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Comment posted by The Guardian and Friends deleted Dec 30th, 2014

Once again, awesome story, dude. :ajsmug: Thanks for allowing me to edit this!

9/10 would read again.

I'd read this again, that was well...intense.

The only apparent anthro-ness here is cutie marks, everything else might as well be a human fic with a penchant for calling people mares and stallions.


No, they have pony faces and bodies (hindhooves) as well. The humanness is mostly the genitalia and fingers.

Maybe so, but that didn't come across in the fic so much.

5439719 As a quick question, did you still enjoy the story even though you didn't feel it as very anthro?

It changed how I pictured them in my mind but it didn't change how I thought of the story.
You've got a very well executed lead in to the erotica, to the point where I prefer the plot over the sex. The sex itself was ok but not great.

5440279 Ironically, there was a moment there where I actually thought about cutting it. However, that would have also killed my ability to rightfully claim this as a romance. Besides, this was partially written as a gift to my editor, and she demanded sex happen.

There could have been other ways to end it while still making it a romance, since it doesn't take sex to define a relationship. There are a small number of AppleSeed fics out there that aren't rated mature.
But if someone wants some Bloom in their Seeds, I'm not about to argue. I like the ship too.

5440322 Same here, and I know clop was not the only way this could have ended, but it was the only way I had imagined it, even back when it was a stupid clopshot of all the CMC comparing breast sizes and then sleeping together. And yes, that is how THIS started out as. Yay for living up to my name.


No one cares, faggot.

5440385 Says the red and black alicorn. What, were you trying to be ironic?

Ha, you thought there might be something important here!:rainbowlaugh:

The doors had already shut the doors

Double doors.

The two held the kiss for but a moment before Apple Bloom broke slightly away and muttered, “But we’re cousins.” Babs paused for a moment as fear raced through her. “I… I don’t care. I love you.”

This should be two paragraphs. One speaker per paragraph is the old rule of thumb.


Is this a feature of anthro characters? Just kidding.

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bet ya thought there was something here for ya, didn't ya? Nope (Giggity)your ah dork for checking this small thing after i did that...

Should say incest too as they are cousins

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