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You'd be surprised at the emotions twenty-six letters can unearth


Note: I might add to this story in the future when I think of more ideas or, mainly, when I have any time at all. But for now, it's 'Completed'.

Gryph was a very talented gryphon. Well-versed in music, sciences and part of the Starbirds (an elite gryphon flying team), he seemed to have his whole life set for him! However, one unfortunate accident later leaves him transformed into something much weirder. Follow Gryph as he remembers his adventures in Ponyville and his attempts at learning the ways of being, and living as, a pony

Characters featured in the story will be updated as chapters are added.

A story inspired by the OC of BlackGryph0n

Gryph and the cover art belongs to BlackGryph0n

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I enjoyed this, and cannot wait until more. :rainbowwild:

Well at least we know Gabe saw this :pinkiehappy:

2348973 Huh? Where did he mention this? :O

Look at the comments section in his new 'Beat It' video. Should be there.

2349469 Oh wow. Heh, awesome. Thanks for the heads up! I can only hope people like this fic!

Got here from BlabkGryp0n's tweet.

More? I mean... please continue. If... if that's okay... :fluttershysad: :pinkiesad2:

Niiiiiice, should link the youtube video too! :pinkiehappy:

Y U NO UPDATE!? Please update this thing, I love it.:fluttershysad: do it for Fluttershy?

That was almost as awesome as Black Gryph0n!

Let's see if anypony else likes this idea: a dramatic reading or Audiobook with Black Gryph0n as Scaulden/Gryph!

Update please?

Why did you name him "Scaulden" BTW?

"Big friends in a bigger world, right?"

It should be plans, not friends.

There are a few more small errors but I'm sure your editer will fix them.

Anyway great job. I loved all the quotes!:twilightsmile:

Did you just imply at the beginning the end of this chapter that Twilight has OCD? :rainbowhuh:

I'm still liking this story a lot, and I look forward to future chapters. :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

And the first reference comes just as I get the song out of my head. Thanks :ajbemused:

Naw, JK. That song is great. An earworm, but great.:pinkiehappy:

Reading this, and it just so happens the entire part of my playlist that Gryph0n made with his brother starts playing.

Wait, that's it, that's the end of the story, you leave Gryph a pony?

3794943 Well, I never was gonna make him back into a Gryph0n, at least, not for a long while. This was supposed to be one of those stories that just stood there for people to add to/read!


My suggestion for a future chapter in this story is that Gryph finds finds Eliemonty' s OC, they slowly fall in love, but Gryph is trying to hide the fact he was once a Griffin and maybe a Shakespearean tragedy ensues.

(Sorry, I just think sometimes it's my OTS!)

I read the story. The second chapter would have been great if you hadn't inserted lyrics to Are We There Yet in every other line. It was kinda fun the first time but, it got kind of annoying because an aspect of a song is to draw it out and explain it. But a short story is supposed to be exactly that: short. A story can't be short if you're quoting, word for word, the lyrics of a song with the chorus and the verses.

This was really pretty clever :pinkiehappy: I was laughing every time I recognized the lyrics to Are We There Yet :rainbowlaugh: and I really hope there's more chapters to come! This is pretty cool! :pinkiehappy::eeyup:

i enjoy the fic, and i must say, it's way better than my story could ever be. people hate mine because they think i just dropped myself in equestria, and i don't know the proper set up for a fanfiction like this. :ajsleepy:
still, i really enjoyed this story! :pinkiesmile:

“I’m sorry! This visit just has to be perfect! And a gryphon... well...”

:unsuresweetie:Um... why couldn't a Gryphon be in the presence of Celestia?



That would actually be an interesting chapter. MAKE THIS HAPPEN DEATHSCAR! :flutterrage:

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