• Published 6th Oct 2020
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A Sparkle's Little Dusk - Mister E-Nonymous

Twilight gets lost in the Everfree Forest, and finds an interesting flower that sprays some mysterious pink pollen at her. Meanwhile, a very sick kid who was stuck with his snobby aunt and cousin died and gets reborn and taken in by Twilight Sparkle.

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Chapter 10: Closure

Chapter 10: Closure

Twilight, Spike and their friends were having a picnic at the park while all the fillies and colts were in school. Pinkie Pie was scarfing down most of the sweets, again, while the others were talking about different things. Twilight was thinking of something while everypony else was doing their things.

Applejack noticed this and asked, "Twilight? Are ya feelin' alright, sugarcube?"

"I'm fine," said Twilight. "It's just... Dusk hasn't fully accepted me as his mom yet. I've done everything for him to have a better life than what he has been through in his previous life."

"Yeah, I guess that it might be hard to accept new things," said Rainbow Dash. "Dusk just didn't get the chance to say one last goodbye to his parents before he passed away and woke up here."

"Rainbow Dash is right, Twilight," Rarity said. "It could have been unfair for Dusk never to have closure with them."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Twilight.

"Um... Twilight? Might I make a suggestion?" Fluttershy asked.

"What is it, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

"Do you think... that Princess Celestia... might be able to help Dusk make some closure with his old parents?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight thought about it, and then smiled. She then said, "I think you're on to something, Fluttershy. Perhaps Princess Celestia might know of a way for Dusk to see his old parents one last time. That will definitely bring closure to them."

"What does closure even mean anyway?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight looked at Pinkie and said, "In one way, it means bringing certain things to an end."

"Ohhhh..." said Pinkie. "Okie dokie loki." She then pulled out a pie and said, "Anypony want to bring some closure to this delicious Blueberry Pie?"

"Sure, Pinkie," Twilight said. "But first. Spike, take a letter." Spike nodded, and brought out a quill and parchment. Twilight then started speaking for Spike to write. "Dear Princess Celestia. I have a favor to ask of you. If it is possible, I would appreciate it if Dusk was able to see his old mom and dad one last time. Dusk hasn't been able to accept his new life until he says goodbye to his old life. If there is anything that can be done, please let me know. Signed, your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."

"Twi... light... Spar... kle... There," Spike said as he was writing. He then rolled up the scroll, blew his emerald flames on it, and it was sent to Princess Celestia. Two seconds later, he belched out another scroll. He unrolled it and said, "Wow. That was fast." He then unrolled it. "Dear Twilight. I'm glad you brought this up. My sister has the ability to enter the dreams of her subjects to prevent them from having nightmares. I shall ask her if it is possible for her to connect the dreams of Dusk and his former parents so Dusk can say his one last goodbye to them. He deserves to see them one last time. Your mentor, Princess Celestia."

"Well, I guess that's easy," said Twilight. "I just hope that Dusk will finally say one last goodbye to them. He should at least have closure with them." She then smiled and looked in one direction, hoping that Dusk will be okay after the upcoming event.

Later that night, Dusk was asleep in his bed. He then found himself, standing in front of a bridge over a river. Dusk was confused about this, and was wondering why he was there.

"What is this?" Dusk asked. "Why am I here?"

"That voice!" came a man's voice. "Emma, you don't think..."

"Only one way to find out," came a woman's voice. Dusk knew those voices. He looked across the bridge and saw two figures that he never thought he would ever see again. Both of them saw Dusk, not knowing that Dusk was actually Henry. "Is that... a unicorn?"

"I think it is," said the man. Both of the figures were Dusk's (as Henry) parents.

"M-mommy? D-daddy?" Dusk said.

"That... that voice," Emma said. "Henry? Is... is that... you?"

Dusk started shedding some tears. He then trotted towards them, and jumped into Emma's arms. He then hugged her tightly and said, "Mommy... I... I missed you."

"Henry," Emma said. "How? How is this possible?"

"I can answer that," came a voice. The three of them looked towards the source of the voice and saw Princess Luna walking towards them.

"Princess Luna?" Dusk asked.

"I am the one responsible for bridging your dreams together," said Princess Luna.

"Bridging our dreams?" Emma asked. She then widened her eyes, looked at her husband and said, "Luke, are we asleep?"

Luke, who was the father of Henry, slapped himself. But he didn't wince from pain. He then said, "Oh, we are definitely asleep. But, I didn't think that this was possible. Having dreams merged together."

"I happen to have the ability to control dreams of my realm," said Princess Luna. "I've made sure that your son would be able to see you one last time."

"Wait," said Emma. "This little unicorn... is really Henry?"

"He is," said Princess Luna. "But, he hasn't been going by that name for a while. He was literally reborn, and was given the name Dusk Shine."

"Dusk Shine?" Luke asked. "Is that a common name where you're from?"

"All of the names of our world are unique," said Princess Luna.

"So, you brought us here so you can reunite us with our son?" Emma asked.

"Not exactly," said Princess Luna.

