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Fox in a Box


Now... you may be thinking. How is this even possible? That is a positively silly idea. Well, I am just here to tell you, that you are probably correct.

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Demons are mean ones.

Eh, poor rhyme, but you asked.

This will be funnier if Mac becomes a mare somewhere along the way.

Lol, I just commented somewhere not to long ago that big mac seems to be one of those that never gets hit with the alicorn stick, I also like how you managed to get past that little issue of the big red brutes dialog barrier.

I think I will wait a bit farther down the line before I settle on a fav but I will thumb this up and keep a watch on it.

That was a rather, creative and interesting way of explaining the incoming zaniness.
Not to mention the sheer bluntness of the "demon." That really caught me off guard.
Add into the fact that it is BIG MACINTOSH who will be undergoing "Alicornification" instead of one of the Mane 6...
...or some other side character...
This will be interesting.

Now, as for grammar and spelling errors...

...dang. Good job.

okay... give me moar please

1960185 The thing is, the rhyme is supposed to be used to see demons in a positive light. So demons can't be bad!

Also, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

1960190 :ajsmug:

1960258 ANOTHER!

1960370 Certainly, thanks for keeping track!

1960385 Interesting is the word. Yes. That's the word, no doubt.

1960394 Oh hay! I'll be certain to ask!

1960405 Your wish will be granted!

1960423 Done and done!

1960444 Thanks for your interest!

1960504 :trollestia:

Someone should do a big mac becomes an alicorn in a similar manner of seriousness to Appletheosis or something (or one of the other AJ alicorn fics. To be honest he'd fit it more (in my mind an immortal would be very quiet, only speaking when necessary or when they feel the energy too, very world weary and soft spoken, also understanding of where he fits in in the grand scheme of things) in my opinion better than Jappleack. Would love a fic like that. Thought this looks like it has some promise for interesting entertainment.

this looks AWESOME:rainbowkiss: cant wait for more:twilightsmile:

please write more tomorrow?


I had to click when I saw the title, and boy, was it worth it.
That was just excellent. The writing is excellent, the concept is excellent, the dialogue is excellent, everything is excellent.
I'm looking forwards to seeing more excellence. :twilightsmile:

One small grammatical error, though:

which struck the trees and cast long, dark shadows across the short green grass.

You'd put casted here, rather than cast. Cast is the correct past tense of cast.

Wow, the first story of it's kind or so far as I know. Interesting concept, I like it.

funtasteek und manufeek! :rainbowlaugh:

1960616 I could see that. I could see that. I couldn't really go into a long fic such as that for this, but that would be good.

1960696 It's going to be fun!

1960772 lol the new chapter won't come out tomorrow but soon!

1960773 Alicorns! :twistnerd:

1960911 Goodness, thanks so much for reading! I'm happy you enjoy it so far!

1961154 Thanks for the correction! And for the read as well :ajsmug:

1961217 Thanks!

1961478 Thank you!

Wow, I like that demon, he seems fun, I would allow him to put a curse on me, as long as it isn't painful.

1962394 It isn't painful as long as you fall asleep.


I have literally no idea what the curse is gonna be! It's so suspenseful!

I mean, being an alicorn automatically makes you a Princess, right? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

This will be interesting... mostly because I'm curious what your going to do with it. I always end up with romantic comedy when I think about it.

Good luck.

1960185 I'd rather him to just himself...but as an Alicorn! Think of how all the mares, even the Princesses would react! They would instantly crown him King!:pinkiecrazy:

This won't end well... :eeyup:

I'll be waiting on the update here and reserve judgement until then. Soliciting favorable reviews and favorites has put me off being lenient however. You're going to have to earn that thumbs up, buster.

1963587 :trollestia:

1963960 Shhhhhhh...

1964051 Good luck is a phrase that I'll need particularly, thank you.

1964164 Oh man... CelestiaMac... the possibilities...

1964208 No. :heart:

1964653 That is completely fair, thank you for your interest :ajsmug:

This fic has 111 thumbs up, and ZERO thumbs down! That's unbelievable!

Mac could only nod his head in the manner of an old and dysfunctional rocking chair.

I'm just loving the metaphors in your story, and the wording in general. Its like... cake... for the eyes.

That hay of stack reminds me of bominomicon:rainbowlaugh:

1967597 Must be a sign from the gods...

1967873 Gee, thanks! I truly appreciate that :heart:

1967898 I honestly don't know what that is...

Daemons are, uh... neato?

That is how I would think of myself as a daemon. You are pretty much immortal and you feed on symbiotic relationships with others. No need to be a dick about it right?

:trollestia: Possible Discord? And I can't wait to read more!

1968880 Heheh, we'll have to keep trying :ajsmug:

1969013 Right? I mean, there's no need to be so brash about things.

1969130 Haha, okay :derpytongue2:

1969203 Sounds good!

helllo DISCORD:twilightoops:
really though of ALL the ponies around the MLP universe Big Mac is probably the one least likely to buck shit up, thinks to much to do that, gentle giant that he is
waiting for more

“Hey there,” it said in a dark, cool voice that could very well make any a conceited mare swoon over it. That is, if the thing weren’t a hay bale.

I think that line made me laugh the most. Please continue! :trollestia:

1969664 Buck shit up? Oh no, Big Mac could never do that.

Wonder what an alicorn that doesn't talk is like. Oh, wait, shit, I'm writing it.

1969842 No reason demons can't engage in pleasant conversation. Or ladies. Either way, it is good.

Thanks for reading!

obvious discord is obvious...

only a discord fan would describe a demon as swoon worthy.

I think I've lost interest.

1971150 Definitely not a Discord fan, sir/madame, but thanks for reading :rainbowwild:


I'm cool with discord.

I just don't like the sucking of his giant hybrid cock.


Big Mac should be freaked by some freakey little known special ability that only Alicorns possess.

Big Mac: Um.. pardon me yer Highness, but why are there little green fellas following us around? And how come only we can see them?

Celestia: Oh, those are just leprechauns. They're invisible to everypony except alicorns.

Big Mac: But why are they following...

Celestia: They're attention whores. And we're the only ones that can see them. Word to the wise - it is best to pretend they don't exist. It discourages them and prevents you from looking crazy to your subjects. Luna attempted to prove that they existed a little over 1000 years ago. It didn't end well.

Big Mac: And the small fellas in yellow with the big scoops?

Celestia: Gnomes. All Alicorn excrement consists of approximately 3.8% gold. The gnomes like to collect it in the hope of making money. They've never really figured out how to extract and purify the gold though. Their business model at present is: Collect Alicorn Crap -> ? -> Profit

Big Mac: And the tiny tap dancin purple fellas?

Celestia: Those really don't exist and are most likely a hallucination brought on by stress.

Big Mac: Ah see.....


1971665 Gee, being an alicorn is MUCH harder than I thought it would be! :trollestia:

Outside his window, while he slept, a pair of unnatural eyes peered in. They drifted in the darkness disturbingly, appeared to smile radically into the room. They flitted there in the dark for a good while. Then, unsettlingly, a maniacal and ill-minded chortle bled through the thin window pane. The eyes dissipated, and a snake-like beast with wings and a dragon’s tail fled into the eerie blackness.



>Big Mac

You have my attention. Delightfully lighthearted so far! I require more Alimac :eeyup:

For some reason, the demon bale of hay has the voice of Joe Pesci when I read his lines in my head.

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