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Twilight knows Starlight Glimmer has been reformed under her guidance. Er, mostly—she’s still a work in progress, but there is no doubt Starlight is improving in her eyes.

However, there’s just one bad habit Twilight noticed that’s been nagging at her ever since she first saw it. But how would she converse about it? Should it be handled delicately? And when would she bring it up?

Today. Today, she would talk about it.

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=====Originally Written February 2012===== EQD Post=====
After overwhelming Ponyville's mayor, the main six must fill in as she takes a much needed vacation. Yet, only one pony can take the title of mayor at one time. Which of our favorite ponies will be the first substitute mayor? How long will she be able to last before passing the job to somepony else? And in the end, will Ponyville survive long enough for its real mayor to return?

This story was written as a prize commission for the Smile Album Charity Event. The original prize was one by Stormy Seas and he provided the original premise for this story. He always wanted a story that could be shared and enjoyed by everyone, so be sure to thank him if you know him.

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Princess Flurry Heart and a humble baker's son are in love. But how can they hope to be together when the world is full of forces beyond the powers of ponies that try to tear them apart?

Winner of Estee's Ship Sinkers Contest!
PresentPerfect Recommended!

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Celestia prepares for another routine day at the castle with the recent addition of teaching her new, young student. However, an impromptu structure made from books causes a slight change of plans.

Inspired by the cover art and it's description, both used with permission from the wonderful Nova Quill.

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Vinyl Scratch's attempt to introduce Princess Luna to Canterlot's nightlife after her 1001 year absence takes a turn for the worse thanks to stubborn DJs and old rivalries.

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After a stressful week at the boutique, Rarity decides to unwind at a local drinking establishment. Things quickly get out of hand.

"A gripping tale of mystery and intrigue!" - No one ever
"Love, laughter, tears. This story has it all!" - Don't quote me on that
"One of the seminal works of our generation. Truly a masterpiece." - Voice in my head
"You're adopted." - My mother
- - - - -
*And it seems that there's already a reading by CaptainBron3y. Find it here. Thanks for the quick work, Cap!
*Another one by Stars of Night/Night Star.
*Seattle's Angels reviewed it. :twilightblush: (Awesome group, definitely worth checking out!)
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Inspired by otakuap's piece "Argument," used here with permission.
- - - - -

((I'm so sorry.))

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‘A horse walks into a bar...’

One evening a despondent Applejack walked into Ponyville’s tavern. The next morning she was gone without a trace.

In the days following her disappearance the inn’s landlord recounts events in Ponyville as the town searches for its lost friend, struggling to understand why she left, and where she went.

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Rainbow Dash takes Fluttershy to get her license renewed.
Bossy government employees. Speeding tickets. License photos.
There's only one way for this to end:
Hijinks and hilarity.

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As it turns out, not all I do is make music. I actually have a pretty decent talent making plush pony dolls on the side. It brings in good bits... on occasion, such as this one time a little baby dragon commissioned me into crafting him a white unicorn with a blue mane to snuggle with at night.

Then one day, about a week later, I suddenly found myself with more clients. Like... a lot more clients.

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“Hey RD! Come pick me up at the ’Acres at seven. We’re goin’ on a date tonight.”


Applejack seems determined, Rainbow Dash tries to catch up.

Original Story idea by Tchernobog and Steel Resolve.
Title, pre-reading/editing assistance, and an apple cart full of awesome ideas courtesy of Tchernobog.
Post edit pre-reading by Zaphod.

Proudly part of bookplayer's AppleDash Primer; Featured on Equestria Daily 10/09/13

Scene markers were created from these.

Original vector by Are-you-jealous modified with permission.

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