• Published 20th May 2019
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A Pony Named Nope - Nyerguds

In an unremarkable city, in an unremarkable hospital, to two unremarkable ponies, a filly was born. A filly who was all too remarkable. A filly who radiated Destiny, and Adventure. Her parents did not approve.

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Nope 01: Nope and the Alicorn Effect

When the filly was born, everypony realized something special had happened.

There was the fact she had a horn, while neither of her parents had one.

And then, there was the fact she had wings, too, again, like neither of her parents.

"An alicorn?" the mother said, sagging back on her hospital bed. "Oh, no."

"Now, dear, these things are known to happen," the father assured her. "She's just a... pegasus-unicorn. Not some sort of—"

"Look at her hair!" the mother exclaimed, and the father went silent. There was no denying the hair. A newborn baby's mane and tail are not supposed to look like several hundreds of bits were spent on styling it. And it flowed. Like an invisible wind in slow-motion breezing through it, sparkling all along the length of the hair.

"She's a protagonist!" the mother wailed. "I can't handle this! I can't raise a child like that!"

"Now, dear..." the father started, but he was cut off.

"No! You know how these things go! Look at what happened to Ponyville after the Princess' student moved in! Nightmare Moon, parasprites, dragon attacks... and when they visited Canterlot for the Royal Wedding? Then everything went wrong there!"

"It'll be all right," the father assured her, half-heartedly. "We don't have an Everfree Forest around here for hundreds of miles!"

The mother shook her head. "I- I can't stay with this child."

"Please, honey," the father said, trying to calm her down. "Think of the consequences! You'll give her a tragic backstory! That's not helping at all!"

The mother blinked, and sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry."

They looked around, and saw a whole flock of nurses pressed against the room's window, admiring the newborn.

"Ohh!", the mother said, frustrated. "It's already starting! See?"

"I'll fix it," the father said. He grabbed a pair of scissors with his mouth, and before the horrified nurses, he cut off the baby's beautiful, flowing mane with a couple of rough cuts.

It didn't work. Her hair seemed to curve to accentuate the rough cuts, which gave the filly a cut that would probably be describable as "daring", "modern", "stylish" and other such nonsense. The point was, it didn't look, in any way, bad.

The father sighed, and opened the window to get some fresh air. In the evening sky, a faint green glimmer was visible in the distance. He squinted his eyes, and saw it was some kind of swirling portal thing.

"Oh, come on!" he said as he slammed the window shut. Several dozen breezies flattened against it. "That's it. We're leaving."

"You can't just leave!" one of the nurses yelled as she ran after the couple. She caught up with them just as they reached the building's exit. "The child needs to have a name, first!"

The father frowned. "Nope."

"What?" the nurse asked, dumbfounded.

"Nope. I'll name her 'Nope'."

"That's not a name for a filly like that! I'd even say, it's not a name at all!"

"No...ble, P...inions," the father finally said. "Good enough for you?"

The nurse gave him a suspicious look. "You just made that up so you could call her 'Nope', didn't you?"

The father turned around and followed his wife out of the hospital building. Before closing the door behind him, he turned to the nurse and smiled.


Author's Note:

Alright, so this is a bit of silliness I actually wrote years ago, in 2014... but I never quite knew where to take it, since it's just a silly whimsical thing, without any structure, point, or conclusion. But, still... it's a fun little ride, even if I only wrote four chapters. So I wrote slightly better endings to the last two chapters, expanded some bits here and there, and decided to go ahead and post it.