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This story is a sequel to Beyond Me

The world collapsed around me, and then it kept on turning, and I'm still this pony. But I think that's a fate I've accepted now, seeing as there's nothing I can do about it. All that's left for me to do now is see how I can change things, even if that does make certain Equestrian figures angry.
Of course, that's me assuming things are gonna go my way. They never do.

New chapters twice a month.
Cover art by softponies.

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Discord opens gender affirming magic healthcare.

But heat didn’t start until spring, thankfully, and we were still a few weeks away from winter. If I didn’t have to think about that right now, I wouldn’t. Not that I wasn’t beyond used to being a mare by now. I’d mostly resigned myself to my fate and almost completely given up on trying to say I was a stallion.

I'm sorry, what? Was Heat mentioned in the first story? If it was, I've forgotten about it... Or I assumed the story would never reach that point. That's going to be a massive horror element, and if the story actually gets to that point without ever resolving the physical sex issue then I don't think I'll continue to read the story.

It was not mentioned in the first story, no, and yes, Asher is horrified by/hates it, no, he won't partake in what he considers to be sinful. It is an important point, but not because of sex/NSFW reasons.

Not a bad start

Can’t you change the art to Asher’s current hair style?

To be under tutelage, they want him to act like a girl, which means he needs to have girl manestyle.

Yeesh, that's a lot of ominous stuff just in the first chapter. Now with more social and cultural pressure, adult things, and Discord coming to play. Nice : )

I like how you fixed the plot hole of how the crusaders never aged.

...only to run into a new plot hole of why the bully duo also didn't age. *rubs temples* too many plot holes in the show; there's no helping it...

Though this brings up a new series of questions. Are the crusaders ageless? If the meter is still running then is their time as adults being cut short? Why count the years to adulthood when a state can be effectively indefinite? Is fourteen the fastest anypony has done it?

And change the fact that politics was almost entirely unicorns. I didn’t know if that constituted racism, but it seemed like it did, casually anyway.

Celestia disapproves of this message

Discord and Asher become best friends much to Celestia's displeasure

you would think he would wear a female business hairstyle

Very interesting start, loved the last story so I’m very excited for this one! I also really hope that Asher gets a colt-friend! I think it would be cute if she falls in love with one of Luna’s bat pony guards but I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part :trollestia:

Oh, dear. Sounds like a set up for disaster...can't wait to see how it plays out!

Asher presents the truest possibility of sodomy as (supposedly) tabooed by the bible. He sees himself as a man (stallion), but he has a vagina. Thus, a man (stallion) could truly lay with him, another man (stallion), as he would a woman (mare), by fucking him in the vagina. And before you ask, Yes! This IS a Hellsing (abridged) reference!

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