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Twilight Sparkle, a new ruler in Equestria, has only been a princess for a few weeks. She just returned from an adventure in a new world that she never knew of, but she still doesn't feel ready for life as a leader. On the other hoof, Flash Sentry is just a new member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. As a member of the guard, his job is to protect the three princesses in Canterlot, as well as tour with them wherever they go. This turns into a romantic relationship, and they live happily ever after.

Actually, no they don't. That only happens in fairy tales.

Rated Teen for suggestive scenes and innuendo jokes, but if you know me you know that my stories are always the PG rated version, where the acts aren't described after kissing or touching. This story takes place after Equestria Girls but before Season 4, not including any new developments in the series or comics after the movie.

Artwork by: cat4lyst.
Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn (final chapter only).
External Links: Goodreads.

First Story: A Guard and a Princess.
Second Story: A Prince and a Princess.

Chapters (21)

This story is a sequel to Proud Mother of a... Changeling?

After Twilight receives a letter saying that Queen Chrysalis is the guest of honor in the Crystal Empire's First Grand Banquet, she becomes suspicious and attends in order to thwart any plans the changelings may be hatching.

Chapters (5)

Cadence and Shining Armor visit one of their generals and his wife in the hospital to give their congratulations on the new born foal. However... the visit wasn't as routine as they first thought.

Based off ScopeEva's prompt/idea during a discussion. Told ya I'd put it on my to-do list.

Chapters (1)

I'm in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of orifices I didn't know I had. Why am I there? Why is Rainbow Dash sitting in the corner?

Why is she crying?

Chapters (10)

Ever since the day of Dash's birthday/anniversary, Pinkie had this weird look in her eyes. I think everyone noticed it. She would zone out for no apparent reason. And more then usual. And I think that we've all figured out why. Now its time for me, Rarity, to play matchmaker.

Chapters (5)

The Mane Six had just arrived at Twilight Sparkle's Castle for a four night sleepover.
And when they decide to help Twilight bring the remaining books that survived the battle with Tirek, they discover a book with an odd title..... So Twilight Sparkle decides to read it out loud, and everything seems fine, untill the next morning..... That is.....

Chapters (6)

Twilight goes with Rainbow to watch her race in Cloudsdale only to suddenly find herself being 'wooed' by Thunderlane.

Saw the cover art and decided to make a story around it with permission from Ravenpuff

9/6/14 Featured!
I don't really know the meaning of this. I was going for a minimum length little thing because I saw the cover pic. Then it gets featured. Maybe it means I can die peacefully now. Except people want me to write more. Dunno what to do with my life anymore.

Many suggestions later. *Dramatic sigh* I suppose I'll switch this to incomplete. :)

YouTube reading by Captain Bron3y!

New chapters edited by the fantastic AnonponyDASHIE

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After the exciting events of the family road trip to Golden Delicious' cabin. Pinkie Pie could not be more happy to consider herself apart the Apple Family. She is so happy that when she is about to take a weekend to trip to see her own family, she unexpectedly invites Applejack to stay at the Rock Farm. Applejack not wanting to upset her friend unwillingly comes along in only hopes to prove that she can be a Pie just as well she is as an Apple.

Written By: Gleaming Ember
Edited By: Mac349
Pre Read By: rainbowdashisbestpony100
Cover Art By: Gleaming Ember

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Twilight has been busy as of late with her recent duties as a Princess. Which, to be fair, she doesn't know entirely what they are, so she has to prepare for everything. As she shares a lunch with Rarity going over all of her recent work, she mentions that she'd like to take the train up to the Crystal Kingdom for a formal diplomatic visit instead of a royal coach since all that time alone with the guards near her with nowhere to escape to would freak her out. Rarity immediately suggests bringing Tom the Rock along as luggage at the last minute so the train is only method of travel they can arrange on such short notice to accommodate him. Also, Rarity is now going with Twilight on her trip.

It's all perfectly sensible. Really.

*Written to take place near the beginning of Season 4.

Chapters (6)

Twilight Sparkle. A name known to everypony in all of Equestria. She's saved Equestria multiple times now, and with her and her friends being the Elements of Harmony, as well as being Princess Celestia's "Most Faithful Student", she enjoys a great life.
But what was before that? Follow her on her journey through foalhood, and her times as Celestia's Student.

This is my first fic, so constructive criticism is appreciated very much.
A huge thank you to WhatTheMoo and Knight Of Cerebus for proofreading this fic.
And a huge thank you to TwinTailsInc for allowing me to use his artwork

Chapters (7)