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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".



Cornered by Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends, who just got their Cutie Marks back, Starlight Glimmer thought Twilight was ready to "bore" her with a friendship speech.

However, thinking of how Starlight interrupted her earlier friendship speech attempt by yelling at her to be QUIET, Twilight wasn't planning to give a speech this time. Not least, not quite like the ones you would usually think of.

This may not end well for the former ruler of "Our Town" if she doesn't start running!

This takes places in part 2 of the season 5 premiere...obviously.

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And what is “The Works” you might wonder? You will be better off never learning of its horrors.

Buck you random author person. I do want to know what The Works is. It can't be any worse than anything already done on this site.

When Justice3442’s stories are coming up in the “Similar” section, you know you’re doing a good job. Loved it 👍

It's so horrible, even the author doesn't know what it is. :pinkiecrazy:

I looked at this story’s statistics (for some reason), and there’s a person tracking this. Don’t ask why, don’t ask who, there just is. And no, it’s not me


Oh, no you don't! The horrors of "The Works" is just that awful. Even if this story was "M" rated I couldn't say it!


Oh, I know. It's just that horrible. :raritydespair:


Thanks, and it seems like even one-shots have some users track it. My last story with Starlight frozen in place has 11 people tracking it

This story makes me anxious for an update for Caught and Punished.

That's also called "I never had anything behind the name and it just sounded cool and ominous to use."

I get the feeling that Celestia ended up being very upset with Twilight.

...I can't help but think of the penalty for getting on Fluttershy's bad side......though I believe the Stare is more merciful.

This probably be a fit in the final episode of the series

I think Chrysalis will want to be in stone in ipso facto

Twilight is 2 OP. Plz nerf


Oh yeah, the Stare is MUCH more merciful then "The Treatment"!


That'll depend on if Twilight learned "The Treatment" from Celestia after interrupting one of her friendship speeches. If so, Celestia would probably just think "That's my girl!"


Something like this happening in the finale would be gold! And more epic.

I’m sorry, I’m trying to keep it going, but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be

The works is probably listening to Twilight’s speeches for 10 hours, with an extra large dildo up your a**.:pinkiecrazy:

Great, silly story.

Plus it allows me to see Starlight the punishment she kind of deserved.


Glad you liked it! I have already written and nearly fully edited a similar story that takes place in the Season Five finale. So if you liked this story, you'll probably enjoy that one, and will be the next story I submit! It's not a sequel to this one, but I am giving heavy thoughts to writing a real sequel to this story, with how well it's doing.

We're not going to stop asking. We are just that masochistic, you're just going to have to give us what we think we want and let us regret it and apologize for insisting.
Write a sequel where either Chrysalis or Cozy Glow gets The Works.


Well, who am I to deny the people what they want so bad? I'm not gonna say who gonna get it, but I'll write a sequel where someone/somepony gets "The Works"

Just remember, you asked for it! :rainbowlaugh:

No problem. I accept your warning and willingly ignore it, the fault is my own.
If you have any interest in mlpXwarhammer40K crossovers, you might be interested in some of my fics.

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This oughta be good


YES! YES! :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, thank you. I've never been a huge fan of Starlight, and you just made my day with this fic.

And lesson learned; don't mess with Twilight's friendship speeches. :raritywink: Got it.

But seriously, I really don't think the canon Twilight is twice as powerful than the canon Starlight, but I needed to power up the Twilight in this story so she could own Starlight.

Well, if course not. Twilight merely has the power of an alicorn. I mean, all that can do is move the very heavens. Whereas Starlight wields the irresistable, immeasurable power of plot contrivance.


But does she have Broly's power?

Now Broly's power... NOW BROLY!


...I suppose Starlight could just trigger him with a word.

This was super adorable! :heart:

I imagine the works would involve multiple mouths saying all of Twilight’s different friendship speeches over each other in a cacophony of brain melting torture.


If you ask me, Starlight would have been better off triggering Broly than Twilight.

When Twilight Sparkle's friendship speeches are interrupted, her power level is BEYOND MAXIMUM! In fact, even Broly probably would have thought Twilight giving Starlight "The Treatment" was too much :rainbowlaugh:




Oh, "The Works" is even worse than that! Just wait until you see what it is in the sequel!

I shall look forward to Lovecraftian levels of horror.

I'm betting 'The Works' is a prerecorded audio compilation of all of Twilight's friendship lessons and speeches, set to an enchantment on a crystal earpiece and left to play on loop 24/7 for the duration of the punishment.


So, Twilight's version of Starlight's propaganda room.

Yeah, except she's free to move around, but she can't stop it and no one else can hear it.

