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Wow, you kinda crashed that plotline like a train into a solid iron wall. Like, no joke, you made this the most awkward fic with those letters to eachother between Babs Seed and Applebloom. However, it was funny and I couldn't help but poke a bit of fun at it. I say it's a good humor fic, but not a sexy one. Good job.


Well that "Train" as you called it is gonna break through a couple more solid brick walls and it's called "The hilarity express" and is going to pit-stop at the incest depot along the way!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:


Will do when i wake up later!:twilightsmile:

So far so good. I look forward to seeing what you do with this story. Keep up the great writing!

That would make for the most awkward commute ever...

i wonder if scootaloo and or sweetie belle will be in this.

Ah, Deathsia and filly-comedy-clop, goes together like peanut butter and jelly,,,and porn. :pinkiehappy:

I laughed so much at this, I gotta see how AB deals with Babs.

Set course for another story to follow captain! :pinkiehappy:

Wow... I feel like the plot just jumped out of the computer, glued my head to the carpet and proceeded to bash my head in with a garden hoe. Then, the hilarity of the fic made it all better. Definitely following this one!

Applebabs clopfic?
My only reaction to this:

Behold the poniefied version of sexting! Damn this gun b gud!

:rainbowlaugh: oh my gosh thats just great.



This gone be good!

I usually don't read Bab seed clop but when I do I read this one :raritystarry:

This Like all your of fics are good to read looking forward to more.

Well Applebloom is screwed. Pun intend? Maybe.

But is there fighting in the war room?

Wow, awkward:twilightoops:
I can't wait to see how this goes:rainbowlaugh:

It really bugs me that you keep misspelling "minutes".

Scootaloo likes Babs threesome swag

OMG this is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: I'm curious to see what happens next!

One thing though. If Babs calls AJ "Aunt Applejack," that means that AJ is Apple Bloom's mother... :applejackconfused:


Lol technicalities i swear.:rainbowwild:

Since the apple family is so large, i figured since babs was closer with Applebloom's family than the others she would use a more enduring term for Applejack than just "cousin"

Looks like Applebloom's gonna have to take one for the other team. Gigiddy.

oh yeahhhhhh time for some babs and bloom lovin lol. I kinda wonder just what the pictures she sent looked like and how she was able to take them. I mean any good ones of her ya know like in a wolf costume? hehehe. I'd say I feel bad for poor bloom seeing as she is my fave crusader but honestly i don't i'm all for cousins getting to know each other better, heck maybe scoots and sweetie can hold the camera and video recorder for them.

i LOVE scootaloo's feelings towards this whole thing, but I am disappointed in bloom, would it of killed her to give scoots a picture, and would it kill her to atleast try and make out with babs? hehe tho ya know maybe if she hooks her up with scoots then bloom can get off scott free while scoots and babs get each other off ^^

and AJ thinking bloom is hiding a dildo lol that is so hilarious, if she only knew then she'd REALLY not want to know hehe

wow talk about bone headed idea's. but at least the near death experience has given hope to the kissing cousins.... and maybe scootaloo's threesome (we all know she's cloping to thoughts of AB and babs lol). I hope this isn't almost over but seeing as they have only 1 day left it appears this will be a short series, unless babs can some how talk her parents into making it the entire season.

2424436 Maybe the story doesn't cover just the weekend but lasts much longer? Who knows? :twilightsmile:

Silver out!

Yay! Anther fantastic chapter! Love it!:heart:

Okay, this is adorable, but can you do me a favor... Find all replace Applebloom with Apple Bloom, thar with there, ah with Ah, and meh with me. Just do that and the whole thing will be more readable.


Getting critic'd on my use of country slang...that's new!:twilightoops:

But Yeah, I can see what you mean by that. mostly confusion on punctuation on my part. I always thought that since it was said with two letters instead of one that the caps rule didn't apply despite them saying "I" as "Ah" regarding the slang use of the word "thar" for "there", that was me laying on the country accent thick, guess it was too thick? meh, i'll consider changing that in the future. My only thought is that I always thought Apple Bloom's name was typed as "Applebloom" as a whole word instead of two.:rainbowhuh:

2424663 I use Ah in the beginning of sentences and sometimes in the middle. I don`t really know what to do with I`m so I try Ah`m, but it looks weird. I typically use Ah am. As for meh and thar, just think of what Applejack or Apple Bloom would say while talking. Meh is actually a really word that you are using incorrectly. It is this:

expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm

Some people use it as a feeling, for example: :ajbemused: Meh! As for the Applebloom/Apple Bloom issue, it depends on personal preference. I use Apple Bloom. So thar is fine if that`s what you like, ah is fine if you think it looks normal, Applebloom is fine and meh is the only one that is used incorrectly. That guy was just being picky.

2424701 Well, Apple Bloom is how her name is done in canon, I don't think it's too picky to ask that it be spelled the same way the show does. The other suggestions were just that, suggestions. The southern accent is something you can easily overdo to the point of making things unreadable, so toning it back might be good. As for Ah, to my mind if you are accenting a proper word you treat it as that word. So it's
I I'll I'm I've
Ah Ah'll Ah'm Ah've

Another minor thing, the letters. AB goes to school, so does Babs. They may say things with an accent but that doesn't mean they write with an accent.

2424732 I haven`t actually read the story, I usually read the comments before the story. I know for a fact that you wouldn`t write with an accent. As for the Apple Bloom thing, it is a personal preference. It could say Apple Bloom everywhere, but if you think that it is or should be one word then you can use it. I said the picky thing because a kind person would never in a million years go to a story that someone has worked hard on and critique them on the way they choose to write an accent! You could point out a major spelling error if it would benefit the person, but flat out saying that they messed up the accent is rude. So, you continue being picky about stories and hurting people`s feelings. Whatever dude.

That moment where you're reading a clopfic like this, the number of views is 666, and you could care less:pinkiecrazy:

2424760 I'm uncertain how giving someone a suggestion on how to improve their story is "making them feel bad." I like the story, I just saw a couple ways it could be a bit better. I think you might be doing the author a disservice by saying doing something wrong is fine. How will they ever improve that way?

Not bad, not bad. You've got talent, kid. But you've also got a lot of work ahead of you.:coolphoto:

Wait wait wait... Plothole. You said the Applebloom showed Applejack the letter to explain that
Babs was coming over. Which is quite odd considering how obviously suggestive like 90% of the
letter was and Applejack would of figured out the "secret" right away.

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