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Celestia ruled Equestria for centuries through wisdom, gentle guidance, and an eye on those who rule through less kind means. But above all, she had faith in the power of friendship and harmony.

Right now, she still has the wisdom and the faith. That may just be enough to find a way back to Equestria. Or find love.

Or, at the absolute least, get her new roommate to stop speaking in broken Neighponese.

An entry in the Monthly Contest Club's Crackships for Christmas contest.

Chapters (1)

It seems that no amount of stalling, negotiation, or bargaining will stop the council.

Since Princess Twilight's coronation, the Royal Council have insisted that she be tied to a Canterlot noble, so as not to lose their hold over the lands south of Canterlot.

Tied in marriage, that is, and they've got just the pony in mind, whether he's got a say in it or not.

A commission for Dusk Raven. Cover art here.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to My Domestic Equestria

Applejack doesn’t get the chance to speak that often, to say what she really wants. That’s okay. I’d like to have a conversation with her anyway.

Reading “My Domestic Equestria” first will help get into the mindset of this one, but it isn’t necessary to understand it.

Chapters (1)

Flash Sentry: hero, heart breaker ... and self-admitted coward. For the first time, he details his own undeserved rise to heroism (as well as the trouble such a reputation brings him) in his own words.

Chapters (8)

Miss Cheerilee has always looked out for her former pupil, Pinkamena Diane Pie ("Pinkie" to her friends).

Hooves must always (always) look after his current employer, Roland Bertram Aethelnoth Whickers the Third, Viscount Astley ("Bertie" to his friends).

But when Bertie met Pinkie, something happened that neither the schoolteacher nor the butler had looked for.

Art: Giorgio de Chirico, "Oriental Horses"

Chapters (1)

(Very loosely) based on the true story of a poly acquaintance of mine trying to find a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for herself and her two mates.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are going out to enjoy their first Hearts and Hooves Day as a triad. Twilight has everything planned down to the dot, from when they’ll arrive at the restaurant in Canterlot to exactly how many rose petals will be on the cloud-bed at her room in the palace when they get home (forty five, and only true rose petals, no stamens – three roses for each of them, one red, one yellow, one dyed blue.)

Then she finds out about one technicality that never even crossed her mind. La Romanetique, Canterlot’s premier high-class dining establishment, only serves couples on Hearts and Hooves Day.

The earth shall tremble. The heavens shall fall. Tartarus itself shall disgorge its most feared inmates… but Princess Twilight Sparkle and her marefriends shall dine tonight!

Chapters (5)

Five years ago, Dr. Natalie Sydney was contacted by an enigmatic extraterrestrial. Now, it's happening again.

This story was written for Equestria Daily's More Most Dangerous Game writing contest. It fulfills the My Little Dashie-inspired prompt. It was 11th-hour-proofread and edited by Nicknack.

Chapters (10)

Being a unicorn interpreter isn't easy. The hours are crazy, the pressure is nerve-racking, you have no idea what job you'll be called for... and you have to be a virgin, or you'll never be able to understand them.

Special thanks to Octavia Harmony, FloydienSlip, and Zyrian for editing.

Chapters (7)

"Every normal pony must be tempted, at times, to spit on her hooves, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

Over brunch, Twilight Sparkle lines out her plans to turn to a life of villainy. For the most part, her friends are all for it.

It makes sense in context, honest.

Chapters (4)

Twilight attempts to lose her virginity at a party during her college years.

The keyword being 'attempts'.

An entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns contest.

Chapters (1)
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