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Luna was ready to cast aside her shame and guilts. It was with the help of so many that she could stand up to it. Why is it still there, now dependent on her? Luna resolves to care for this new foal. She created it. It is her, if one thinks about it.

Written for a new patron, say hi! They're starting at 1/month updates. Will that change? Only they could know.

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One day, in the magical world of Equestria, a human teenager named Xavier wakes up to find himself in a strange new world with no recollection of how he even got here in the first place. Was it an accident, on purpose, or fate that brought him here, questions are always on the rise, so Xavier, alongside his new equine friends, will learn more about friendship, get into trouble, and discover new answers, mysteries, and friends.

This fan fiction was inspired by MaxTV1234's story, "Ren's adventures" I would recomend looking at it, it's good

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(Takes place within the universe of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: What If? and its many sequels. Familarity with them is recommended, but not required.)

It's back once again, that series which has always asked and sought to answer the question "What if things were written differently?". This time, rather than episodes from the show, it's tackling the big 2017 theatrical movie.

Twilight Sparkle is excited to host the very first Festival of Friendship, right in her hometown of Ponyville. But she's also starting to have doubts about how great of a princess she truly is in the wake of a costly mistake made not too long ago. Luckily, she has her friends by her side along with her faithful companion and adopted family member Spike.

But just as everything's in place for the festival to begin, things go awry. A hornless unicorn named Tempest Shadow launches an invasion on behalf of an evil known as the Storm King, and she soon sets her sights on all four alicorn princesses: Twilight included. Twilight and her friends only barely manage to escape.

Facing a threat unlike anything they've ever dealt with before, Twilight hopes to recruit a new ally in the form of Queen Novo, and her friends insist on tagging along. Their journey will take them beyond the borders of Equestria, to lands never seen before, and will test their friendship in ways unimagined. Can the magic of friendship survive when it is placed under extreme stress?

As always, no disrespect is to intended to anyone at Hasbro, DHX, Boulder Media, or to anyone involved with the movie's creation: Be it from a writer, artist, or voice acting stand point.

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Spike had watched his friends grow and developed into awesome protectors, defenders, and achieving the impossible through the Magic of Friendship. Spike hears, reads, and watches Twilight's progression of being Celestia's pupil to Princess of Friendship. He's watching her friend accomplishing many goals while he remains a servant with no purpose in life.

Spike has no goals, no motivation, nothing worth fighting for. Just wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. He has his moments with Twilight and the gang, however, he wasn't going anywhere. Just remaining in a shadow, pondering the days of his existence until he read a comic book that changes his whole dynamic of thinking. After being a die-hard fan of a character he relates too, he decides to strive for the new purpose he wants to achieve; become someone he can be proud of.

So, this is the tales of Spike's ascension to become something greater that he would have ever imagine.

This story got featured: 1/18/24 - 1/19/24 - 1/20/24, 1/22/24, 2/11/24, 5/1/24 - 5/2/24, - 5/3/24, 5/13/24 - 5/14/24

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Featured On: 10/19/2023

After the Battle of the Bands, the Canterlot Movie Club finally connect with the repentant Sunset Shimmer. This budding friendship inspires them to jump head-first into achieving their own redemption.

This is the story of how they righted wrongs, healed hearts, and warmed hearths.

This is the story of their Great Crusade.

Cover Art by: Davidsfire

Story Time-span:

Post-Rainbow Rocks to Spring Surprises

Current Spot in the Friendship is Worth It Timeline:

Equestria Girls
Rainbow Rocks
The Great Crusade
Friendship Games
Legend of Everfree
Dance Magic

Series Info and Timeline

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This story isn't mine this story is made by Starlight fan, I'm remaking this. (All credits to Starlight fan)

You know the darkest day somepony can have in Equestria? It’s when a dragon who’s a friend to all of Equestria loses his memory. It’s amazing how just one singular creature has such a big effect on everyone. Today we’re all going to learn that as we take a glimpse at how the world fares when Spike gets amnesia.

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What do you do when a mistake could cost you the chance to pursue your dream?
What happens when that mistake leads to a new life entering this world?
Two families share that one unexpected bundle of joy. As celebrities secrets are uncovered and relationships tested, none of the Wonderbolts or the mane six will ever be quite the same.

Thanks to super3rainbow1 for proofreading and helping me brainstorm the opening chapters.

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Be it ancient menace or new threat, diplomatic snafu or domestic concern, monster attack or friendship problem, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have always risen to the challenge.

That's a bit of an issue this time around, when the challenge is a marked absence of Twilight Sparkle.

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Chaotic Harmony, Book 1

Blue Frost is a pony, now. He remembers being a human, but with little else, he must make his way in the world of Equestria and find where he belongs. With the town of Ponyville opening its arms to this new pegasus, Blue forges forward into a life he never thought possible. Laughs, loves, and loss await.

Official remake of my first big series "I Left My World for Ponies?!". While there will be similar plot points, this will be a fresh take on the original story after my years of growing as a reader and a writer.

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The once formidable sirens, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, and Adagio Dazzle, embark on a quest for redemption. Stripped of their powers and banished to the human world, they must navigate the complexities of everyday life while grappling with their own demons. As they venture forth to redeem themselves, they encounter unexpected challenges and forge unlikely friendships. Amidst the trials and tribulations, bonds are tested, secrets are revealed, and the true meaning of redemption is explored.

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