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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle Watches Rage Compilations

Twilight is forever scarred from watching rage compilations, and she believes the Elements of Harmony are infected as well.

She reluctantly decides to go back, and learns of another group of gaming friends that she believes watching will cure her of this madness.

Unfortunately, that group is SovietWomble and the ZF clan. And they are literally one hundred times worse.

Thumbnail belongs to the ZF Clan.

Chapters (1)
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5th Aug 2018

Yet it appeared under new stories. :rainbowhuh:

“It’s aids
It’s aids
It’s aids
It’s aids
It’s aids
It’s a gun shot wound!”
“No, it’s aids,”
Man I love Soviet and the ZF Clan! Cool story!

it appears when the story itself is published, not when the chapters are

Some typos and spelling errors scattered around in there that broke up the flow a bit, but an enjoyable read all the same.

"I now pronounce you legally dead."

"...Can I get a second opinion?"

The crossover i never knew i wanted till now, bless you sir. Also someone link this to womble on stream.

I fucking love... I NEED MORE


womble is a faggot

Let’s see her reaction to Teo or Nanners’/Chilled’s ttt videoes.

"Locking on"



"No shit your rocket launcher is imaginary. Did you make a imaginary miss against the very real helicopter that just crashed into the building?"

“Have you considered BUPA?”

"He plays all sorts of games! Gears of War, Halo, CSGO, Fortnite-though that’s not really a good game"

Wonder how many people are gonna be triggered at that last part XD


"Wombleeeee nep called me fat"
"You are fat!"

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