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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions.

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3 shorts will be presented in this first volume, each one with around 1000 words, each scenario will be relating of Sunlight Blaze daily routine when he is not fighting crime, in funny ways....

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What if Sunlight and Sunset were not sent in the DC universe, But instead in the world of Pokemon?

This third volume will take place in this fabulous universe, where the two protagonist found themselves separated when they wake up, in the middle of this new world. They will each on their sides live their own adventures, make a lot of friends and do a lot of Pokemon battles.

(Note: This volume is not a sequel of the volume 2, but a "what if" instead. You probably know that Sunlight acquired new powers during his adventures in the DC universe, but they wont be included in the volume 3. The reason is that this volume is a...well...a alternative sequel of the first volume. In the volume 3, Sunlight and Sunset never lived the adventures of the second volume. A little bit like an alternative timeline, if you prefer. Both protagonist will be reduced to their powers of the Volume 1.)

Hope that made the things clear for you. Side note: I will publish the chapters one by one, so please don't read just one time this story. If i can, one chapter a day, until i decide that Volume is finished.

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Sunlight Blaze was happy with his life. He had powers, magic, money and friends, but most important, A sister he finally retrieved. But one night, he felt a void in his heart, a need for adventures and wished to live an extraordinary adventure, the adventure of his life. He woke up the next morning in the middle of a unknown place at the sides of his sister. But this is only the beginning because soon, They discover soon they are in a world full of superheroes and supervillains, full of mysteries and dangers. They will live extraordinary adventures with the most famous heroes like the Teen Titans (From the DC Animated Movies storyline) Batman, Superman, The rest of the justice League, visiting place going from Atlantis to the terrifying Apokolips , Oa, Themyscira and more. There is the most ambitious crossover i wrote yet and it will be filled with lot of action.

P.S: Sorry for the picture. I couldn't find an image with the logo of Mlp: EG and DC comics.

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Sunlight Blaze is a Unicorn who had the chance to witness every adventures of the Mane 6 when he was still a colt. He was greatly inspired in the past by Twilight when she and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon and since this time, studied magic. He discover in him a talent for crafting and learning and his parents send him to the school of magic of Canterlot so he could develop his true potential, then at the School of Friendship. But many years later, when Twilight finally take the place of Celestia and Luna on the throne, Sunlight Blaze is a grown up stallion with the desire of using his magic to be a hero. So begin his fantastic adventure across Equestria and beyond.

(Extra information: The cover picture is the image of Sunlight's Cutie Mark)

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Sunrise Freezer was during 3000 years the most famous hero and erudite of the pony world. Spending these 3 millenniums to save the world and developing the secrets of the Magic. But all good things end one day; Sunrise was one day sealed and condemned to be forgotten forever by a powerful magician jealous of him. But he got free after 2000 years, discover everypony have forgotten him and vowed to do anything necessary to regain his past fame.

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