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King Sombra’s dark influence was obliterated by the Crystal Heart, and the villain is well and truly dead. But when he attempts to steal the afterlife of an innocent victim, a human spirit is left hurtling towards Equestria, where this unfortunate soul is revived into the only vessel available: the reconstituted body of King Sombra himself.

Thus, a cheerfully oblivious alien is crammed into the form of the most evil and malicious being Equestria has ever known. Not that Shining Armor and Cadence know this, of course. As far as they are concerned, the King is back and he’s lost his fricking mind.

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A millennium ago, give or take, Princesses Celestia and Luna were nearly defeated by the most powerful villain that they had ever faced, Grogar, the dreaded lord of Tambelon. Thanks only to the whims of random chance, the two princesses survived that encounter, but have been forced to live in fear of the time of his inevitable return. That time is now...

...But whatever revival was intended has gone a little... wrong. Behind the wheels of Grogar's body is the spirit of a slightly extremely eccentric human. Equestria would have been lucky to survive the real Grogar, but will the ponies fare any better with this loon ruling Tambelon?

Sex Tag For Sexy Times Reasons, Gore Tag For Gorey Time Reasons.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

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Pandinus Imperator (You can call him Pan, he won't mind) is knocked back in time during the Canterlot Invasion, and accidentally kills King Sombra on arrival. Instead of being executed, the changeling is surprised to find himself being hailed as a hero, and is promptly put on the throne as the new monarch, the Crystal Emperor. However, Pan now faces a great many problems, among them Celestia and Luna, who seem certain that the changeling is secretly up to no good, as well as several political factions secretly plotting to undermine his reign. There's also the tiny problem of the constant snowstorm that threatens to cut the city off from the outside world permanently.
The Crystal Ponies need a hero now more than ever before. Why did they get a changeling instead?

We Has A TvTropes.

While not truly a part of Bucking Nonsense's Changeling-Verse, the same rules regarding changeling abilities and society apply.

Cover image provided by gabapple, used with permission.

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Ocellus wakes Gallus up, claiming to have solved the secret to painful Hearth's Warming Eve get-togethers through a reinvented version of old changeling tradition. He just needs to follow her back to the hive, and drink a goblet of bug magic mixed with his own blood, and relive his worst memory of the holidays.

This was written for GapJaxie as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Twilight Sparkle has read about about what she believes may be an ancient library deep within the Everfree Forest called Ravenspire and, friends in tow, she heads out to find it. However what she finds inside this place is a creature, ancient beyond reckoning, desperately clinging to memories of a time long past when the kingdoms of Chaos ruled and all paid homage to the Ruinous Powers.

Added the human tag for way later. Like around the end, for like a thousand words.

Down voted by Commander Ponysun, so you know it's good!

Now with 100% more Rorschach!

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Someone realizes that the dastardly trio would have more use doing a bit of community service, as opposed to having the three act as a pigeon roost for all eternity...

Kinks Include: A Fate Worse than Death

Artwork by CBTwi (Twitter @ColdBloodedTwi)

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Fluttershy takes care of an owl. She knows what to do, but things don't always go as planned.

Reason for gore tag: Character sustains a serious but non-fatal injury.

Edited 3/7/2021: Gave the owl a name.

Featured 2/5/2021!

Featured on Equestria Daily 3/23/2021. Thanks to 63.546 for pre-reading!

Included in the Equestria Daily fanfic list for Fluttershy Day 2021.

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After many years of Twilight being on the throne and leading Equestria, Spike has been no stranger to celebrating Hearth's Warming. However, this year Hearth's Warming feels different for him. As he contemplates what exactly is different, Shining Armor listens. And gives him the answer to his question.

This was a Breezie Story written for Jake The Army Guy as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Minuette has an imaginary friend. At least, that's what everypony else thinks.

When ten-year-old magic student Minuette comes into possession of an antique vanity mirror, she is surprised to discover there is a creature living inside: A bug pony with big fangs and glowing eyes. Most little foals would probably be scared of such a creature, but not Minuette. Armed with a cheerful smile, she decides to befriend the bug in her mirror and uncover the mystery behind his bewildering predicament.

It's just such a shame that nopony else can see him.

First Act Edited by Mister Hypothetical

Second act and on edited by Xanni & Brony2005

This story is part of 'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, whose other entries include The Bug in The Herd, The Bug in The Basement, and The Bug in The Cave. You do not need to read any of these previous stories to enjoy this one, as they are not directly connected.

Inspiration for this story comes directly from this fine individual right here.

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Legions bow before him! His name is whispered in terrified awe by even the greatest of clans and all know that none among the Horned Rat's children are as favoured as the magnificent Greyseer Thanquol (according to him, at least). His latest plan is ready to come to fruition and the stupid elf-things will face the unmatched might of the skaven horde, led by the equally unmatched genius of Thanquol of course.

Obviously the original plan needed some alteration. He actually meant to come to this strange land full of filthy sunlight and cheerful equines, he did! It's all part of his plan, that's right, and everyone else is just too stupid to realise its genius. None understand the brilliant master plan an intellect of his caliber produced. Yes, Greyseer Thanquol will let these pony-things teach him their secret magic and when he has learned all he can, improved by skaven ingenuity, he will use it to enslave their kind and return to Skavenblight at the head of an army!

He just needs to decide whether Luna or Celestia will make a better mount from which to gloat. Oh, and work out how their "Friendship Magic" but it will be Thanquol's!

A Warhammer Fantasy crossover, obviously. ON HIATUS unlike I get the feels for writing it back.

An experiment that I'll update in bite-sized chapters written when I need to let off some steam by writing a short and simple piece that amuses me. And nothing amuses me like Thanquol.

Will add tags as they become valid.

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