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This story is a sequel to The Dresden Fillies: False Masks

It's been a while since the girls have seen their good friend Harry Dresden. Discord escaped, Luna attended her first Nightmare Night, the Royal Wedding was crashed by hordes of changelings, and Pinkie Pie threw a statistically improbable number of parties. They tried inviting Dresden, but between his new job and new apprentice, he always claimed to be too busy. The solution was obvious; if he couldn't come to his friends, they needed to go visit him. Besides, they say Earth is lovely this time of year. What could go wrong?

Chapters (13)

UPDATE: COMPLETE! You may have heard of Pipsqueak. He's a pinto colt, originally from Trottingham, saved Nightmare Night from being abolished seven odd years ago. Know the one I'm talking about? Yes? Good. Since then he's grown into a charming, cultured hedonist who wants to bed near every mare in Ponyville and a good few of the stallions. He has a slender build and some ponies say he has mares' hips, though he feels that those ponies should shut their bloody mouths. His best mate is the gregarious and multi-talented Featherweight, and his other best mate is the stoic trencherpony and excellent cook Chowder.

This is the story of a Friday, and the wee hours of a Saturday. It's a teacher training day, and Pipsqueak and his friends have no school.

In twenty-four hours, a sinister plot to take down a local business is launched, Snips and Snails dabble in the dark magic of Peyuase, a great deal of debauchery occurs, a cocktail of unrivaled destructive power is created and a small fleet of ships are launched! All of this and more, in Pipsqueak's Day Off!

Massive thanks to LittleSallyDigby for help, editing and advice.

Chapters (7)

Note: I might add to this story in the future when I think of more ideas or, mainly, when I have any time at all. But for now, it's 'Completed'.

Gryph was a very talented gryphon. Well-versed in music, sciences and part of the Starbirds (an elite gryphon flying team), he seemed to have his whole life set for him! However, one unfortunate accident later leaves him transformed into something much weirder. Follow Gryph as he remembers his adventures in Ponyville and his attempts at learning the ways of being, and living as, a pony

Characters featured in the story will be updated as chapters are added.

A story inspired by the OC of BlackGryph0n

Gryph and the cover art belongs to BlackGryph0n

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Shipping and Handling

Magic is limited only by the strength of the mind and the passion of the heart.

After the events of "Shipping and Handling", young Dinky Doo sets off to begin her first term of study at the most prestigious magic school in Equestria, Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns. The adventures that await her there will exceed even her wildest expectations, and a cast of colorful new characters will be by her side to share in them.

(This story is the sequel to "Shipping and Handling". It's highly recommended you read that one first!
Occurs during Season 3 of the show: After the Crystal Empire but before Alicorn Twilight.)

Chapters (20)

Rainbow Dash isn't bitter about the whole Mare-Do-Well incident. Or at least that's what she tells herself. Either way, she's not going to miss this chance for some harmless revenge pranks, and so she constructs a plan to prank all of her best friends, starting with Twilight Sparkle. All Dash needs is a quill and some paper.

Thanks to the amazing DShou for the cover image.

Chapters (6)

Rarity discovers an old tradition involving the exchange of felt dolls as a sign of affection. This sparks a brilliant plan to play matchmaker with her friends, and between herself and Twilight.

But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?

Cover art by Acceleron
Chapter art by Ratofdrawn, Sketchyjackie, Dunnstar and fatalerror328!

Chapters (6)

When a freak and powerful storm rolls in from the Everfree, strange events are set in motion. Reports of bizarre creatures, odd ponies and wild magic abound.

The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony must face down their enemies, fight for their world and face their fears. Some of the bearers must face even more than that, and face them alone. Read now as ancient secrets are unveiled, powers thought lost are unearthed and powerful despots seek to rule with an iron hoof.

Chapters (10)

When Twilight discovers an invisibility spell, she decides to use it for pranking her friends. However, she soon finds out some interesting news that one of her good friends, Rainbow Dash, might be interested in her as more than friends. But can Twilight accept this news, or will she rebuke the rainbow maned mare? What chain of events will this set off?

Edited by The Abyss

My amazing cover art was drawn by Graphic~Lee!

An extensive re-edit will be happening soon. Expect a re-working of the ending, if it stays the same.

Chapters (18)

You'll never understand a pony until you walk a mile in their horseshoes. Or more appropriately, until a magical goddess forces you to switch bodies with the other in an effort to force the lesson upon you. That's right, its a body swap fiction! Starring everyone's favorite musical ponies, Vinyl and Octavia! (Partially narrated by Princess Luna)

Chapters (11)

After Pinkie Pie Suffers a severe head injury, in her forehead is discovered something that an Earth Pony should not have. This gives answers to where she gets her abilities, especially how she seems to be able to defy the laws of physics. This also explains some of her craziness.

How will her friends handle this, and can she learn to better harness the magic within?

A big shoutout to Aegis Shield for the original idea. I would not have thought of this one myself. You, good Sir, are brilliant!

Cover image by sapoltop on Deviantart. I lay no claim to the artwork. The artwork is his creation.

Chapters (2)