With her mouth quivering, Starlight asked, “What...what are you going to do to me?”

She knew Twilight was powerful, but learning that her full power was at best half of Twilight’s pushed Starlight to the verge of shaking.

Twilight is actually OP and was holding back her power until now? Just about anything that makes Twilight stronger is fine by me! :yay:

Out of nowhere, Discord, the Lord of Chaos, teleported beside Twilight. He wore a type of frown that he only showed when heavily concerned about something. Which was usually about Fluttershy. “Twilight Sparkle, what is wrong with you?! As much as I enjoy watching ponies squirm, you giving this pony ‘The Treatment’ is going too far!”

When Twilight's friends were pleading with her to levy mercy on Starlight, I was concerned.

Now, when even Discord is seriously telling Twilight to take it down a notch, I'm very concerned.

Listening to twilight sparkle do talk no justu for 5 hours? Pft please I could handle it.

And what is “The Works” you might wonder? You will be better off never learning of its horrors.

Twelve hours of lecturing, right?


Nope, it's not that merciful. I'm beginning to write the sequel to this story what will reveal what "The Works" is. It should be out in either one or two weeks.

You forget one thing. In canon, there are quite a few unicorns more powerful then Twilight. Starswirl and Gusty the Great come to mind. So Starlight is not unique in that regard.

They never said Alicorns are neccesarily more powerful in unicorn magic then unicorns. Only that they possess the powers of a Pegasus and a Earth Pony as well.

Plus, they pretty much said Celestia and Luna are unique when it comes to alicorns. Nobody could move the sun and moon by themselves before them. Luna and Celestia had at least an Alicorn mother, yet she couldn't do it.

I mean...The Treatment doesn't really sound that horrible come to think of it. Or that hard to sit through. Heck, you get that much just sitting in a classroom 5+ hours a day. I could handle it, no problem.

Well written and I was dying all the through. :rainbowlaugh:


Well, firstly, you may be right that Star Swirl is more powerful than Twilight... after a literal lifetime of training and studying with the details and intricacies of magic, whereas we see precisely zero evidence that Starlight has ever studied formally or trained to do anything beyond messing with Cutie Marks. There is literally nothing either stated or implied to explain why Starlight is able to match her so easily beyond "she's just that good." I never said Starlight's power level was unique, I said it was contrived.

Secondly, you are also right that it's never been explicitly stated that Alicorns have more power than regular ponies. But given that we've seen two of them moving celestial bodies, one of them shield an entire city against a ridulously powerful dark magic user (when Shining Armor, the captain of the guard, had difficulty keeping a shield over a much smaller area up against far less of an assault) and, let's not forget, a newborn baby smashing walls and destroying ancient and powerful relics, I think it's fair to assume that Alicornhood comes with a little bit of a power boost. Yes, Celestia and Luna are abnormal in being able to raise the sun and moon, but all that shows is that that specific application of power is unique to them. It doesn't show that they must have more power than other alicorns any more than, say, Big Mac or Maud being unable to fly shows that they're less powerful than Rumble.

And finally, I just want to make something clear - my original post was a joke. Now, I don't mean this in the sense of "it's just a joke, you're stupid if you get upset" - I think that sentiment in general is a pile of disingenuous, self-absorbed, responsibility-dodging crap and I in no way begrudge or wish to impugn your responding to me. I just mean that my post was meant to be funny (believe me, if I meant to genuinely attack Starlight, you would know it) and I sincerely apologize if I failed in that goal and/or said something offensive.

And what is “The Works” you might wonder? You will be better off never learning of its horrors

It's probably listening to Twilight's friendship speeches for six hours straight.

I can see that as being an actual legit punishment in the mlp universe :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

“Yeah. Twilight hates showing her full power because she worries we might think she’s ‘showing off’,” Pinkie explained.

Worst headcanon ever in the history of forever and ever.

Yeah, yeah, this is about to put me to sleep too. You know what? We have all seen the show and know all that happened, right? So, before you yawn again and go read something else, let us skip to the part where things start changing from “canon”, shall we?

This made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

But Applejack, in a voice showing surprising concern for the pony that took her Cutie Mark against her will, advised, “Starlight, I’m serious. Run. Fast. Now.”

This is the line that cemented for me that this was a story worth its weight in gold. As with the sequel, I love this story!

...trixie's first episode. that's all i have to say

That's not the same and you know it.


Can't tell if you just didn't like the reasoning I used for this story, or if you really think Twilight holding back because she's scared of showing off is my headcannon.

I thought you were joking with this comment at first and even got a laugh out of it, but I'm not so sure now.

In any rate, I've heard much worse headcannons than that. Maybe you'll be interested in hearing some of those.

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