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This story is a sequel to My New Life In Equestria

So, Applejack is in a relationship now... with a human. Hilarity ensues. Sort of.

This takes place during MaxBeezy's epic "My New Life in Equestria", so you should probably read that first (the link's up there), both because it's really good, and because I don't know how much sense this will make otherwise.

Anyway, I loved Max's story, but I felt there was a missing chapter, covering what happened immediately after Matt (the only human in Equestria) and Applejack finally declared their feelings for each other and became a couple. With Max's kind permission, I thought I'd take a shot at writing that chapter (it would slot in right after Decisions, so it'd be a kind of "Chapter 12.5", I guess). It became a much longer story, so I've chopped it up into chapters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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If anyone's wondering why Big Mac was tagged as a featured character in this story when he's barely appeared so far, it's because he takes on quite a central role later on. So, all you Big Mac fans, hold tight. And non-Big Mac fans, um, sorry?


Will this story be as long as My New Life in Equestria?

Comment posted by Sixcardroulette deleted Sep 18th, 2017

No, it speeds up a bit from here. Not sure if that's the answer you were looking for!

Poor teenage Matt. His life was always filled with pratfalls and embarrassment. :rainbowlaugh:

It's OK, though; in a couple of chapters' time he gets to be all manly and smash chairs over people's heads.

That was awesome. Absolutely love AJ and Celestia’s interaction here.

Thanks, I'm glad you still approve! :)

*Sees Matt and AJ go into a Bar*

Me: "This better end with someone getting hit by a chair."

Matt looks at the chair for a moment.

Matt smiles.


Matt swings the chair around again, and brings it crashing with full force into the side of Shillelagh's head. There's another sickening crunch, and the green pony collapses to the floor without a word.


Great chapter. I like how this also sets up how Matt is going to be in the future when Sombra arrives. Makes for a good bit of foreshadowing to his "not afraid to kick ass" persona.

Spitfire is such a troll :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome chapter.

I'd completely forgotten you wrote a Spitfire story! This had nothing to do with that, I just wanted to write a scene where the authorities were still skeptical about Matt even after Celestia's interventions, and I thought the side of Spitfire we saw in Top Bolt would be perfect.🔥

Anyway! Thank you. Glad you still approve, as I always am whenever I post a new chapter. Getting towards the end now...! :ajsmug:👦

"Don't you see?", she giggles. "So long as I follow these instructions, and only drink at the specified intervals, I won't get drunk!"

Twilight is drunk.


This was good. Though I, of course, knew that certain reveals weren't going to be made here, the tension was still very well written when Twilight started to drunkenly ramble. The chaotic nature that the night devolved into was very funny.

Thank you for sticking with it! This (or an early draft of it, really) was the first chapter I wrote when I had the idea for the story - it was actually meant to be the only chapter, this being my first ever fic and all, a standalone Feydeau pastiche one-shot scribble, before I got carried away and wrote another forty thousand words of AppleMatt romance and bar fights.

Once again, thanks for not minding me borrowing your well-made world... I'm just having a lot of fun writing it, it'll be kind of sad when I'm done!

Aaand that's the first story I've ever written. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, sorry this last epilogue bit took so long to get up, and special thanks to MaxBeezy for letting me borrow his characters for a spin.

I had a lot of fun writing it, anyway. I'd love to know what people thought - I can see it's gone past 500 readers now but nobody's left many comments or given many votes, so please do say what you liked or didn't like, I promise I'll read them all! I have a few ideas for "original" stories of my own now that this is over, and I'd really like to hear any feedback people have, it's really the only way I'll get better.

Well. Cheers!

Welp, that's 600 readers. Thanks to everyone who's read this!

I've made a couple of tiny tweaks in the last few chapters, nothing major, just a bit of tidying up. If you liked it, or indeed if you didn't, please do let me know (or just up or down vote!), I'd love to hear from you either way with feedback.

I have two stories in production right now, so all help, advice, criticism or whatever is gratefully received.



"Let it be known throughout Equestria that from this day forth, it is our wish that any pony may form a romantic relationship with any human, without fear of reprisals or repercussions, protected under the law, provided both parties consent. This is the will of the Princess. This is our wish, and we shall not be dissuaded from it. By order of Princess Celestia," she concludes.

It's official :trollestia:

"Burnt Oak?" says Applejack, with a quizzical look on her face. The pony tips his hat with a grin, and just like that, the noise of the bar starts up again, as if someone pressed some magical "Play" button somewhere; as Applejack and Burnt Oak share some words he can't quite make out, all across the bar conversations strike up again mid-sentence, glasses clink, somepony belches, a log crackles in the fireplace... and... music?

Good old Burnt Oak from "The Prefect Pear".

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