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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".


One week after Starlight Glimmer suffered a "relapse" during some long-overdue friendship lessons, Spike found her reflecting and lamenting in her bedroom. After some urging from the dragon, Starlight admitted she wasn't sure if the Mane 6 (save for Twilight) had truly accepted her as "one of them." But most of all, the reformed friend-in-training legitimately wondered if a pony with her past even deserved friends at all.

Naturally, Spike had some things to say about that.

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Finally, an Every Little Thing She Does fanfic with a good ending.

I love this! It's a nice little follow up to that episode that I feel could very much have been in the show proper if they had time.

This is very much a "How it should've ended" for "Every Little Thing She Does". :twilightsmile:

I can think of some hyper stressed out ponies who also suffers from intrusive thoughts and choice paralysis who'd be lining up for Starlight's spell.


Glad you liked it:twilightsmile:

I haven't seen many post-Every Little Thing She Does fics, but it would be surprising to me if not many used a premise similar to what I used here. I know of one post-Every Little Thing She Does fic that was quite different from this one and far more comedic and even closer to my usual stories. It was something on par with what I might have written if I had used my typical style and played what happened for laughs instead of taking it much more seriously and playing it for drama.


Yep. Alas, there wasn't enough time with how the episode was paced and barely had enough time for Starlight to even get an apology off.


I guess it is. I write it as a post-Every Little Thing She Does story, but I suppose a rewritten version of that episode might have had enough time to end like this.


I feel like I should already know, but who are those ponies? Twilight is the only pony that comes to mind.

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