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It's going to be the two of them together, for the rest of their lives. Riko Saikawa knows that. Just her and Kanna -- well, all right: her beloved's mother can visit every so often, the maid's probably coming along, there's nothing wrong with Miss Lucoa or Mr. Fafnir, and if Ilulu-san was maybe seven years younger, Saikawa might have fallen in love with her first. But ever since that first moment when Kanna entered Class 3-2, Saikawa's known. It's destiny. And anyone who might get in their way has to be stopped.

Today was supposed to be their playdate. And Kanna wants to show some stupid foreign kid around the city. That dumb boy doesn't deserve any time with her!

So what's the best way to get rid of this 'Spike'?

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Someone needs to learn to share the people she cares about. As well as not be prejudice towards other. 🙄

how you alway manage to capture these highly distinctive personalities will never cease to astound me.

also I wish Spike the best of luck enjoying his day out. may none of Kanna's trouble magnet status effects rear their ugly heads. (who am I kidding, this is an Estee story).

I think someone is in a bit of denial.

Well Spike should have a typical day. I just hope he wasn’t hoping to get away from the chaos of Ponyville for a bit.

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Oh dear.

If Spike is also following show behaviour, he can take getting hit by a car. Wont say much about the buiilding it would put him through, but the scene with Kanna?


I was impressed when Torue pulled a Dolcie. Its been so long since anyone did that trick. I cant even remember where my notes are on the energetics required, the mouse probably ate them. :rainbowderp:

Time. for a perfectly normal quiet day around town. :pinkiecrazy:

Kanna and Saikawa: the Rarity-Spike problem, flipped.

Is Spike visiting with the aid of a multi-dimensional mirror portal like in the comics, or is he an actual Dragon Maid type dragon and Twilight Sparkle and co. inhabit the magical land they come from rather than Equestria? I note that whatever magic the dragons use to keep people from noticing their horns and so on doesn't seem to be working fully with Spike, if Saikawa isn't just seeing what he actually looks like. (An considerable improvement on being a dog.)

Oh dear. With Rarity, this quite the elaborate bit of love geometry... though if she knows, she's probably encouraging Kanna. (Indeed, the question of how much interaction the ponies have had with these dragons is a fascinating one, and likely won't be explored in this story.) Definitely looking forward to seeing how the situation develops. This could be very painful for at least one party...

Estee writes delightful children.

I'm guessing it's a spell gone wrong from Twilight and now they're both stuck here.

Kanna probably found both of them and offered to help.

Yea, Saikawa's going to grow up to be a yandere.

Okay, Saikawa, you're at a fifty. We need you at a four, maybe five at most.

There had to be an email address. Living without any phone was one incomprehensible thing, but not having email meant you didn't exist .

I wish I could bet
She won't find an Email address.

There are people who live without Email. Mostly people who live without electricity.


I mean, it won't be Ponyville chaos.

They don't hide their horns. People just assume they're fake.


They don't hide their horns. People just assume they're fake.

Tohru and Lucoa don't bother hiding their horns and let people assume they're part of the headwear. Elma and Kanna actually do and there's a brief scene in Season 2 of the anime of Kanna getting home from school, taking her hat off and shaking her head until her horns pop out.

Fafnir... never actually seems to manifest them in human form.

Isn't Spike a DOG in human worlds? Because dragons should ALWAYS turn into an inbred domesticated slave when in the presence of SUPERIOR humans? (Alondro leers at Smaug, because poking giant monsters is fun!)

It looks like It's time for another Estee story involving an anime crossover that i have never seen nor heard of, and i am once again immediately hooked and loving it. Nice.

This is also Estee's version of the story, so the rules may be different. (For one thing, the more ecchi elements are probably going to be toned down). One would think the fact that all these odd foreigners seem to be constantly engaged in some form of cosplay would cross Kanna's mind at least once, and I found this bit interesting:

even a self-portrait would find the other girl reflected in her eyes.


...Kanna's eyes were beautiful.

Now, is that all just meant to be her infatuation, or does that pause and italics suggests there is something unusual about those eyes she can't quite grasp? (In close-ups, Kanna appears to have elongated, vertical pupils. https://www.nautiljon.com/images/perso/00/98/mini/kanna_kamui_15989.webp?11622899910 )

It's kind of like she's a WORSE version of Misty from Pokemon. The same lack of experience and curiosity about male anything informs both hostile idiots who need a clue by four.

On the first day they'd met, Saikawa had made Kanna cry.

What did it take, to properly atone for that?

A lifetime of making her laugh.

D'aawww :yay:

But if another girl took visible interest in Take, Ilulu would... look at them. A silent, steady gaze, which might be accompanied by one of those half-crooked smiles. Something which just barely showed teeth.

(Ilulu had even, flawless white teeth. Just as long as you were looking directly at them.)
(...her smile was beautiful. Warm. Perfect.)

There were things which Saikawa thought she saw, and it had started shortly after Kanna had entered her life. A little past the first time Miss Lucoa had taken Saikawa aside for a private talk.

