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An old enemy with a new shape has made its way to Equestria. Can the odd pony with the blue box help Applejack and Applebloom stop them, or is cloud watching going from being a way to spend a lazy afternoon to a survival tactic?

Commissioned as my contribution to the 40,000 subscriber giveaway by Penspinnermaniac from r/mlp

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Whoa. An awesome one shot, and you managed to make it exactly 15k words. You must be magic.

Love Doctor who er whooves :twilightblush:

Would you believe it just kinda happened that way? When I submitted it for approval it was 14,700 and something and I kept going back to tinker with a word here or a phrase there. When I saved everything and backed out to the main story page bam, 15,000 on the nose

That's even better than consciously aiming for that number.

lol nice subtle fourth wall breach with that PS: in the letter otherwise the story wouldn't be exactly 15000 words long... also I realize that if scoots didn't remove those screws from the catwalk then she herself would never had been born. great story anyway it is actually; kind of sad, but that is how you wrote it. still great job you wrote this story very well and if i could fave and like twice i would.


Heh, it does work out that way but it was actually referring to the timing of AJ finishing the letter right as Scootaloo knocked. The 15K words thing wasn't even planned, but it does give that line an extra bit of meta doesn't it.

If you can't fave the same story twice, you'll just have to go read my other stuff and like/fave that instead (presuming that you do, in fact, like it of course)


This is... What's a good word for it? Brilliant?

Yeah. Freaking brilliant.

I'm not averse to writing another Whooves fic at some future date (although it wouldn't be for a long while, plenty of other fics on the 'to write' list to get to first) but I don't know where I would even go with this story if I did a sequel. Applebloom's in a fixed time loop so I can't see the Doctor interfering any further with her. The cloud monsters are wiped out, and I'm pretty sure Applejack would straight up murder the Doctor if she ever got within striking distance of him again. The only real loose end is what sort of new dynamic will develop between Scootaloo and AJ after the revelations from the letter and I think that's best left to the audience's imagination.

Plus I want to save my good adventure ideas for the two other adventure stories I've got going. Duel Nature is plotted out through the end but Always Has Been needs a good middle and I haven't figured out what I'm going to fill it with yet.

Why Isnt it working :flutterrage:

Huh it's meant to be the outro for Doctor who


[ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CYDgezeQas ] but without the spaces before and after the square brackets


I like the guy who plays it with Tesla coils, myself

1381142 awesome :rainbowkiss:
Originals better tho

I don't have words worthy of how amazing this fic truly was, and all my pics and memes do it no justice.

That ending made me sad. Poor Applebloom. :applecry:

Oh my goodness. I didn't expect that ending at all. This was a wonderful and sad story. :fluttercry:

Awesome, this story should be way better rated than it is, don't be scared to shamelessly promote this to anyone that might listen.
If I had followers I would post it up myself.

It is brilliant and well written... but I hate when bad stuff happens to the Apple family like this. She lost her parents! She's suffered enough.

This story is perfect, except for the part where Applejack almost murders Scootaloo. It's so unbelievably out of character that it nearly wrecks the rest of the story for me.

This was brilliant, truly brilliant and i loved every single word of this. Absoloutly fantastic.

I’m Oncoming Storm

Wait... is he the Doctor too, then? :rainbowhuh:

Do you know how many species have ever successfully opened a parlay with the Weeping Angels, Applejack? One. Do you know who that species is? Me. Time Lords comma Last of the. Time now. Place here. Whoo hoo hoo hoooooo!


Well the way you lot brew it you can hardly be surprised. Not your fault, you just haven’t got the knack as a species. Been a decade since the last time I had a half-decent cuppa.

Finally explaining why in the great big multiverse the Doctor always seems to be hanging around in England.

the angels take Manhattan ponified before it was even released part of me wonder if you have a TARDIS

I actually remember watching that episode, like, the day this came out repeating 'please don't change angel canon, please don't change angel canon," over and over in my head.

*sniff* That was kind of sad towards the end, but beautiful.

I liked the idea of you making them "clouds" instead of the standard "pegasi".

Did you add some filler to make the fic exactly 15K words long so that the timing works out right? :rainbowlaugh:
(The first thing that passed my mind after I read the story was that the arbitrary number of words in the message was chosen to make the fic 15K words exactly, though by your previous comments seems like that is not the case.)

Quite interesting read, though my sadness meter might be broken; I didn't feel sad about the ending. I really liked how the relationship with Scootaloo was constructed, BTW.

You earned a like from me. And, thanks to this story and Duel Nature, you just managed to make my "read later" list about a dozen stories larger (I'm skipping anything incomplete, Tragedy, or related to the OptimalVerse, at least for now, but you pleased me enough that I really want to read all your stories whose tags and premises don't outright drive me away).

The story was not what i expected but all in all a good read. Might need to have a sad tag though. :fluttercry:

I don't know how I felt about this one. Overall, the pacing felt a little inconsistent. Mostly, the plot seemed to progress too fast. The doctor just appears, and the next minute both AJ and Apple Bloom are in the TARDIS. And Applejack not even trying to save AB in the weather factory seemed out of character to me. In general, I did like what I read, but I think it would have benefitted significantly if the story were more fleshed out.

Wibbly wobbly timey whimey

2501557 how can it be out of character, if scoots didn't sabotage the factory, Applebloom wouldn't get stranded in time

rereading this for the fourth time, as The Ninth Doctor always says, Fantastic!

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