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Spoilers for "Legend of Everfree".

For her life, miracles were only told around the campfire by passing campers each year. In all her life, Gloriosa Daisy had never hoped that any tale of magic could possibly be true. Yet, in her darkest hour, an hour brought upon by greedy wolves and starving vultures, her hopes were all she had left. And sadly, they were answered.

It was fear that led her down an unknown path.

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I like this, a thoughtful insight into Gloriosa's character. With all of her "I got this!" she certainly struck me as a a very eager girl, usually without knowing the limitations, which is I presume, the start of her downfall in the movie as you tried to explain it here.

Damn...very powerful story here. Nice.

So she was talking to the human world's tree of harmony? Or at least a counterpart to it?

I think it's pretty clear that Daisy is NOT money wise! Custom uniforms, letting campers decide on ANY activity that springs to mind when they get there, that's a big drain on the coffers!

7616237 Considering how she decided to have the laws batch of campers each have, i think she thought 'screw it, if were going down financially i'm going ton give these guys the best camp experience ever.'

7616237 I think the process there was that this was going to be the last summer for the camp, and she was going to do anything and everything she could to make it great. But, it wasn't until the very end that she had the idea of using her powers to physically keep anyone away.

Much like someone with cancer going out and living their life without worry about expenses because this was going to be their last outing.

We never see Gloriosa's meeting with Filthy Rich after the girls' powers started to manifest. I'm wondering if he put more pressure on her; made demands or even told her that there was nothing she could do that would make him change his plans; maybe he even mocked her efforts. Desperation, rage (and the fact that she'd already been under dangerous levels of stress already for some time) made her snap and, losing her sanity, she decided that she would use the power of the crystals to ensure that Filthy Rich never got his hands on the Camp.

Corrupted intentions and an unbalanced mind combined with Equestrian magic leads to out-of-control psyches and monomaniac psychosis, as we've seen twice before.

While this IS a very powerful series of stories, I still can't figure out why you gave them the AU tag.

7997105 I believe that initially the Equestria Girls tag didn't exist with the first installment. And even when I added the tag later, I never noticed the lack of a need for it.

7997164 That makes sense, actually.

I love when fic writers add a little insight into the proverbial mind of magic itself

Interesting prequel to Legends of the Everfree

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