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The steam engine, for its size, is the most powerful vehicle on land. And the engines of the NWR are part of the power behind the docks, industries and branchlines that make up the world-renowned Island of Sodor.

And Ponies, for their size, are some of the most powerful creatures known to man. And 6 special citizens of Ponyville are the power behind the magic and friendship that make up the peaceful land of Equestria.

With these groups joined, fun shall be had and lessons shall be learned. These are the Equestrian Railway Tales

Note: Set during season 4 and will mention events of said season and some of the Equestria Girls Films and will include The Rev. W. Awdry's stories. Christopher's may be added if reviews are positive enough.

Co-Written by Nova Blaze

Magi Tail Welkin- Official Timeline Manager

Cover art owned by Tidmouthmilk12 on Deviantart

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Not bad, but no mention of Thomas?

This chapter takes place before the events of the three railway engines so it is before thomas even arrives on sodor but when troy and matthew talk about the new tank engine, that is them mentioning thomas indirectly

All in good time...

More plz.

Thanks, i will pass this message to my co writer and we will get to work :yay:

Time to get to work i guess huh

This sounds so much like my story on Fanfiction.net Railroads are magic.

This story is going to follow the Railway Series so no worries about your story being copied, this is just the first of a few introductary chapters before the action start

Fair enough . You should check my story out though. Also, since I like this story, if you sent an OC I could incorporate somehow into the sequel. Magic of the Rails. The series use the Magic railroad similar to the mirrors of EQG but allowing more.

when are you gonna update next chapter?

... a cell phone...

You said in an earlier comment this was going to follow the Railway Series and this chapter is set before The Three Railway Engines

If I remember the timeline established by the Reverend Awdry correctly it would have been in the 1920s.

From: http://ttte.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline

1922: A second bore is cut for the Ballahoo tunnel after Henry stops in the original.
1923: Gordon arrives on Sodor.

How can you have a mobile phone in the 1920s?

In order to allow the story to flow a little better we have taken some creative liberties the liberties we have taken are up to the reader.
We either have technology a little more advanced than it actually was at the time
We have the events take place a few years later than what Rev. W. Awdry said.
Again it is up to you as a reader, to decide which explination you like better.

As a fan of the Reverend's work and big steam enthusiast I can't expect the latter.

But the former. You mention in the chapter that the singal could be magical in nature. I can expect a more advance technological world if it is connected to magic. I would also be a great explainition of why the transport and rolling stock have faces. Magic.

I actually do have an explanation, and it is a major plot point. Just bear with us.

Next chapter soon
We Pinkie Promise

well, I don’t like people been piss when you promise they get angry

okay, but don’t let this happen.

Well, thank you for clearing that up sir, I wait with anticipation.

You know it feels weird to see your own username on an Author's Note.

And technically The Railway Series starts in the 1920s and continues on to the 21st Century. The last book by Christopher Awdry features the Centenary (100 years celebration) of the Reverened W Awdry's birth, so the series "ends" in 2011.

I should habe added this into the description of the story, and i will, but we atleast for now, are only doing Rev. W. Awdry's books, we may do christophers if we get enough positive feedback though

Thank YOU for pointing it out. The constructive criticism is appreciated, and helps us make a better story.

I'm smiling right now.

That I think is first time anyone has ever called my comment constructive. I was just being semi-purist fan of The Railway Series.

After Sharon Miller and the other writers, until Andrew Brenner, went (pun intended) off the rails, I was determined not to do anything which would cause the Reverend/ Thin Clergyman, to turn in his grave. Lord knows he's done enough of that already.

No kidding. I promise, we intend to do justice to to the Reverend's work, while having some fun and crazy shenanigans too.

Okay, I'm expecting the Reverend W Awdry mixed with some Terry Parchett then.

Not sure who Terry Parchet is, but I do know we have a guy with Asperger's, a crazy redneck nerd, and six ponies known for causing trouble. This stuff writes itself.

The late Sir Terry Pratchett, was the man behind the Discworld books, which is to Fantasy, what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is to Science-Fiction.

I highly recommend the series. Although recommandation for reading, start with the fourth book Mort, that's the one that turned me into a Discworld fan. Other possible starting books Wyrd Sister and Guards Guards!

Wyrd Sisters also has an animated adaption by Cosgrove Hall Animation, as does the sequel story to Mort, Soul Music, both of which feature the late Sir Christopher Lee.

There are also three live-action adaptions, but they can be hard to follow at time. The best of them is the first Hogfather, but that is made for Pratchett fans, by Pratchett, so an understanding of the books helps when watching it.

There's a few MLP Crossover fics with it too.

I've heard of them. I'll have to check em out. Especially since I have a strict policy of reading the book before watching the movie.

Well, I got into the story thanks to the live action Hogfather.

A regret in my life is never reading at least one of his books before Sir Terry died.

Sir Toppham Hatt’s find out of the mare6?

I cannot resist cuing the song.

Was actually hoping someone would post it thanks

Depending on future chapters, I might just continue. I am so gleeful about finding so much of the original music. You have a favorite?

Granted, and its the sing-a-long edition.

Gold Dust?
As in... Mr Conductor's magic gold dust?

I will neither confirm nor deny the validity of that statement.

I believe the manor you are referring to is spelt "manner."

...and now I'm watching random episodes on YouTube. Video titles of most of the ones I remember all seem to end with "RS - HD" or "GC - HD", and the others have all these engines that I don't even remember... (And some of those other episodes seem to be in a noticeably different style than I remember in some cases?)

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