• Published 19th Jan 2012
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Ravenspire - Imperius

Twilight's read stories about an ancient library deep in the Everfree Forest and sets out to find it

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Story Time

Fate Weaver sat in his tower musing on his little adventure to Canterlot a few days past. He chuckled as he remembered the events of that night, he hadn't had that much fun in decades. No feeling in the world could compare to that of watching a masterfully wrought scheme come to fruition.

Celestia had not yet visited him since the Gala and he took that as a sign that she was angry with him. At least he hoped that's what it meant, it would add some much needed variety to her next visit. Normally she just came to talk and keep him company, occasionally to ask for advice, sometimes to vent about the pressures of leadership, always it was dull.

He missed the old days when two little fillies would bound into his tower so full of energy and eager to learn. But those days were long past, thousands of years past in fact. His little fillies had grown up into powerful and loved leaders. Well at least one of them had. He wasn't really sure what had become of little Luna after the whole Nightmare Moon fiasco had been resolved. She hadn't visited him since she was freed from the moon, perhaps he should go out and visit her for a change.

His thoughts eventually wandered to the six ponies who had visited him not so long ago. He thought of the looks on their faces as he gave them permission to borrow books from the library and smiled. Perhaps he could recapture that feeling again if they decided to stick around. He thought of one in particular; the unicorn, Twilight. She would make a fine student, it was almost a shame she already belonged to Celestia.

The only other magic user in the group was Rarity and she had very little interest in magic beyond what was required for her dress making. But it mattered little to him, so long as they wanted to learn he would teach them, magic or mundane. Anything to break up the monotony of eternity. Only one being since the great cataclysm had ever truly engendered any feeling of companionship within the ancient raven, but he was long gone. Celestia never did like sharing the spotlight.

As his mind wandered he expanded his perception beyond himself and idly grasped for the familiar sensation of the Immaterium, it was a reflexive and almost unconscious action. As always it was just beyond his reach, oh what he would give to once more feel the embrace of the Sea of Souls. His master had done quite the job of severing the two worlds. In truth, though, the bond between the Warp and reality could never truly be broken, but the Materium was now so saturated in Warp energy that it was nearly impossible to feel the boundaries.

It was a sobering thought to know that he was the only remaining being in existence that remembered how it felt to feel those otherworldly currents. And as such he was the only being in existence who had even the smallest of chances of reaching into the Immaterium again. It was an impossible feat to touch the Warp without having first been touched by it, one could more quickly expect a blind man to envision the color red. And gone were the days where the Warp would reach out and gift mortals with sight beyond sight. He mused on how even he with his great power could not reach far enough to pass through the barrier anymore. When he met his end, and he had no doubts that one day he would, the Warp would be lost forever. As would any chance of bringing back The Inevitable City.

He ended his train of thought there and quickly withdrew his mind back into himself. Down that path lay a melancholy he didn't feel like sinking into at this time. Perhaps he would read a book. Decision made he walked off to see if perhaps there was a book in his library that yet remained new to him. But before he could go far he felt the discharge of a teleportation spell.

"Oh dear, it looks like the jig is up." he said as he turned to face his guest, "Celestia, how are you my dear? I must say I'm surprised you didn't come sooner. How was the rest of the Gala?"

"Hello Weaver," Celestia said pleasantly, "despite your best efforts it was the most fun I've ever had at the Gala."

"Oh? I had been under the impression that chaos wasn't really your thing."

"Well yes but the Gala is always so dreadfully boring. I've been inviting you all these years in the hopes that you'd come and do exactly what you did, it really livened the night up. Even Twilight and her friends loved it. She told me they were having a horrible time up until you showed up and worked your magic."

"Well, well, well." he chuckled, "That certainly wasn't what I'd intended, but I'll take it. It's always good to show young ponies the practical application of a little chaos."

"Yes, you always did have a talent for demonstrating the value of what it was you wanted to teach." Celestia agreed.

"Luna didn't think so." he muttered.

"Don't take it personally, Weaver, you were an excellent teacher. She just wasn't the best student."

As Luna had grown older she had become less and less interested in the lessons he had to teach. She withdrew more and more until all she ever did was obsess over her night sky. He had suspected that she was feeling underappreciated and overshadowed by her older sister, though he never acted upon it, content to let things play out as they would. He often regretted that decision.

Weaver sighed, "Where did I go wrong with her? She used to be such a happy little filly."

"It wasn't your fault." Celestia insisted, "If anyone is to blame it's myself. I should have seen what I was doing to her."

"How has little Luna been since she got back from the moon? I heard she went straight back to her old antics."

"I'm afraid so." Celestia sighed, "But Twilight and her friends managed to use the Elements of Harmony to stop her."

