (it would slot in right after Decisions, so it'd be a kind of "Chapter 12.5", I guess). It became a much longer story, so I've chopped it up into chapters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis's First Royal Meeting

Twilight's attempts to open Chrysalis up to the idea of friendship continues with an even greater challenge: Her own friends. The relationship between her friends and Chrysalis has always been an awkward one, neither side willing to take that step toward each other in the name of friendship. It has gone on for far too long for Twilight, and she finally has concocted a plan that will put an end to their awkwardness and bring all of her friends together in the name of friendship.

Clearly this was going to be the most successful sleepover ever.

Special props to Setokaiva for the proofreading and being a major help.

Sex tag added due to naughty humor and innuendos.

Cover art by Zantyarz. I do not own this picture, but was given permission by the artist.

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Starlight bargain's for Chrysalis' friendship!

In case you didn't already guess, this is a parody of the scene from Marvel's Doctor Strange: "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!"

Lol what. Thanks for the Feature! Featured 12/12/16 - 15/12/16

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Chrysalis kidnapped a dozen ponies, threatened Equestria, was betrayed by her own kind, and has now vowed vengeance on Starlight Glimmer before leaping from the ruins of her castle and flying off. She is definitely going to get away.



Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

Translated into Spanish by ZodiacalComet

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Baking cakes is part of being Ponyville's Premiere Party Planner. It's a particularly important job when the cake is for frowny ponies, or the sort of folks who don't normally eat cake.

But it's something that Twilight Sparkle doesn't seem to understand. At least, if she understood, she probably wouldn't barge into Sugarcube Corner early in the morning, screaming about Changelings invading Equestria and covert smuggling rings and blah blah blah.

It wouldn't kill Twilight to show some decorum. She clearly needs to get her priorities in order.

EDIT: This is now the most likely candidate for the image source. Thanks to m2pt5 for the tip!

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Nice clothes? Check. Bouquet? Check. Prettiest little nurse girlfriend of all time? Double check!

All that needs to happen now is for this big romantic surprise date plan to go off without a hitch. She'll be swept off her feet by dinner at a fancy restaurant, feel as special as she deserves to, and know that she is loved beyond a shadow of a doubt. It'll truly be a special night.
Well, assuming nothing goes wrong, but why would it?
No, of course not! Everything is definitely going to go perfectly according to plan.

Amazing art by Ezoisum, who you should go check out. Will take down if requested.

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It's been two years since Chrysalis and her hive's reformation, but tensions are high as ponies are still getting used to the idea of working with changelings. Twilight Sparkle, determined to open up Chrysalis to the idea of friendship, convinces her to attend the annual royal meeting. To everypony else, it's simply a mundane meeting to catch up on current events. To Chrysalis, she would be in a room with all those who were once her mortal enemy.

No pressure.

Featured: 8/10/16 - You guys a freaking incredible! Thank you all for reading!

Rated for suggestive, sexy themes.

Special thanks to Setokaiva for proofreading. I do not own the pic, nor know who owns it, but if anyone can point me in the right direction to get permission I would appreciate that.

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