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Tartarus: the fabled prison said to hold all of the demons of Equus at bay.

Few truly know what lies behind the impenetrable doors Cerberus guards. Some say that it is a pit, infinite in it's depth and darkness, from which there is no return. Other claim it to be a hellish plain, filled with fire and pain and suffering, to punish the demons for their sins.

All of them are wrong.

Tartarus is small. An inescapable cell for a single prisoner. But the tales about it's purpose are not false.

For this captive human holds the key to unleashing upon Equestria forces which have not been seen for centuries, forces which predate Equestria by many an age.

And soon, he shall be free.

EDIT: Featured on 5/25/14! SUH-WEEEEET!


Chapters (29)

Two enemies wind up in Equestria due to a major mishap. Will they come to terms with this world? Most importantly, will they be able to put their old feud aside to survive?

Chapters (47)

Earth Ponies controlled the Ground. Pegasi, the Sky. Unicorns, the Aether.
And things generally worked out for a few thousand years.

And then there was the Sea.

And now there's just me.

An entry for Bicyclette's 1000 words contest (group / info) in the "Angst" category.

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo starts her next epic journey on a new hoof. ~~~Please be sure to like, subscribe, and smash that comment section~~~

Chapters (1)

When you have an accident-prone filly, you make her wear a helmet.
When you have an accident-prone filly who is incapable of feeling pain, you keep the hospital on speed dial.
When you have an accident-prone filly who is incapable of feeling pain and you have no insurance because you’re self-employed, you learn to take care of things yourself.

Because that’s what sisters do.

An entry for Bicyclette's 1000 words contest (group / info) in the "Grim" category.

Chapters (1)

Tirek is a juggernaut. A nonstop bullet train on the fast track to becoming the sole source of magic in Equestria (and it's de facto ruler).

But what happens when this unstoppable force meets an immovable will?

A will that's more than eager to resort to cheap tricks and humiliation tactics to balance the karmic scales?

At that point... it's open season.

Tirek Season.

An entry for the Who Crossed Over My Little Pony? contest.

Cover art by the impeccably talented Mutter_Butter.

Special thanks to mushroompone for prereading and feedback.

Chapters (1)

From one barren wasteland to another, less barren wasteland, an Australian Information Technology worker finds himself stuck in the snow with nowhere to go. Armed with nothing but a cheap tool set and a three metre Ethernet cable, he must find a way to survive his new location. At least it can't get any worse... right?

Oh of course it can, it's a HIE.

Warning: Contains Australian, Changelings (of course), snow, occasional IT speak, less-than-stellar HIE satire, and shoddy humour not fit for a backyard comedy club.

Chapters (12)

While the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam may feel like a conclusion to the story of New Vegas. For the Courier who fought at it and won it for Mr. House, it was merely another chapter in his already bloody story. Now armed with a prototype long ranged Transportalponder from Big MT, Houston finds himself in a world much different from his own.

One where you don't have to kill, lie and manipulate others to get by every day.
One where "friendship" is not a contract, but a given.
One where he is the Teacher to a world unscarred by the concept of war.

A world of...multi-colored Ponies?

Heavily inspired by the works of Rated Ponystar, ShoddyCast and numerous other MLP X Fallout stories.
Note that Courier Six's backstory derives from the Fallout New California mod.

Chapters (11)

'What is it about humans that urges them seek out so many endeavors in order to feed their desires? Greed, power, family, friends, philosophy, knowledge; infinite goals and infinite reasons behind them. Whoever or whatever created these beings are either cunning; to create self motivating creatures that will constantly push the limits of what's possible, or downright cruel; never truly allowing them to feel true fulfillment or satisfaction. The point is humans were created with a void, a missing piece left intentionally empty never to be filled, an undying hunger.'

A bit grim right? The names Rodney, and in case you're wondering, this is the story of my life. A life of Magic, Gods, and regrettably, Ponies. Yeah, freakin-multi-techno-collored-goody-ponies.
But it's not all bad really, got way healthier with a more green diet. Though the lack of meat can be painful at times, that one landed me in less than desired situations. I get to screw with innocent ponies on a regular basis. Didn't kill myself or everyone else with me either. So not a bad deal really, even ended up retiring as teacher.

Teen for language and some adult themes.
This takes place before season 3.

HIATUS: Currently at a programmer's boot camp. Will be done late June 2015.

AN: If you can see past my cruddy writing skills there's plenty to tickle your funny bones, I hope. First attempt at writing a fic.

Chapters (49)

My dear sister Pinkie Pie,

I will be arriving in Ponyville tomorrow.
I have made a reservation for us at Hearty Grains Bistro for seven o' clock.
Please be on time. I'll be bringing somepony special I'd like you to meet.
I think you will be surprised.

Emp- Your sister Maud

An Entry for Bicyclette's Crackship Contest hosted by the Original Pairings group
Preread by: HapHazred

Chapters (1)