"Let me guess," said Luke. "It's about giving Henry a proper goodbye, isn't it?"

"D-daddy?" Dusk asked. "I... I don't want you to leave me..."

"I know, Henry," Luke said, putting a hand on Dusk's back. "But, I'm sure that there are..." He looked up at Princess Luna and asked, "Ponies?" Luna responded with a nod. He then looked back at Dusk. "I'm sure that there are ponies who care about you as we did. But I'm also sure that they are giving you much more love than what you received from Bonnie."

"And you don't have to worry about her anymore, Henry," said Emma. "She's been sent to the state prison for everything she's done to you. And as for Devon, he's been sent to a boarding school for bad children. They're getting what they deserve."

"Mommy. Daddy. I... I wish that I could go back with you," Dusk said.

"I know, honey," Emma said before kissing Dusk's forehead. At least as much as she could on the right side of his horn. "But we must accept things for how they are now."

"We will always love you, Henry," said Luke. "I know we might not be able to see you again, but we know that you should appreciate what you've got. And we'll always be with you. In here." Luke put a hand to Dusk's chest.

Dusk smiled, and gave both of them one last hug. Princess Luna then said, "You deserved to see your family one last time. It's time to say goodbye to them, Dusk."

"But... but can't this last a little longer?" Dusk asked.

"This spell takes a lot out of my magic," said Princess Luna. "Say goodbye to them."

"Okay," Dusk said. He then looked back towards his human parents and said, "I wish I had more time. But, I am really going to miss you."

"We're gonna miss you, too, Henry," said Emma. "You go on and live your new life the way you can."

"Indeed," said Luke. "And we got news for you."

"What is it?" Dusk asked.

"Henry... I'm pregnant," said Emma. "And, we were wondering what we were going to name the baby if it's a boy or a girl. Perhaps, you should name the baby."

"Okay, I'll make this quick," said Dusk. "How about... Sam?"

"Sam," said Luke. "A name for both boys and girls. Samuel or Samantha. Thank you, Henry." Then the two of them hugged Dusk one last time.

"We will always love you," said Emma. "Either as Henry or Dusk, you will always be loved." Just then, all of them started fading from where they were standing.

Dusk woke up in the middle of the night. He looked around and saw that he was in the room he was given by Twilight. He then got out of his bed and headed out of his room. He looked out the door and saw a faint orange glow coming from downstairs. He saw something coming upstairs. He saw that it was Twilight with a candle in her magic, and a glass of water, floating in her magic as well. She saw Dusk out of bed.

"Dusk?" Twilight asked. "Is everything okay?"

"Tw-Twilight?" Dusk asked hesitantly. "Is... Is it alright... if I... if I call you... 'Mom'?"

Twilight was a little shocked, dropping her glass of water. But then she started giving off a faint smile with some tears coming from the corners of her eyes. She then nodded and then said, "Come here, Dusk."

Dusk then ran up to Twilight, and the two of them hugged.

The next morning, the Mane 6 and Spike were having a picnic while watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Dusk playing. Twilight was happy to see Dusk playing with the crusaders.

Applejack noticed Twilight and said, "Gee, Twi. Ya look much better."

Rainbow Dash playfully punched Twilight's left shoulder, saying, "Yeah, Twi. Something good must've happened to ya since the last picnic we had."

"Oh, I have my reasons," said Twilight. "Dusk is now starting to open up to me more."

"Are ya saying that...?" Applejack asked.

"Yep," said Twilight. "Dusk is now starting to see me as his new mom. Officially."

"Aww..." said Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

"That's good, Twilight," Rainbow said. "You're finally being seen as a mother to Dusk."

"Although, Dusk had to say one last goodbye to his parents," said Twilight. "Thanks to Princess Luna. And, according to Dusk, his human parents are gonna have another baby. Dusk was happy for them, but he'll never get the chance to see the new baby."

"At least Dusk had some closure," said Rarity. "He really must've been relieved to see his parents one last time and give them a proper goodbye."

"Ah agree," said Applejack. "It ain't healthy for somepony to hold in that much grief. At least Dusk let it go finally."

"Yeah," said Twilight. "Dusk is finally accepting his new life with a new family. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him. He's a sweet little colt."

"Yeah," said Spike. "He's such a good kid. "

"I'm actually glad he came into our lives," said Twilight. "He's one of the best things that's ever happened to me."

"You have been so good to him, Twilight," Fluttershy said. "He deserves to have a good family."

"Yes," said Twilight. "Yes he does." She then looked at Dusk, and smiled. From now on, Twilight knew that Dusk was going to be okay living with her and Spike.

Author's Note:

Voting time! Eventually, Dusk will be a part of the Canterlot Wedding. But he will discover that Princess Cadance is actually Queen Chrysalis, and she tries to get rid of Dusk by sending him to a random location, far from Canterlot. You get to vote on who helps him get back to Canterlot from where.

Choice 1:

Starlight Glimmer from "Our Town".

Choice 2:

Trixie Lulamoon from Pie Family Rock Farm

Choice 3:

Braeburn from Appleloosa

Winning choice will be in a future chapter.