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When the combined forces of the Changelings, Diamond Dogs, and Griffins successfully conquer Equestria, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and a band of survivors find themselves fighting for survival. Their mission: to retake their nation from the invaders who killed their friends and destroyed all they know.

I would like to thank MoonDuster and RedTailSoarin for letting me use their OC's in this story.

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Spike sucks nuff said.

Should I down vote... Nah I'm not that big of an flank hole.

Damn it! My idea is pretty much the same you have. Well, at least you have yours set after the battles take place, but then it supposedly goes back to them taking EQ back. Well shit.

Holy crap! :pinkiegasp:
That was awesome.

3178430 Well, three so far HAVE downvoted it, and I see no reason given. You, on the other hoof, appear to have the decency to admit that you do not like Spike. I can respect that honesty :twilightsmile:

3178461 I shall have to take a look at yours, and see where you go with it. :twilightsheepish:

3178793 It shall get more intense... :pinkiehappy:

3178807 Well I can PM you and save you the time, I'm 80,000 words into it. It's later than shit though, so I'll get back to you tomorrow. But if you still want to read it (yes self promotion), by all means go ahead.

3178821 Have a good night, and send me the link tomorrow :pinkiehappy:

Eq is nearly in a complete FUBAR situation :moustache:

A shit ton better then i was expecting. Waiting on the next chapter :moustache:

This fic. :rainbowkiss:


This was strangely heart-racing... I await more, sir... :moustache:

Dark and high octane.

Very good.

I love the modernized Equestria and the badass Spike.

C'mon, sir. Don't add this fic to so many groups I'm in and yet not update this in forever! :rainbowlaugh: I needs moar!

3533388 You might be disappointed to hear that this fic will be placed on Hiatus status. The reason for ALL unfinished published works of mine going on Hiatus will be explained in a blog I am writing.

Do not worry, it WILL be completed. I just have to change how I write my stories to make them the best I can make them.



Then why did you add it to some groups? :rainbowderp:

3533436 Because I still want it out there... I will just be adding notes at the end of each chapter explaining the reason why it is going on Hiatus.

Here is the blog I just finished on it:

Hiatus Status for my stories

4912160 unfortunately so... Too many projects :twilightoops:

It's okay. I completely understand. :moustache:

That. Was. AWESOME!!!!

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