(What had Shouta's sister said?)
(She didn't remember...)

Always out of the corner of her eye.

....Kanna's eyes were beautiful.

Again, I'd say illusion. Or some sort of not-my-problem field.

I think they're going to see another sea serpent/dragon, and whatever Kanna or MIss Lucoa did to make Saikawa doubt her eyes may not work this time.

Maybe a simple "you didn't see anything unusual" suggestion? Possibly reinforced by eye contact with Kanna?


Oh no, there's definitely something extra going on since Saikawa mentioned that apart from her heterochromia Lucoa has "normal" eyes and colour aside Lucoa's eyes are anything but


At what point do you start to consider the monster exists, because the level of tech required to pull the job off would have absolutely terrifying repercusions? :rainbowderp:

Ah, the plight of being hip-deep in the masquerade without being allowed to know just what you're wading in. Or even that you're not on dry land, though that one's too obvious to keep under wraps for long. Dragons are many things, but subtle has rarely if ever been one of them.

There's a lot Saikawa will need to confront at some point, and Spike's existence is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to it.

Oh G-d they mind wipe Saikawa, that’s evil. What will she do when she finds out? The betrayal, they violated her. Its awful

The problem with Saikawa is that she is completely inside her own little world, but now, two years later, visible cracks are forming.

Kanna's mentality is developing slower than a human's. Kanna is a dragon child and will probably still be mentally a child when Saikawa becomes an adult, considering how dragons age. That is the tragic thing about this pairing. Every other pairing has at least somewhat of a chance from the perspective of the mental age gap.

Don't mistake I don't say Kanna is dumb or doesn't understand this but her viewpoint is that of a child.


The marble was in the bottle to keep the carbonation from getting out. You couldn't swallow it. Extracting enough of the things to create a playset was enough of a challenge.

Do they still have these in Japan? I know they used to have them here in the UK in the 60s.


Well hopefully Elma (the sea serpent / dragon in question) has gotten better at remembering to put her invisibility on when she goes for a dip.

I love how Spike is curious and full of wonders at the exotic things around him, like how the gears and chain on a bike are quite clever when you never saw those before.

I find it kinda funny and kinda sad that Chloe is the only other child that is trusted with the knowledge of Kanna being a Dragon, but not Saikawa.


Well her finding out was sort of an accident, still it is a shame Saikawa doesn't get told, I don't think she'd actually care all that much.

Well her finding out was sort of an accident, still it is a shame Saikawa doesn't get told, I don't think she'd actually care all that much.

I believe the explanation is given some what past where the anime covered up to but the short version is that everyone thinks that Saikawa is too excitable and wouldn't be able to keep a secret.

Because Saikawa getting into an argument and bragging that her girfriend is a dragon is... worryingly plausible.

11808276 Marble-seal Ramune has been a capital-t Thing at anime conventions here in the US for close on twenty years now. Pretty sure it's still that way in Japan as well.

What does she want? Kanna
Why does she want it? Twu Wuv
How far is she willing to go to get it? Beyond the ends of the Earth (also murder???)

You have my attention.

A throughline in all the chapters so far (with every indication of being massively relevant in one or more ways?)...

ElvesDragons are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
ElvesDragons are marvellous. They cause marvels.
ElvesDragons are fantastic. They create fantasies.
ElvesDragons are glamorous. They project glamour.
ElvesDragons are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
ElvesDragons are terrific. They beget terror.


I think it's equally plausible that no one would believe her.

She's going to blame having her brain erased on Spike.


I think it's equally plausible that no one would believe her.

Most probably wouldn't. But it's not just dragons around. There are human mages (Shouta and his father) and other supernatural creatures around (Tohru ran into a bunch letting their metaphorical hair down by pretending to be cosplayers when she visited Fafnir's stall at Comiket) so there's clearly some sort of Masquerade in place which Saikawa might get into trouble for accidentally breaking if she was allowed to run off her mouth.

Tohru, Fafnir et al get away with not always following the rules because... they're dragons. Only the gods can tell the dragons what to do if they don't want to and even then not without fight.

I hope to Lucoa that for Saikawa's sake that Kanna's due for a growth spurt that coincides with the start of draconic puberty.


And in the movie Spike was turned into a pufferfish while the rest of the cast got the standard mermaid transformation.

Spike was created to fill the talking pet role. Get over it.

She was looking forward to puberty, because it would be one step closer to marriage. She didn't want the changes to drive anyone away.


That was when Saikawa decided she hated him.

Oh ... not good. :applecry:

Good thing Kanna turned the hit down, even though Spike was the only one there that could take being put through the net at the back.:moustache:

Poor Spike. He didn't mean to go waist-deep into a thorny relationship, but that's where he's unwittingly found himself. All he wanted was to fit in for a bit.

But these issues were always there. He's just the one who brought them to light. With any luck, transcribing all those friendship lessons will help in sorting this out... assuming Saikawa's willing to listen to the one who clearly caused all of the problems today.

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