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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


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Eee! So happy you posted!

Ponies on the breadboard? That's a sanitation hazard! Who knows where those hooves have been? :rainbowwild:

Of course, Rarity would make sure they were operating in accordance with her standards of cleanliness.

I never thought the day would come that I would add a "nonfiction" subdirectory to my fimfiction folder.

Heartwarming:heart: story.

I can tell it's fiction. The child gets into the bathtub without dire threats and admonishments.

Or maybe it really is true. I didn't hear the water running.
Parent: Did you get into the tub!
Child: Yes!
Parent: Are you all dry now!
Child: Yes!
Parent: I'll be up to tuck you into bed in a minute.


He's actually good about bath time. Going to bed, on the other hand...


I remember using this trick a few times in my own youth.

When I won the Famous Last Words writeoff, I posted that to Facebook and my dad saw it and read the story, though he didn't make the connection that it was fanfiction. He thought it was interesting that I decided to tell a story about anthropomorphic horses. I don't know if I should correct him or not.

Your story was adorable. I'm nowhere near ready to have my own kids, but if I do I hope I can have fun with them like this.

Dawwwww! That's the cutest thing I've ever read!

AJ is my fave too! I bet he'll be an AJ lover for a while. I have a brother about 8 years old, who, no joke, has a little crush on Rarity!

Aaw, this is adorable! :raritywink:

Do you sometimes call him Spike? :trollestia:

I don't normally say this about things involving children, but that was really cute :twilightsmile:

Don't get how you can be in the stable when your wife already knows about you writing and reading fanfiction. You can't get much lower than that! :derpytongue2: It'd be pretty damn funny, and not at all surprising, if you came out only for her to reveal that she already knew

5155966 She read a de-ponified version of "Pilgrimage." Since then, she's also seen de-ponified versions of "In Bloom" and "Veneer," as well as a slightly redacted version of this story. But "Pilgrimage" came before she'd seen much of the show. I suspect that if she went back and read it again, she'd easily identify "Addie" and "Allison" as Applejack and Apple Bloom. It's the only one she's read with prominent show characters in it.

Kids are fascinating, are they not? How long before he realizes he's playing with toys for (:pinkiegasp:) girls (:pinkiesick:) and pretends not to like them, and you peek into his room every now and then to catch him playing with them in secret? But he's not really playing with them, no! They just fell off the shelf (on the complete opposite side of the room) and he's putting them back (while sitting cross-legged on the floor). That's right, uh-huh.

This was adorable. I wish I had a cute kid to share ponies with. My close friends and family know I'm a Brony, but none have the stereotypical disdain for it, just indifference, thankfully.

That said, I think you should tell your wife the truth about your hobby at some point. You're already married and have a kid, what's the worst that could happen? And what would Applejack say if she knew you've been hiding it all this time? I'm sure she'll understand.

Oh, and you also totally need to show this story to the child in question 10 years from now. It'll probably embarrass him something fierce. :pinkiecrazy:

That was amazing. And so heartwarming. That's so wonderful! I hope you continue to have lots of fun with your son playing with his pony toys :heart:

Almost unfairly adorable. I'm glad I finally read this.

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