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Princess Twilight Sparkle has overseen peace and prosperity throughout Equestria for as long as ponies can remember. During a quiet evening, Twilight tells the tale of her many adventures to her latest student and how she remembers her friends long passed.

But she can't tarry too long, for she has a long-overdue meeting to attend.

*Takes place a couple of centuries after the end FIM*

Edited by the absolutely fantastic Helping Hoof who helped tremendously in getting this story together.

Art is owned and created by kurogewapony All credit for it is belongs to them.

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A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that she cannot understand. She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence.

She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.

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Life has a weird way of messing with you. You might get screwed here or there, out a job, maybe a stab in the back, nothing you can't get back from. Then there are those times. The times you can't get back from within your wildest dreams. And the universe couldn't cut me a break and make the impossibility simple. Nope, didn't get to stay human, didn't get the luxury of being transmorgified into a pony, griffon, or other, I didn't even end up as an already established pony within the candyland of Equestria!

Nope, for me, I wake up not as Pinkie Pie, but instead inside the mind of Pinkie Pie. Back on the rock farm when she was a filly. My name ain't that important anymore, but Pinkie's taken to calling me Mena. And it's gonna be a long, windy, freaky road ahead, ain't it?


[Tags will be updated if need be. Dark tag there for overall and reoccurring themes. And while it's not enough to warrant the tag there may be adventure elements from time to time. Critique is welcome and I hope you enjoy!]

Holy cow, featured on day/night one! Thank you muchly so everybody!

9/19/2023: Overall grammar overhaul for existing chapters.

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A journey north along the Neighagra River leads a unicorn and his pegasus wife to the isolated agricultural settlement of Flora Fields. A sudden flood traps some of the earth ponies and their families on a nearby hill with no way to escape. With no other option, the townsfolk turn to the visitors for help. And so a lovely research trip turns into a terror-filled night where lives are on the line.

This story is part of The Quicksilver Chronicles, a series of stories that follow the adventures of Quicksilver and Misty as they make their way through whatever fate throws at them.

Cover art by 108Fiona8Fay.

Thanks to my pre-readers OConnerGT-R, mikemeiers, and FionaF. With a special thanks to my editor EverfreePony.

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After losing his last relative, Will is stuck in despair and sadness, only wishing to have a new family. And he's getting one, one that will never leave him.
His wish granted and ready for a new start, Will is purged from the sadness of his old life by accepting to lose some of his memories and is no longer human, in a strange new land with two brothers that will never leave him alone. Literally.

Death Tag for the prologue.

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All rulers eventually reach a point where they must take a life to save the realm. If a ruler is just, they will never know when it will happen, and will never do it lightly. Still, such actions are necessary. Princess Celestia knows this, and has given this lesson many times.

You can find a YouTube reading of this story here!

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Princess Celestia spends time taking care of a familiar sick little filly, and along the way, learns a lesson mothers - blood or not - all one day learn.

Took inspiration from Melt, go check it out - it was adorable!

Featured No.2 on 22/08/21, and No.1 on 23/08/21! Thanks guys!

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After the Equestrian invasion and the death of Emperor Amore V at the hooves of the pegasi. His son, Amore VI, seeks to regain his lost territory, but first, he must stabilize his position and restore balance.

However, Pyotr Wrangel, Sergei Mosin, Sergey Markov, Mikhail Drozdovsky, and Maria Bochkareva appear to have other ideas...

Credit to Radical Centrist for the backstory as well as for his permission
Set in an alternate Iron Chancellor universe as per his request
And, everything up to what he has written recently is cannon in this story, but this story is not apart of his plot

I have decided to wait until I have better source material

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This story is a sequel to A New Friend

Ten thousand years have passed since the golden age of ponykind collapsed and the horror of Old Night fell across the galaxy. Equus itself is now but a shadow of the shining beacon it once was.

The rulers of that golden age are long vanished, and few believe them to be anything more than myth and legend if they existed at all.

But one mare means to change that. None know her name, but none can deny her prowess or ability to lead. All will one day call her by a simple title. The Empress.

In her heart though, the Empress, the mare once known as Twilight Sparkle, will carry that title even though she feels she does not deserve it.

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It started when they first met. A growing flame that began to burn in their hearts. It was unknown to them what this flame was, but it grew stronger as they got older and their feelings moved on from friendship to something else. Some fires grow slowly, but when given time they burn more passionate and brighter then any volcano.

Edited by CommanderX5 and roker12

Just a small series of chapters (no less then a thousand words) of a new ship I like a lot.

Now with a TV Tropes Page

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