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A big fan of cartoon ponies and an even bigger fan of cartoon humans with pony names.


Sunset is eager to help her friends, and two of them happen to need help that only she can provide. How to make a guy get over his crush on a cute, mysterious, magic-wielding girl that occasionally visits from another dimension? Sunset has an answer.

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Cute take on it. I prefer this over the ones I've seen that have Flash react obnoxiously or negatively.

kul #2 · Oct 5th, 2016 · · ·

Princes Twilight is cute! CUTE!

Please consider the following...

Councilor = person on a council
Counselor = person who gives counsel

All councilors are counselors (because the purpose of a council is to give counsel as a group), but not all counselors are councilors (because many counselors give counsel by themselves).

This story's title should be "Sunset Shimmer, Couples Counselor" (not "Councilor", and definitely not "Councelor", since that isn't a word).

7620472 Thanks! Fixed. That's what happens when you just kinda throw an idea out in the evening. I'd also forgotten to tag it "human" and "equestria girls" :rainbowlaugh:

Next couple: Spike & Rarity


"He's a dog, darling."


Well this was cute and amusing. One thing I would advise though, you put the issue of Twilight feeling something for Flash Sentry to bed just a wee bit too quickly for my taste. I would have thought this could have sustained some interesting drama between the two of them. That's just my opinion though, it's an amusing story and I'd maybe like to see more of it, if that would be ok?

7621044 Honestly this story is a dozen kinds of half-assed. :twilightoops: I just wanted to do Flash's reaction to the photo and nothing else, so I pretty much skimmed over everything. You're right, Twilight probably needed some "counseling" too, but I didn't have an amusing idea for it that wasn't dirty ("Look at how weird this thing looks, Twilight!" if you know what I mean :moustache: ) and I wanted to keep it all clean and innocent.

What more could there be, though? I'm glad it interested you but I have no more ideas for this. It would be possible to write something about Twilight still harboring feelings and trying to get over them too, but I don't really have a grasp on how romantic feelings work anyway. If I get another amusing enough idea for how Sunset could help her, I'll try to put it to paper, but I don't see the chances of that being too high. Sorry :twilightblush:

7621044 Wait, actually, nevermind, I literally got a silly and pretty logical idea RIGHT after I left the previous comment. Not promising anything, but I might work on that idea.


One idea that springs to mind is that Twilight could possibly start asking precisely why Sunset is doing what she's doing, and what her potential stake in the matter is. I understand about the story being half assed, and it's no big deal, not trying to put pressure on you or anything. At the end of the day it gave me a manly chuckle so mission accomplished, have some moustaches and a like and fave.

7621094 My idea is that maybe I could build on the very ending of this and turn it into a light fluffy shipfic where Sunset is telling herself she's helping Twilight get over Flash by taking her out but she actually just wants to do that herself. This is a very basic idea however and I am more inspired to do other things at the moment, but I think I'll keep that one at the back of my mind, especially if I can also think of something to distinguish this potential continuation from the myriad of other Sunlight shipfics.


Well this was cute and addressed a problem I've long thought on the Flash/Twilight angle.

7626489 Which problem? That Twilight's a pony? I'll be honest, I never considered it a problem :scootangel: I mean mentally she's fully on the level of humans and she does get turned into a human so, like, who cares? But I also thought that maybe once Flash knew he wouldn't be able to see her in the same light again, hence this story :twilightsheepish:

7626512 Actually, being a pony has nothing to do with it. They live in different dimensions and one's a magical princess and the others a high school student.

Hell, there's an age difference as well but courtesy of the portal deaging people from Equestria it's never really brought up. To elaborate, the mane 6 over in Equestria, as far as I can tell, are all at least adults-they live on their own, run their own businesses or have their own jobs, and so on, placing in the twenty's range while Flash is in all honestly probably still a teenager and might not even be 18. Hell, this is practically confirmed by Sci-Twi's appearance in the EG series-she's still a High School student while Princess Twilight graduated a while back and, while ostensibly Celestia's personal student at the beginning of the series, graduated past that when she became a princess.

7626646 Right, those are good points that I never happen to think of. Glad my story apparently accidentally addresses them :rainbowwild: I'm just too used to cartoon characters having some sort of generic "not really an adult yet but lives on their own and has a fun job that they really don't have to do all the time" life situation so I never even thought of these differences.

Why do I imagine Celestia telling Twilight to at least TRY given she had her chances to be with the Good King Sombra shattered literally, at least them visiting each other isn't going to trigger the end of the world.

7628491 At this point this goes into the territory of why there isn't more contact between worlds, cultural/magical/technological exchange, etc. For myself I choose to believe there's still some reason why using the portal ALL THE TIME shouldn't be done. Maybe they still think it might loosen it too much or something.

There's also a personal reason as I don't like acknowledging anything from the comics. (Even though I enjoy them).


That has more to do with the writers having orders to sever as many ties as possible between the two settings.

And I can appreciate you not wanting to use non-cartoon canon.

7628510 I'm not sure they'd go into full-on interaction between the two worlds even if they were completely allowed to, it's just a mess waiting to happen. Limiting it allows them to focus on shorter, self-contained stories that focus on the specific characters instead of the worlds they live in. Don't get me wrong though, if there was a series which chronicled a merging of the two worlds, I would definitely watch it, but it's really not what the franchise needs.

I guess that's what we have fanfics for :pinkiehappy:


Having Twilight and Spike be the ONLY ONES to EVER visit the human world, and Sunset never even visiting her own world to reconcile with Celestia feels like a waste.

7628639 Not sure I'd super care about the ponies going to the human world (though it would've been fun once or twice), but I definitely agree about Sunset. Heck, personally, I think they wasted most of her potential as a character. Everything that was interesting about Sunset has been growing irrelevant. She completely got over her bad past, she doesn't communicate with Pony Twilight, doesn't have to learn about friendship because she's apparently magically good at it already, she seems to have forgotten all about Princess Celestia and whatever ties she might've had in Equestria. The only character trait of hers that they still use is that due to being a pony she's much more excited about magic than the rest of them. I don't mind Sunset as a character but I think she's giant waste of potential.

Well, I finally got around to removing this story from my read later list, and it was definitely very sweet.

7994260 Thanks! :coolphoto: I'm glad it managed to provide some enjoyment despite how little effort I put into it (beyond the initial idea).

Yes! And now we ship them~ :pinkiecrazy:

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