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Pinned down and powerless, Starlight Glimmer found herself in a seemingly hopeless pinch. Her plan to save Twilight Sparkle and her friends from the changelings failed.

With no help in sight, is Starlight and Equestria finished, or could something Twilight sometimes do be the key to saving the day? At the very least, Starlight will get answers to various topics that she had always wanted to know...and then some.

You may be surprised by who will be in the most trouble when this is all over.

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A day after Ember visited Ponyville and claimed they look the same, Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer pondered if she had a point. To ensure they never get mixed-up again, the two mares formed a plan to stand out from each other more.

They should have gone over the details of how they would do it more.

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Sunset Shimmer and the human Twilight Sparkle decided to come to Equestria to visit Princess Twilight Sparkle, Equestrian Spike, and Starlight Glimmer. While there, the human Twilight asked about something her pony form doesn't have, but Princess Twilight does: alicorn wings.

The two Twilights then went on to solve the mystery of the strangely absent wings. It didn't go well, especially for one of them.

My entry to the "Most Delightful Ponidox" contest. I'd place my bets on it placing in the bottom three if I were you. Easy money people.

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Believing it to be an easy job, two thieves broke into Princess Twilight Sparkle's castle. With no Royal Guards protecting the castle and Twilight herself gone, her valuable possessions were as good as theirs.

Or so they thought.

Last but far from least, special thanks to Little Tigress for drawing the great cover art.

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EDIT on 10/19/20: Has an audio reading done by the youtuber Enharmonic!


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This story is a sequel to Alicorns and Beards

When Eric Reed claimed that he had learned how to predict the future, Twilight Sparkle was understandably skeptical about it.

However, Twilight quickly found herself aghast when Eric successful pulled off his boasts. Eric is just a regular human, so it shouldn't be possible for him to do this kind of stuff...right?

Will Twilight figure out how Eric learned to do something that not even she, an alicorn, can do?

This story happens three days after "Alicorns and Beards". But, it's not needed to read "Alicorns and Beards" first to understand this story (and laugh) though it would hint at one of the reasons why Eric chose to perform his tricks to Twilight, besides that she's Twilight.

This story also takes place after the events of A Giant Adventure to Equestria and it's also not required to read first, other than to learn Eric Reed's backstory and how his bond with Twilight and the other characters formed.

EDIT: featured on 06/19/20 & 06/20/20!!

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Knowing Thorax had struggled to convince some of his follow changelings to change, Princess Twilight Sparkle decided to visit the changeling hive and check up on him.

It turned out, with the exception of one changeling, Pharynx, all of the changelings had finally accepted the new way and had transformed as a result. Even so, as the Princess of Friendship, Twilight took it upon herself to get Pharynx to change his ways and learn friendship.

No matter how many times Pharynx says "no".

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While out searching for a certain book, Princess Twilight Sparkle caught wind of Queen Chrysalis near her castle. Knowing Starlight Glimmer was there and that Chrysalis still wanted her head for "stealing" her hive, Twilight assumed the worst.

But once she rushed to the castle, instead of a fight to a death, Twilight found...something else.

And that might only be half of the surprise!

EDIT: featured through 06/05/20-06/07/20!!

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After being warned to stay away from Starlight Glimmer, Spike and Eric Reed run to her room as fast as they can, where she had locked herself away in. They believe that Starlight is angry at them for something, but they have no idea what it is.

What could Starlight be upset about, and what will her friends have to do to earn forgiveness?

In fact, did they even do anything wrong?

This story takes place after the events of the story A Giant Adventure to Equestria, which explains why and how the human OC Eric Reed is in Equestria, and how his bonds with the other characters formed.

However, it won't be necessary to read that story to understand this story, and laugh. All you truly need to know is who Rarity, Spike, and the reformed Starlight Glimmer are.

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Equestria has faced many threats, which Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack have faced and defeated. But what happened when a threat came that was too big for even them?

It became the business of the unicorn Starlight Glimmer, Equestria's greatest, last-ditch defense. These are her heroic battles.

Though, there is a catch...

Despite the title, this story is unrelated to my Princess Cadance Saves Equestria (Wait, What?!) story and its sequel Princess Celestia Saves Equestria (And Pay Up!)

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This story is a sequel to That Morning I Woke Up With an Alicorn Princess

One week after they had been the victims of a prank that made them think they kissed and...more after getting drunk, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Eric Reed came up with a prank of their own. The two told the four friends that stuck them in bed together, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, and Spike, that Twilight's pregnancy test came up "positive".

After that, mayhem ensued.

Special thanks to TheHardie-Boy for proofreading this story.

Enough will be explained to not require reading the predecessor story to enjoy this story, and laugh.

This story also takes place after the events of A Giant Adventure to Equestria, but it is also not required to read it first, other than to learn how and why the human character Eric Reed is in Equestria, and how his bonds with the other characters formed.

Edit: Featured through 04/05/20-04/07/20!!

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