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After Pinkie Pie Suffers a severe head injury, in her forehead is discovered something that an Earth Pony should not have. This gives answers to where she gets her abilities, especially how she seems to be able to defy the laws of physics. This also explains some of her craziness.

How will her friends handle this, and can she learn to better harness the magic within?

A big shoutout to Aegis Shield for the original idea. I would not have thought of this one myself. You, good Sir, are brilliant!

Cover image by sapoltop on Deviantart. I lay no claim to the artwork. The artwork is his creation.

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It's here! And it's awesome:rainbowkiss: Seriously can't wait for more.

And to all of the Pinkie Pie neigh-sayers out there I just have this

1981601 Just so you know, when I was at the VFW in Fairfield Tuesday night for a billiards match, they played Gangnan Style SIX MOTHERBUCKING TIMES!!! :pinkiesick::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

1981601 FUCK YOU PINKIE PIE IS AWESO- oh, wait. Sorry, I meant to say that I agree with you! :twilightsheepish:

At the VFW, really!? Not gonna lie that's really really funny.:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:
But I'm afraid I can't apologize for this, it fits so damn perfectly.:pinkiehappy:

1981621 I'll let you in on a secret... In another story of mine, Pinkie will be adopting a certain candy making filly...

Pinkie's AWESOMENESS WILL BE OVER 9000!!!!!!

1981633 New bartender that night...
I'll admit, the song has a AWESOME beat to it, but it has been played so friggin much, it will be a long while before I can enjoy listening to it.

It literally made me want to go over to the jukebox and play every song in it by Rush, Journey, Styx, Kansas, AC/DC, Scorpions...

1981639 IDK... Kinda 3 way tie between her, Dash, and Derpy for me

I hear ya there, an awesome beat helps a lot but when overplayed.....
Great choice of jukebox counters though.

1981689 That will be me if this hits the Feature Box lol

i'm not a fan of same sex pairings at all, i hold nothing against the people that like them, it's their choice, but i really don't like them. other than that it's a really good story

1981823 :pinkiesad2: guess not everyone loves PinkDash... :fluttershbad:

Shit, Pinkie was orginally a unicorn? Damn, never read a story like this before, and do I spot some Pinkie Dash? My third favortie pairing:ajsmug: Do I also sense some Spilight? Babs/Spike huh? Shit, that's new:twilightsmile: Wow...I'm 100% down for this story, I'm really enjoying it, and Celestia may be a Princess and Goddess but even a God can't do everything, right:applejackunsure: Poor Pinkie:fluttershysad:

1981880 i hold nothing against it, it's just...i don't like it.

1981939 I know, and it's all golden!

How about a story where Pinkie Adopts a recently orphaned filly? (will happen at the end of the story actually)

1981949 Check out my story [i[Twist's Loss
Think I will be working on Ch 3 of that one tonight.

well this is interested...I mean...PP in a coma, Her being a unicorn which explains things...You know what...I'll read more of it. Interested. (YOU WRITE BETTER THAN ME!) Sorry, but I like the how descriptive you went with the story. Helps paint a scene for the reader to understand and where do you get all these medical term!

Eh, to each their own. I'm ahuge fan of this pairing though and am very glad to see she's alright. Damn, that was hetic what happened to her, and she could have been killed...wonder what would have happened to Rainbow Dash if she did and what everypony's view will be on Dash's love for Pinkie. :twilightsmile:

1982044 Some of the medical knowledge comes from my training as a firefighter.

1982050 The pairing will be a big part of the story I think.

SHIPPING! :flutterrage: I like the story. I really do and it is nice that you got it featured. Hopefully it works out for you as more people will favorite it, you will get more notifications, more watchers, your other works might get noticed which will lead to them getting favorites and there is a hugh cycle with this but as I said. I like it hopefully i see more and looking forward to it reading the story about Celestia and the fat free pringles.

1982115 That story will make you piss yourself laughing! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

exasperate her condition

I think you meant exacerbate. I doubt Twilight meant that she'd annoy it:rainbowlaugh:

if this was cannon then it would SURLY explain a WHOLE lot of things


1982082 I honestly hope so, also hoping to see some bit of Derpy in it as well:ajsmug:

1982153 I guess i need to have a diaper when reading it. that way I can save the humiliation of me having pissed my pants. (It was for a good cause)

1982166If she does appear, it most likely will not be a big role...

1982174 Long as she's in it I'll be happy, my favorite pony ever!!!:yay:

1982171 Meh... just take the laptop into the bathroom and read it there! It has enough potty humor for it!!! :rainbowlaugh:

1982158 SHIT! There is rumors that Hasbro is making Alicorn Twilight canon... :facehoof:

I really like what you got going on here. I'm looking forward to the next chapters and to see where you take this :pinkiehappy:

1982194 hehehee...
1982195 Maybe I need to focus heavily on this one right now! :twilightblush:


maybe Hasbro has read several of the alicorn twilight stories here

Awesomeness level: Moustache :moustache:

Also, I share your pain about the alicorn Twilight rumours... I'm praying if it happens, it's only temporary.

I was directed to this story from the featured box.
Glad I read it. Wasn't expecting the PinkieDash, but very nice.
And Pinkie having been a unicorn does explain so much.

faved and watching. wasnt to thrilled about the part about horns being cut off :twilightoops:but with that explination and knowing our society I cant say anything against them taking a severiouly damaged horn off at the stub.

wonder how big a party the town is going to have now that Pinkie's going to be okay

Hey your story made it to the Feature Box and thats how I came in, now I going to read your story.

1982230 if they have I hope they havent passed PastSins thatd be one heck of a season long string of episodes:pinkiehappy: but actually if you will think back on the first two epsisodes of season three Celestia is talking about the next level of Twilights training so who KNOWS what will come of that:twilightsmile:

"Pinkie lied there twitching with"
I think you mean lay there, Pinkie's unlikely to have lied since she's unconscious.

I must say that I'm intersted in the story but not much, I also can't judge this story yet with just two chapters (for me they where introdution chapters).

At the beginning, where it says 'At the arrival of Luna and Pinkie's parents', you should really remove Luna and put her in another sentence, since it sounds awkward and makes a reader believe Luna's parents are there.

The pacing is a bit awkward as well, you might want to slow it down, but everything else is just perfect. Congratulations.

Dude I knew this would be a hit from the beginning.
Awesome is pinkie:yay:
Congrats on the feature.:ajsmug:
And just continue being awesome. And the story too.:pinkiesmile:

1982360 Grammar and spelling have always been my kryptonite.
:facehoof: I failed Freshman English my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years!

1982624 Pacing is an area I need to work on a lot still. Hurts that I am ADHD though.

Ah, so you read Aegis Sheild's blog about potential ideas, eh? Well this was one of the ideas he said people could "steal" that sounded like it had potential. Good work and good luck.:pinkiehappy:

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