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This story is a sequel to Beyond Me

The world collapsed around me, and then it kept on turning, and I'm still this pony. But I think that's a fate I've accepted now, seeing as there's nothing I can do about it. All that's left for me to do now is see how I can change things, even if that does make certain Equestrian figures angry.
Of course, that's me assuming things are gonna go my way. They never do.

Cover art by softponies.

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Discord opens gender affirming magic healthcare.

But heat didn’t start until spring, thankfully, and we were still a few weeks away from winter. If I didn’t have to think about that right now, I wouldn’t. Not that I wasn’t beyond used to being a mare by now. I’d mostly resigned myself to my fate and almost completely given up on trying to say I was a stallion.

I'm sorry, what? Was Heat mentioned in the first story? If it was, I've forgotten about it... Or I assumed the story would never reach that point. That's going to be a massive horror element, and if the story actually gets to that point without ever resolving the physical sex issue then I don't think I'll continue to read the story.

It was not mentioned in the first story, no, and yes, Asher is horrified by/hates it, no, he won't partake in what he considers to be sinful. It is an important point, but not because of sex/NSFW reasons.

Can’t you change the art to Asher’s current hair style?

To be under tutelage, they want him to act like a girl, which means he needs to have girl manestyle.

Yeesh, that's a lot of ominous stuff just in the first chapter. Now with more social and cultural pressure, adult things, and Discord coming to play. Nice : )

I like how you fixed the plot hole of how the crusaders never aged.

...only to run into a new plot hole of why the bully duo also didn't age. *rubs temples* too many plot holes in the show; there's no helping it...

Though this brings up a new series of questions. Are the crusaders ageless? If the meter is still running then is their time as adults being cut short? Why count the years to adulthood when a state can be effectively indefinite? Is fourteen the fastest anypony has done it?

And change the fact that politics was almost entirely unicorns. I didn’t know if that constituted racism, but it seemed like it did, casually anyway.

Celestia disapproves of this message

Discord and Asher become best friends much to Celestia's displeasure

you would think he would wear a female business hairstyle

Very interesting start, loved the last story so I’m very excited for this one! I also really hope that Asher gets a colt-friend! I think it would be cute if she falls in love with one of Luna’s bat pony guards but I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part :trollestia:

Oh, dear. Sounds like a set up for disaster...can't wait to see how it plays out!

Asher presents the truest possibility of sodomy as (supposedly) tabooed by the bible. He sees himself as a man (stallion), but he has a vagina. Thus, a man (stallion) could truly lay with him, another man (stallion), as he would a woman (mare), by fucking him in the vagina. And before you ask, Yes! This IS a Hellsing (abridged) reference!

Celestia's having her "it's not me, it's the children that are wrong" moment

did the field trip to the Canterlot Gardens not take place in this universe? Otherwise Asher would have known about Discord.

Glad to see another chapter! :twilightsmile:
With discord in the story it sounds like things will get very interesting!

I think Celestia decided to speed things up a bit and just brought Discord to Twilight. Or maybe Celestia planned the trip all along just in case someone asked how Discord got free.

No, the field trip didn't happen because Twilight didn't have the Elements Of Harmony attached to her.

Aren't the elements; Twilight Sparkle (magic), Pinke Pie (laughter), Rarity (generosity), Fluttershy (kindness), Big Macintosh (honesty), and Lightning Dust (loyalty)

Two were switched out (due to injury and illness) the rest were left as normal. Too much would have to change otherwise like the Canterlot Wedding. What happened to all those other events?

Also, Cheerilee's School field trip would still have happened. Wouldn't it? I understand if the Talent Discovery Association didn't fight like the Cutie Mark Crusaders but Asher would have seen the statue.

sorry, just trying to figure out how much the timeline has changed

The fieldtrip "happened", but Discord wasn't released because he's working with Celestia directly. The Wedding still happened because it was Cadance's love that fixed things. Those are the "new" Mane 6, but the Elements are still attached to Celestia and now Twilight + friends. As for Asher not seeing the statue before, there's a whole bunch of statues in the statue garden, and all it takes is Asher saying, "I wanna see this one" to change the course you take. And so Celestia "skipped" having Twilight fight Discord and just told her to make friends with him to compensate for her not having Elements.

my headcanon is that the field trip didn't happen so Cheerilee wouldn't have noticed a missing statue (Discord) when teaching equestrian history (Discord). It would be like having a field trip to Niagara Falls and the Falls have stopped. Someone, like a teacher, would have noticed that.

discord's release is no longer main event so the preceding field trip didn't happen. (main reason why the show had it) easy enough fix that removes all variables.

when did the elements move from Celestia to the "new" Mane 6?

I wonder how Discord interacting with Asher will interfere with Celestia's plans:applejackconfused:

Asher's totally gonna assume Discord's the literal devil/a demon.


when did the elements move from Celestia to the "new" Mane 6?

This happened... probably 75k words ago, right after the SSC, when Twilight found NMM but then Celestia showed up afterward and said, "You found the Elements for me" or some such.

“Twilight!” she called, revealing herself to her and her five new friends, as well as her sister, who looked at her with shock. “The Elements!” she instructed, pressing a hoof up against the invisible glass. “Bring them here!”

Twilight only hesitated a moment before using her magic to send them her way, Celestia catching them with her own just a moment before her sister snatched them out of the air. What happened next seemed fairly quick to her. She lit up her horn and closed her eyes, doing the best she could to connect her energy to it, silently asking the Elements of Harmony to still be connected to her, and smiling widely when they were. She watched as they lit up for her, and then used her magic to direct a wave of rainbow colored energy at Nightmare Moon, watching as she was taken up in the brightly colored swirl and being stripped away from her sister. At the same time, the glass that surrounded her prison shattered, freeing her completely and allowing her to gently float down to meet her subjects in the crumbling castle.

