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Since she became an alicorn princess, Princess Twilight Sparkle has done her best in her role. However, while she had grown into a remarkable princess and even gained her own student in Starlight Glimmer, Twilight wasn't a true princess.

At least, she wasn't according to Princess Celestia. It was time for Twilight to take her place as one of Equestria's true princesses.

However, Twilight would not like what it would require her to do. She wasn't going to be the only one to not like it.

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We'll send in a specialist, stand by...


Loved this. Especially loved the changelings part :rainbowlaugh:

Guess it explains why Chrysalis was able to kidnap all 5 Alicorn Princesses at once. And Now Flurry doesn't have to humiliate herself later in life, she can just blow villians away, cause she already got the "must be kidnapped" thing done as a baby.


Ahhh… that was good fun. Very much thanks!

:trollestia: I'm sure that picture wasn't a fold out poster!
:moustache: With a flank like yours it'd be a road side billboard
:trollestia: At least it's not a mushy marsh mellow like you know whos
:moustache: She's not mushy at all
:raritycry: Cake eater!
:trollestia: Dragon breath
:duck: Miss raise the sun one trick pony
:trollestia: Blue Blood
:duck: You............
:twilightsheepish: Lets talk about something else, Books


Mario's a specialist all right. Very few have more experience in this kind of thing than him.:rainbowlaugh:




Thanks, and the changeling part was my favorite part to write!


My headcanon is she went after each alicorn one by one when they are alone in canon to make capturing them much more manageable.

But a second underlying reason works too.


You're welcome!



Something like that happening could make for a fun sequel, or in general.

Tia did a dumb. Glimmy is peeved.

If they ever find out that discord pranked them with the kidnapping thing they are going go nuts.

Meh, Discord doesn't suffer consequences. So sayeth The Ending of the End and A Matter of Principals.

Maybe they just gave him a hard time off screen.

He also got a medal onscreen.

When he saved them from the changelings but that doesn't say they ever found out about his stunt. And knowing discord he not going to tell on purpose and considering how distracted he was about fluttershy and twilight student graduation the odds of him snitching is not high.

Even after discovering the magic of friendship and later becoming an alicorn princess, Twilight’s innate love for reading remained. Thus, when not performing princess duties, solving her friends’ problems, or struggling to crack the mystery of what Fluttershy’s job is, Twilight often spent her time reading books.

Ok I never thought of that till just now. Seriously, what does fluttershy do for a living? She volunteers at the vet clinic but there’s never any mention of a specific job. Everyone else more or less has a job or business

Don't forget "Twilight's Kingdom".




They wouldn't like it to be sure. Discord would be for it if they were to found out.


Glad you liked it!

And I think the whole fandom is wondering what happened in G5. We'll find out how things went wrong and if it Twilight could have even anything about it in September.


Maybe not in the canon show, but I'm not one of the writers or editors from the show and do my own thing. All bets are off if Starlight thinks of a good way to get payback and/or tells the others what she found out, because she was dead serious about it.


No idea. Until I heard it mentioned somewhere, I never even thought about how Fluttershy gets her bits. Maybe she gets unemployment if it exists in Equestria, or there are other ways to get bits in Equestria if you don't have a proper job.

In truth, the writers might not have even thought about a job for Fluttershy, or if they couldn't think of a good way to put it in episodes due to time restraints and/or didn't think it was important enough.

That's true. Somehow I betting that if he smart he won't tell how his prank caused so much trouble. Though they might have get mad celestial too for falling for it so long.

She seems really self sufficient though, and I can’t think of a time where she ever spent money period. She probably lives off the land.


There was the time she paid bits in a marketplace during the "Putting Your Hoof Down" episode. But other than that, I don't think of a time she paid bits either. But, maybe you're on to something about Fluttershy being so self-sufficient. Maybe she rarely needs to use bits, and the few bits she has she got from her parents, if not from unemployment. It wouldn't make her too much of a "freeloader that lives off her parents" if they weren't giving her much so it was no big deal.

