• Published 6th Oct 2020
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A Sparkle's Little Dusk - Mister E-Nonymous

Twilight gets lost in the Everfree Forest, and finds an interesting flower that sprays some mysterious pink pollen at her. Meanwhile, a very sick kid who was stuck with his snobby aunt and cousin died and gets reborn and taken in by Twilight Sparkle.

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Chapter 1: The Flower and the Dying Wish

A Sparkle's Little Dusk

Chapter 1: The Flower and the Dying Wish

In the town of Charleston, South Carolina, there was a kid by the name of Henry who was living with his aunt and cousin while his parents were working in Europe for their business. Henry's parents said that they would be back to check on him when they get the chance. But when they left, Henry's aunt Bonnie and cousin Devon then started treated him badly. They made a mess around the house and made him clean it up all by himself.

That has been going on for 3 months. When his sixth birthday came, his parents sent him some birthday presents, but Devon took them for his own. And all he did get for his birthday was to clean the entire house. He wasn't really all that happy when he was there. He just wanted to go outside and play with his friends, but his aunt won't allow it.

Then one day, Henry got really sick. But did his aunt care? No. She wanted him to keep cleaning the house. Then she and Devon left Henry all alone to keep cleaning. It wasn't really helping. He needed some rest if he wanted to get better. But it wasn't enough to help.

As he kept cleaning, he heard the door open, and there was Henry's parents. When they saw him, they were surprised at the state he was in.

"Henry?" his mom asked. "What has happened to you?"

"M-Mommy...?" Henry asked, sickly.

Henry's parents rushed towards him, and hugged him tightly. Henry's father then asked, "How could this have happened to you?"

Henry looked at his father and weakly said, "Aunt Bonnie... she... made me... her... slave..."

"Slave?!" Henry's parents angrily asked in unison.

"My own sister?" Henry's mom asked. "How dare she do this to my son?" She then got out her cell phone, and called her sister.

"Oh, hello, Emma," came the voice of Bonnie. "How have you been doing in Europe?"

"Oh, I'm doing fine," said Henry's mom, hiding the fact that she's angry. "I have a question for you. How is Henry? Is he getting enough nutrition? Seeing his friends? Is he healthy?"

"Oh, yes," said Bonnie through the phone. "Right now, I'm watching him at the park. He's having a lot of fun with his friends."

"Huh. Well that's funny," said Henry's mom, starting to get angry. "Because, I'm at your apartment, and it looks like Henry's here all by himself, and he looks really sick."

"WHAT?!" Bonnie exclaimed through the phone. "You're back in the states?! Okay, listen..."

"No, you listen!" Henry's mom snapped at her. "You treated Henry like a slave, and clean up your apartment, when he's sick and alone. You said that you would take good care of him while we were away. But it would seem that you've lied to the both of us." She then looked at Henry and asked, "Did you receive the gifts we sent you?"

"Aunt Bonnie took them and the toys I had, and gave them to Devon for him to keep forever," said Henry, very sick. He then started coughing.

Henry's mom then spoke into the phone, saying, "You are never going to be trusted again. I'll be alerting the police about your behavior to my son."

Henry's dad picked Henry up, and they headed out of the apartment. They took Henry to the nearest hospital and the doctors took Henry, and he was put into a hospital room.

The doctors said, "It would seem that all of the medical records on Henry were destroyed."

"Seriously?" Henry's mom asked. "My sister destroyed my son's medical records, too?! She's evil, and we didn't even know it!"

"But, I'm afraid that it won't be enough to save Henry," said the doctor. "His sickness is so severe... he would be lucky to survive the night."

That made the parents sad. Henry's mom had tears coming out of her eyes. Henry's father then said, "We should've taken him with us instead of leaving him with your sister."

"I agree," said Henry's mom. She then leaned towards Henry on the bed, kissed him on the forehead and said, "I am so sorry, Henry. I wish I knew what my sister was doing to you sooner."

"M-Mommy..." Henry said, weakly.

"Don't speak, Henry," said Henry's mother. "I'll always love you." She took Henry's hand and put it to her heart and said, "In here."

Henry was sad to know that he was dying, but he was happy knowing that he got to see his parents one last time.

Later that night, Henry looked out the window. He saw one star brightly shining. He decided to make one last wish.