“Princess Celestia!” Twilight called happily as she trotted up to hug her, the other five ponies with her bowing respectfully. “You’re safe!”

“Quite safe as it seems, and it's all thanks to you, my faithful student,” the alicorn responded in kind. “I knew you could do it.”

From the chapter The Elements Of Harmony.

so the elements imprinted on the main six, were given to Celestia... and were given right back? No one questions why Celestia doesn't just use the elements?

sounds about right

That's not what happened. They were attached to Celestia and remained attached to her rather than transitioning to Twi and Co.

I meant it more as Celestia giving Twilight and Company moderator privileges. Celestia is still the administrator.

No one questions why Celestia doesn't just use the elements?

it makes sense your Celestia wouldn't want to relinquish control of "her" elements

I hope Discord will play a role in Asher's life. Preferrably on the incognito side.

Hooray Discord. Lord of Chaos bringing in the right questions. May Asher be very happy with himself. Celestia's plans was sitting on a house of cards come to think of it. So many variables were involved and at any point things could have gone wrong. She kinda deserved it. And may Asher rise in the ranks for Ponykind.

Well, I hope Asher will get another companion in a form of a human turned pony. Maybe even of opposing religion or atheist belief!

Discord sure will bring interesting prospects! But how would Asher react in a social situation if he is totally comfortable with them?

Canterlot Castle the next morning

"Sister have you gone mad ?"

Heh, now I wonder... How will any religious person react to direct communication with their god? Or worse still — with other religion's one? Poor Asher...

I think that this absence of direct communication is one of the most attractive points in any supernatural belief. Like, one can have validation by other people in their group, that what they're doing is not just right, but supernaturally approved, and be extra happy in their life. But getting a definite yes or no from the being itself... is one of the scariest crap I can imagine on an existential crises scale.

Let me guess: Discord's going to keep messing with Asher, but in ways that can't be objectively tied back to him, and then when Celestia appears to brush off his concerns (all a part of her putting too much faith in an untested Friend Discord), Asher will come to the convoluted conclusion that the whole Discord thing is a way for Celestia to both 'get back' him for 'interfering', and mess with him through Discord's 'physical God' status.

Maybe, or maybe not. I'm not sure Discord understands the meaning of "subtlety" when messing with a creature.

Celestia's "big sister is watching" ego is going to break eventually. Especially when she tries to depict who Asher can meet or not.

Getting Discord to promise is like a monkey's paw situation. Discord can still interact with him indirectly. And even if Celestia forced all interaction between them to end effectively, Discord's mere presence alone is going to make Asher feel one way or another.

Especially if he tries to talk to Discord but gets ignored. Celestia is so oblivious to how different human social interactions are

Oh, I doubt he'll be subtle. He will, however, be exact. He promised to not "say" anything. Doesn't mean he can't constantly be hanging around and chatting with those around Asher. Might even change their gender to stallion, just to see what happens. It would also mean that she is then a he, and then Discord can talk to Asher.

I was going to have to hold on to them because the day was going to be a strange one.

He isn't saying anything, but he sure is thinking it strongly.

The biggest problem with good stories is that you end up catching up and have to wait for more. Love these, thank you for writing. :)

Awww, thanks, and I appreciate your reading and leaving comments c: It inspires me.

Thanks for replying because apparently I forgot to track this whoops

Oh boy, Discord is definitely trying to stay at Twilight's so he can interact with Asher. This is going to rough for both of them.

I am entirly down for discord flat out gender flipping all creatures then make them tell him while they look at those who are happy with that arrangment that they want it all reversed

Twilight stomped a hoof and frowned. There was no getting out of this, was there? This was gonna be quite a long task Celestia wanted her to undertake, she knew that much already.

Riiiight... The task to make friends with Discord. From about a mile away, right? Giving someone dirty looks for existing is something friends do, isn't it? Geeze, this Twilight doesn't even have the past experience of having Discord mess with her and her friends this time around, so what does she have against him? That he was a nuisance to her precious teacher an age and a half ago?

Who do you think going to be more irate, Asher or Celestia?

I am looking forward to Lightning Dust and Big Mac's story!

Where did Lightning live and why did she decide to stick with Ponyville rather than focus on getting into the academy? There must be some friend-connection that convinced her otherwise.

Big Mac is a curious pick. Despite the probable hint that Big Mac has a gender dysphoria, there must be a reason he wants to hang out with these five. He is pretty much reserved or prefers to be alone, based off what I observed from show canon.

This is Discord's first release, which means he feels pent up and would probably want to immediately cause larger scale chaos. But as usual on fimfiction, maybe close to a quarter of all Discord fics, he has knowledge of the script and seems to use that to temper his expectations.

Discord seems more docile in writing than his bombastic entrance in the show.

“Oh, you didn’t mean that him, did you? I apologize.”


Definitely Celestia. Asher is going to be more terrified than anything.

I expect he'll try to go sleepover at one of the friends house or maybe with the aunts again.

Asher has just been given a mega dose of gender euphoria.

It looks like Twilight has calmed down a bit. That’s nice.

New Mane Six are much more hesitant than the originals. Even Lightning Dust seems more passive than her introduction to the show.

Haven’t seen Rainbow Dash in a while. I wonder how she’s changed.

Oh boy, next chapter is going to be nuts.

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