"Oh dear." he said quietly, "They didn't... she's not...?"

"Don't worry," Celestia assured him, "she doesn't share his fate. The Elements managed to redeem her, they turned her back into her old self, back before she became Nightmare Moon."

Weaver sighed with relief. "That's wonderful news, the last thing I need is to lose another one of you."

"Weaver, is something on your mind?" Celestia asked.

"What ever do you mean, my dear?" Weaver replied.

"You've been like this for months. You don't usually express things like... well, regret or concern."

"Ah yes, I've just been thinking about home a lot lately. I suppose you could say I've come down with a spell of homesickness."

"Oh Weaver, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?" Celestia asked, concerned for her friend.

"Not unless you know of a way to drag The Inevitable City back out of he Warp." he said.

"Well then I'm afraid I won't be of much use to you in that respect." she said, "And I don't think your master would approve of that."

"We're all allowed our little irrational desires. I seem to recall a little filly who wanted to learn magic so she could make cotton candy clouds that rained chocolate milk." he said smirking as Celestia blushed at the embarrassing memory, "Though I suppose that's a tad less threatening to existence than my one."

"Well if there's anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask. You gave me the world when I was young, I'll do whatever I can to repay you."

"Well if you're offering I think I'd fancy a stroll around the Canterlot Sculpture Garden."

Celestia frowned. "Weaver, you know I can't let you in there. Your presence alone could upset everything."

"Ah, well it was worth a try, I suppose." he sighed, "Well I dearly wish to see little Luna again, do you think you could have her come visit me some time?"

"Of course, Weaver. As soon as I return to Canterlot I'll pass on the message."

"You have my gratitude, my dear. I suppose I'll see you later then?"

"Oh no, you're not going to be free of me that quickly." she said with a wink.

"Oh really? Well don't make me guess, my dear, I'll just win." he said with a chuckle.

"Well... " she said, a blush coming to her cheeks, "I was wondering if perhaps you would tell me a story."

Weaver let out a long laugh. "A story, is it? You haven't come asking for story time since you were just a filly."

"I was feeling nostalgic." she said, "And since you seem to be feeling nostalgic too, I thought we could be nostalgic together."

"My dear, you certainly know how to make an old raven feel slightly less old."

Weaver banged his staff against the floor and teleported the two to a study deep within the tower containing a plush armchair and a fireplace complete with a roaring fire. Celestia curled up on the floor by the fire while Weaver sat in the chair and summoned a book.

"So what story will you be treating me to?" Celestia asked, so much like the filly Weaver remembered.

"Just an old story, a favorite of yours if I recall correctly. This is the tale of a man named Horus."


At Canterlot Palace a group of young and excited school ponies was led through the magnificent Canterlot Sculpture Garden. It was a beautiful day for a field trip and all the ponies were ecstatic about getting to spend the day outside. The teacher, Cheerilee, led them through the garden, pointing out different sculptures and explaining their meanings to her class, though not all paid much attention to her lengthy explanations.

Three such ponies were Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and Scootaloo, the self-proclaimed Cutie Mark Crusaders. Their attention span lasted only as long as the statues' meanings before the small group dissolved into conversations about how each statue could pertain to a way to acquire their cutie marks.

Soon the group reached the center-piece of the garden, whereupon Cheerilee asked the students what they thought the statue symbolized. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were unsurprisingly the first to throw in their two bits.

"Confusion!" Applebloom exclaimed.

"Evil!" Sweetie Belle yelled, pushing aside Applebloom.

"Chaos!" Scootaloo said, shoving Sweetie Bell out of the way.

Naturally, neither of the three liked the idea of being wrong, and so set out to disprove the others in the only definitive way. Namely fighting and name calling.

Cheerilee shook her head as the three fillies once again broke into a maelstrom of hooves and harsh words. Attention diverted by the brawl going on, none of them noticed the gentle pulsing coming from within the statue that began the moment of the fight. Meanwhile Cheerilee moved to diffuse the situation.

"Actually, in a way you're all right." she began, causing the three fillies to settle down, "This statue represents Discord, which means 'a lack of harmony between ponies.' In fact, you three have demonstrated Discord so well that you're each going to write me an essay explaining it"

The three fillies' hearts sank at her words and the other students giggled at their misfortune.

"Now let's go," Cheerilee said, leading the ponies away from the statue, "and I don't want anymore fighting."

The Crusaders fell in with the crowd, but continued to argue amongst themselves in loud whispers.

"I still say it's confusion!"

"No, it's evil!"

"It's so totally chaos!"

As the ponies walked away the pulsing within the statue increased and a crack began to form running the length of a statue. As the crack forked out around the statue a malevolent laughter began to emanate from within it.