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Rusty's life seemed to always be a whirlwind of craziness. Things seemed to pop up every other day, and it affected him greatly. Some things were good, some were bad, and some seemed normal. After a string of 2 family members and 1 pet dying, he felt like nothing would go right for him ever again...

Thankfully he has a wonderful friend to help him through his sadness and make him ready to face all other challanges he faces!

(This is just a quick One-Shot I wanted to write. Last year, I did indeed loose 2 aunts and a loving pet. It felt like my life was on an infinite downhill run, but some good friends of mine helped me through it, this is dedicated to the family I lost, and amazing friends.)

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Sunset Shimmer, having recently helped the human Twilight, helped save Camp Everfree, and graduated High School, finally decides she is ready to return to Equestria and make amends with Celestia. Meanwhile, in our world, a 6 year old boy is having a very rough time. One night at the orphanage he wishes on a shooting star, trying to get a better life. This seemingly simple act manages to teleport him to a different world and maybe, get a mom he deserves.

Note: Story takes place after Legends of Everfree, but disregards all Starlight related events. This means things like Chrysalis' second atack never happened.

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The steam engine, for its size, is the most powerful vehicle on land. And the engines of the NWR are part of the power behind the docks, industries and branchlines that make up the world-renowned Island of Sodor.

And Ponies, for their size, are some of the most powerful creatures known to man. And 6 special citizens of Ponyville are the power behind the magic and friendship that make up the peaceful land of Equestria.

With these groups joined, fun shall be had and lessons shall be learned. These are the Equestrian Railway Tales

Note: Set during season 4 and will mention events of said season and some of the Equestria Girls Films and will include The Rev. W. Awdry's stories. Christopher's may be added if reviews are positive enough.

Co-Written by Nova Blaze

Magi Tail Welkin- Official Timeline Manager

Cover art owned by Tidmouthmilk12 on Deviantart

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