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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".



After being hesitant to try due to shyness, Princess Twilight Sparkle finally gathered enough courage to ask out Flash Sentry. While she didn't know it, Flash liked her too, so surely he would accept her offer to go out, right?

Also, Sunset Shimmer might need a tombstone.

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First like! Now that's done...time to read the story lol

Face it Twilight. You probably didn’t have a chance with either Flash.

Don’t worry, I know somepony who’s perfect for you. You know them very well, they’re so close with you you’re practically already a relationship, and most importantly they live in the same dimension as you.

I mean, I know Starlight’s a mare but can you honestly tell me that you don’t see my point.

I know I'm very naive, but I'll never be able to understand how a beautiful girl would be nervous about asking a boy out. Aren't girls the confident ones? Isn't the boy who's always afraid?

Adorkable, does-not-know-how-to-flirt Twilight, obliviously-naïve Flash, and dead-dead-dead Sunset. Best combo ever! Take my upvote!

On a serious note, you have just earned your 443rd follower!

Your stories are always a treat. They’re great for when I’m in the mood for a fun, lighthearted comedy or delicious slice of randomness.

Oh no. Sunset isn't going to die. Twilight is going to unexist her. And then do the same to Cadance for ruining everything in Equestria as well.

Love it :pinkiehappy:.


What do you think of the story?


Point taken. Maybe this could be Starlight's chance to land Twilight on the rebound. After she tries to keep Twilight from killing Cadance of course.


Aren't girls the confident ones? Isn't the boy who's always afraid?

Even as a man who's shy, I've never heard of that one. My older brother and some of his guy friends would reject the motion that guys are always the ones that are scared to ask out their crushes; they sure as hell weren't :rainbowlaugh:.

It seems like personality, not gender, determines how confident a boy or girl is about asking out crushes, no matter how attractive they are, since they could still be shy or insecure. For instance, Fluttershy, human or pony, is one of the cutest characters, yet it would be OOC for her to not be nervous about asking out a crush, unless it's the Fluttershy from the later seasons who's much more confident and might not be nervous. In Twilight's case in this story, she doesn't even know for sure what human boys even think is attractive since they are basically an alien species to her, so she had no idea how cute she was from a human's point of view.


Oh no. Sunset isn't going to die. Twilight is going to unexist her.

I didn't even know "uniexist" was even a word until now, but yep, that is a pretty fitting word if Twilight caught and went too far with Sunset:rainbowlaugh:

At any rate, glad you liked the story!


Glad you liked my stories!

I usually go to the user's profile page to do it, but since you said in your comment that you are my (at the time of the comment) newest follower, I'll say it here: thanks a lot for the follow!:twilightsmile:

You’re welcome, Pinked.

Keep on being weird! :pinkiehappy:

Oh of course. And let’s hope Sunset also survived.

Also sheesh, what’s with the dislikes on my other comment, I was just being silly when I was hyping my ship. I didn’t think they’d all get so mad.

*cough cough* Oh sweet harmony, I think I coughed a lung up laughing so hard from that story! :rainbowlaugh:
Have a like! :twilightsmile:


I was surprised by that too. Twilight x Starlight isn't even as hated a ship as Flashlight (this story was riskier to go with than usual) so the number of dislikes you got was weird.



Twilight and Starlight is actually a fairly liked ship. Plenty of stories are made based around them and there’s even a whole group based on it.

It's a word now. Twilight will make it so 😁.

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