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So, has twilight never been in a bar., because she would have had at least a one night stand to her name if she had. She may be romantically retarded, but she’s still a princess.

He groaned. “Please tell me you didn’t sign me up for magical experiments when I die.”

“Of course I did. I’m going to stuff you and mount you like the rest of them. I’ll keep you in my personal collection of friends.”

……oh, that’s why she’s still a virgin.

Nice to see an entry by one of the judges

Yeah, she's a bit... odd. lol. I actually loved fleshing out this version of her character because it's... well... problematic.

Wait, I'm a judge? When did that happen? lol. I better tell Shakes!

When you said it was a non-entry I assumed that's what you meant

Your royalty. More importantly, mostly immortal royalty. You can pull a Greek god and just normalize incest among alicorns. Because let’s be honest, celestia and Luna are almost certainly fucking.

100%. They sort of realize this at the end. She's still coming to terms with the influence she has over the world. lol.

… they fuckin, aren’t they?

Shining and I have no idea what you're talking about.

Twilight, you neurotic fool. I know you have the emotional capacity of a pissy cat, but Jesus can you be anymore tone deaf?

She did say she was as romantically inclined as a duck...

I relate heavily to Twiight here
33 Virgin never had a gf/bf what have you also bad at reading people emotions and stuff so thi ls chapter hit me deep

I, uh, hope you don't relate to Twilight too much. (She might be into that)

I am Twilight in this fic Shitaki Mushrooms?!?! Even though I don't booze or toke or whatevs...:twilightoops:

Or should it be Twi is me this fic?!?!

The two of you are as pure as freshly fallen snow.

They’re all a hot mess and I love them for it.

I know, right? Thanks for the comment!
(Gotta work on the NSFW clop side story (They're a little fucked up.) now. lol.)

I mean... These are perfectly normal characters with no issues whatsoever. They definitely do not need any form of therapy. Nope. That's just not a thing they would need. Therapy is for characters/people with problems. These characters have no problems whatsoever. No issues. Nothing weird or strange or ince... uh... abnormal at all. Certainly no need for therapy. Not here. That wouldn't be a thing that these perfectly normal and absolutely not very broken characters need. Just don't ask about Star Tracker. That's not important to this conversation. And I'm sure they weren't admitting to murder. That's not something they'd do here, on a story board discussion post section. And it was just a, uh, maybe not a murder. It's fine. Everybody is fine. send help

This is simultaneously funny as fuck-that's a good thing-and is feeling like it's gonna be a car crash comparable to the climax of the Blues brothers. And now I hope you know of the Blues Brothers, Tails. :D I wish I could continue this tonight, but must pause until tomorrow. Looking forward to this! :D

well, there was a lot of build up that either went down the drain, or this was a red herring. kinda frustrated at that, sickened too. I am familiar with NTR, but this is like depressing

i hate NTR, this one makes more nauseous. like this one was really bad. She worked him up, said they;d talk, turned around and ducked another thought it was okay to just... god, I am only finishing this at this point for a conclusion.

I am glad I finished, but this was super painful and jeeze... nausea

That said, that your work brought that feeling out and the same conclusions were brought up, I can happily say that this was fairly well thought out.

Also the nausea you brought me is a further marker of that.

Good Job

Comment posted by Admiral Stoic Rum deleted January 28th

That'll teach me not to read the desscription by pressing the +more button

I just want to state I read this story expecting purely Comedy. Thinking Oh a comedy porn? Eh not a fan of the porn, but comedy on the incest? Should be interesting!
Then BAM!
This is the sort of story I love. Contemplation on the forbidden. On what is right, and what is wrong. The vibe that even the character doesn't know what to do, only that they care for their loved ones. And done even greater, knowing the mind of Shining is in a mess, without ever stating it.

Absolutely wonderful.

Oof. Sorry! I added the content warnings under trigger warnings. It's always a balance of "How much do I spoil the story for those that want to be left in suspense" vs "How much do I sign to folks that it has content they don't want to see". I've messed up and been on both ends of the spectrum with some of my stories having descriptions that basically say "Don't read this." and other's being probably too much "bait and switch". I thought this was as clear as I could get without spoiling by emphasizing in all caps letters that it's incest and heart-break themes, and then explicitly stating NTR in the spoiler tags. I don't think I would have modified the unspoilered text, but would changes to the spoilered text have helped? I definitely don't want people reading this that don't want to. Thanks for leaving your thoughts as you read it!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Don't worry, all parties are a mess (to include Shining). I wish I could have worked in more comedy in the middle. There's a few places that clearly have more comedy thought than others, but maybe having the comedy interspersed with the other stuff helps. Hmm... I appreciate the comment, and now I have something to mull over. Thank you!

Don't worry. I aim to disappoint. lol.

No it was my fault for not reading the full description. You did super good work, it is stuck in my head and it set out to do what it was supposed to. That is a talent. I can respect that.

This is kinda sweet... then you think about it and then... :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Admiral Stoic Rum deleted January 29th

Sorry, I did not see the chap #

Shining.EXE has crashed. Reboot or quit?

Good on you Shining AND author!

Okay, finished this up. Another excellent, fucked-up fic that makes quite a bit of sense considering the characters. Just brilliant.

Would love a sequel, or a version from Twilights persepctive, or BOTH. This'd make a great series.

Got a pornographic side story from Twiight's Perspective that fills in some of the holes. Gotta finish it...

Holy shit she basically pulled a rarity on shining, what a hypocrite.

Good God... what a chapter.

This was too Sparkle.

A cute, awkward date, but successful.

I knew that was coming but damn.

I have to admit, I like this version of Shining Armor.

Okay, I've finally read the whole thing and I like it. But I'm still waiting on the sequel to Velvet and Me, Tailsopony. I'm willing to help you edit the story but I need that sequel.

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