"Star Light... Star Bright... First Star I see tonight... I wish I may... I wish I might... have the wish I wish tonight... He thought in his head. "I wish my parents would have a second chance on being good parents. And for myself, I wish that I would be given another chance with a new family of my own. A family that will appreciate me for who I am."

Just then his heart started beating slower and slower. But then his heart stopped with a long, never-ending beep on the heart monitor. Henry's parents were sad to see that their son has passed away. And the doctor looked at the clock, and written something on a note. "Time of death: 8:02 PM."

Meanwhile, in the land of Equestria, in the small town of Ponyville, there was a mare named Twilight Sparkle. She lived in the Golden Oaks Library. Twilight and her assistant Spike were cleaning up the library before turning in for the night. Twilight then noticed a book missing on one shelf.

Twilight then asked, "Spike? Have you seen that book, 'Advanced Spells Vol. IV'?" She was looking towards Spike when asking.

"Weren't you reading it back at the Hedge yesterday?" Spike asked.

"Did I?" Twilight asked. Then she remembered. "Oh, yeah. You're right. Guess I kinda forgot about it. I must've left it there."

The Hedge was a place where the Cutie Mark Crusaders; Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, were originally going to have their club meetings before Applejack showed them the treehouse. But Twilight and her five friends; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, found out when they accidentally went to a dimension where everypony was the opposite gender. It was the crusaders of that dimension that showed them where the Hedge was. Even if they used it to hide from their male doppelgangers; Dusk Shine, Applejack, Rainbow Blitz, Elusive, Butterscotch and Berry Bubble.

Twilight eventually had to team up with her counterpart to get her and the other girls home. They eventually did, and now they go to the Hedge from time to time. The Crusaders of their dimension go to, as long as they're under the supervision of Twilight or any of her friends.

It took a while for Twilight to get to the Hedge, and she went in through the entrance. She lit up her horn to find the book she was missing at the library. When she left the library, she told Spike to continue with the chores, then head on to bed. Twilight said that she would return to the library as soon as she could.

Twilight eventually found the book she was looking for. Twilight walked over to it, then put the book into the saddlebags she had on and said, "Perfect. Now to get back home and..." Twilight was about to head out of there, but then she noticed a tunnel on the other side of the Hedge across from the entrance. Twilight walked over towards it in wonder and said, "Huh. I wonder where this leads."

Twilight was standing a little too close to the tunnel, and the tunnel had a bit of a slope to it. Twilight eventually slipped and she was sliding down the hall, screaming all the way there.


She eventually made it towards the end of the tunnel, which lead her in the middle of the Everfree Forest. Still quite away from the Castle of the Two Sisters.

"W-where am I?" Twilight asked, lighting up her horn. She was worried at the moment. Twilight looked around for some way back to town. She eventually saw a bunch of flowers, which started to bloom from the light of the full moon. "Wow. It's... It's beautiful." She eventually took a look at all of the flowers around her. She smiled until a unique flower on a pedestal started blooming. The flower was pink and purple.

Slowly, Twilight walked over towards it. She was wondering what that special flower is. Twilight slowly walked towards it. She reached the pedestal, and took a sniff at the flower. But then the flower sprayed some pink pollen in her face.

Twilight coughed and stepped back. She then said, "I should probably get home." She then looked towards the sky, looking for any way of getting back to Ponyville. Then she saw the brightest star in the sky. "Okay, that's the north star. And since Ponyville is West of the Everfree Forest, it should be... this way." Twilight then started walking West, hoping that she would get back to the Golden Oaks Library.

As she was walking, she wasn't paying any attention to her stomach slowly swelling up. She did, however, feel her stomach grumble, and felt hungry.

"Huh. I'm feeling really hungry," Twilight thought to herself. "Maybe I should go pick up a pizza for me and Spike." Then she thought of something when going wide eyed. "Wait a minute! Spike and I already had dinner! So, why am I so hungry all of a sudden?!" She then felt the straps on her saddlebags begin to go tight around her belly. "My saddlebags are feeling a little tight. Maybe I should..." Twilight made the mistake of looking at the straps, but noticed that her stomach was bigger.

"What in Celestia's name!?" Twilight shouted. "What's happening to me?!" She then felt pain coming from her stomach. She had no choice but to lay down on her side. She looked around and called out, "Help! Somepony, please help me!"