Unlike how Zephyr Breeze freeloaded on them before he finally cut it out.

Makes sense to me. She might also get donations or something.

Mario? I didn't send in Mario.

I sent in our Princess Kidnapping Specialist.



Oh right, the kidnapping/ponynapping specialist! Bowser usually only kidnaps Princess Peach because he's in love with her, but he could be willing to try to capture some alicorns for a change of pace.

And he's also a specialist for letting princesses get rescued. Perfect!

A Brony Analyst suggested Fluttershy was quite literally payed to live on the borders of the EverFree Forest, to keep an eye out for monsters. Either clandestine as a S.M.I.L.E agent or the equivalent of a Park Ranger. Since working with monsters in any capacity is dangerious the pay is very good. So she grew up middle class by is now rich, explaining why she has money but lives modestly.
Twilight is really the only Pony who absolutely came "from Money" all the other girls have regular Jobs.

“Now, to become a true princess, you must be ponynapped by a villain.”

Chysalis tho...
>keeps reading
Ah. Well played.

And here I thought that this was Bowser getting smart:pinkiecrazy:



Lots of people are hoping Estee finishes that story someday.


Hmm. That theory would make sense, since most of what the characters do are off-screen and we only got to see a tiny part of their lives, albeit the more major parts.


Discord would probably want to keep it to themself (he won't want to make Fluttershy mad!) but he could eventually get fed up and just ask Celestia how she fell for it.


Thank. I made sure to have this story happen in season 6 and before Chrysalis made her move.




The story's still marked as incomplete, but given the last update was 4 years ago, Estee still pumps out stories regularly and been updating their more recent ones, it seems slim-to-none that they'll pick it back up. At least not unless someone wants to "adopt" the story and gets Estee's permission to do it.

He might enjoy watching to see how long it takes them to figure it out.

Don't forget, Fluttershy runs the Ponyville Pet Center so she may actually be an employee of the state rather than unemployed.

I would have loved to have seen Tia and Discord have a discussion over the whole "The Book" thing.


I might write bonus chapter(s) or write a sequel having that, as well as what Starlight might do. At the moment, I'm not sure. Though I'd have zero problems with someone else doing it since users sometimes write sequels to someone else's story.


I think you should be the one to do it so things will go in the spirit you intend for it to....and STILL featured!

...this is canon, it is decided.

This was brilliant, utterly hilarious. I laugh so damn at the letter Celestia sent along with a smaller changelings reactions to it. Nice work


For the most part, this story could theoretically fit in canon, so why not think of it as actually being canon?


Thanks, and glad it gave you such big laughs!

Well, that's certainly one explanation! :rainbowlaugh:

She manages nature like Rainbow does weather.


Well, that's certainly one explanation! :rainbowlaugh:

That was one of my first thoughts when I thought of this story.:rainbowlaugh:

“Good.” Celestia straightened her stance and raised her head. “Now, to become a true princess, you must be ponynapped by a villain.”

Just consult Princess Peach for more information. She’s the truest princess of them all. And, maybe dress up as her and warp Bowser into your universe XD.

“Yes. Its name may be...uncreative, but ‘The Book’ contains many facts, such as knock-knock jokes being the oldest trick and banning cakes is worse than killing a pony. But most importantly, it states every alicorn must be ponynapped and rescued at least once to become a true princess.”

Tia wrote that last bit XD


And, maybe dress up as her and warp Bowser into your universe XD.

That would have a sight to see! Imagine Bowser trying to kidnap "Peach" just to get blasted with a very powerful blast of magic when he try to take her away.

Bowser: Ow! Peach, you're not supposed to be able to do that...or have a horn...or have purple fur...or hooves...or be that short...oh. You're not Peach.

Twilight: No, I'm not. I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Bowser: Well, weird name aside, this is embarrassing.

Twilight: I agree.

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