Twilight felt another pain in her stomach, and she cried out in pain. She was crying in pain at how much it was hurting her stomach. She had no choice but to take off the saddlebags. Twilight then started breathing heavily, trying to ease the pain that was happening. Until a familiar voice came to her ears.

"At this time at the forest is usually rare for you to do. Might I ask what has happened to you?"

Twilight looked around and saw Zecora walking towards her.

"Zecora! Help me!" Twilight called out. Zecora walked towards her and saw the pollen all over Twilight's face.

"By the looks of the pollen all over your face, you've come across a flower that rarely blooms in this place," Zecora said.

"I need to get back home," said Twilight, but then she felt another pain in her stomach. "What's happening to me?"

"I shall explain at my home. Tonight's the night where monsters roam," Zecora rhymed. She then picked up Twilight, and put her on her back. She then grabbed her saddlebags, and started walking back to her hut.

Zecora finally got Twilight back to the hut where she lived. Zecora put Twilight onto the bed where Zecora usually sleeps, and puts a bunch of towels underneath her rear area.

"Why did you put towels under my flanks?!" Twilight asked loudly, trying to push through the pain.

"Twilight Sparkle, do not repent. The pollen on that face of yours made you pregnant," Zecora explained in rhyme.

"Pr-pregnant?!" Twilight asked. "N-no! That's not how it works!"

"A magical pregnancy has been inflected on you. Until it is over, there is nothing you can do," Zecora explained. "Life is so important for a young foal. But this usually takes effect for the dying wish of a young soul."

"A dying wish? A young soul?" Twilight asked. "You mean, I'm giving birth to a body for a young foal's spirit?"

"I do understand that this is a blunder. But it usually is for a soul who is seven or under," Zecora asked. "But this young soul that comes from a different zone, it's previous species, to us, will be unknown."

"You mean, the spirit that'll enter this foal will come from an entirely different species?" Twilight asked. "Like a dragon or a griffin?"

"It is different every time. For now, focus on your leaking slime," Zecora explained.

Twilight looked down and saw that she was leaking from her section. "Oh no!" Twilight shouted. "My water broke! It's coming!" Then a huge bolt of pain came from her. "GAAAAAAAHHH!!"

"Twilight Sparkle, please relax. On helping give birth, I know the facts," Zecora said. She then started getting supplies and potions to help Twilight through her pain. She handed Twilight one bottle and said, "Drink this to reduce your pain. It's difficult for me to explain."

Twilight nodded and started drinking from the bottle. Then she felt her hind legs go numb. Twilight looked down and saw that Zecora put a rounded pole with a curtain around her belly, so she wouldn't be able to see what was going on.

Twilight then started pushing to get the foal out of her. She felt the stinging cessation coming from her crotch area. She could feel her private area stretching. "GAAAAH!!" she let out one painful cry. "It hurts so much!" She then started breathing fast.

"I can see the foal's tush. Get ready for another push," Zecora said. Twilight nodded and started pushing. It was really painful for her. When Zecora saw the foal, it really confused her. "Unbelievable. This is certainly new. It would seem that this foal has the same colors as you."

"What?!" Twilight nearly shouted. "But no newborn foal should have the same colors as their parents."

"I must agree from this unexpected jolt. Especially when this foal is a colt," said Zecora. She eventually got the foal out of Twilight. Then a flowing light came from out of nowhere, and has inserted itself into the newborn colt. Then the colt started aging, then stopped when it was at age six.

"Is... is the colt okay?" Twilight asked weakly.

"The colt is fine, I must confess. But for now, you two need your rest," Zecora said. "I shall inform your friends tomorrow. For now, my bed you can borrow." Zecora then got the colt cleaned up.

After the colt was cleaned, Zecora put it next to Twilight. When Twilight saw the colt, she noticed that the colt looked like her gender swapped counterpart from the other dimension.

"D-Dusk?" Twilight asked. Twilight wanted to expect the colt more, but she went under. Zecora then removed the towels from under Twilight, and then covered Twilight and the little colt up with a blanket. Zecora then got out a spare bed, and then blew out the lantern and headed to bed. Hopefully, everything will make sense for Twilight in the morning.

Author's Note:

Henry, a sweet little boy, was abused by his aunt and uncle, and has passed away. Henry's parents surely are going to make sure that Bonnie and Devon don't go off that easily.

As for Twilight, she just gave birth to a colt that happens to look like her counterpart from the dimension where everypony is the opposite gender.

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