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Now alone in the makeshift bunker that's kept her safe for years, Nightmare Moon opens the door and remembers her failures.

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Congrats on publishing this!

A very good Nightmare Moon AU. :twilightsmile:

Ow! This hurts. Good job.


Glad to hear you like it!

Reading this is kinda funny when in the show the Sun and Moon are little more than glorified light bulbs and would probably make no difference, if you live in Equestria that is.

You're very welcome.

Wow. Well done. It's nice to see something with realistic lasting effects from a villain's actions.

Well. Sombra's got quite the surprise coming to him don't he?

Luna, sombra, there are some stuff left to explore, this could have a sequel.

Ah yes, the classic problem faced by most tyrants and usurpers: they are so convinced of their own greatness they can no longer even conceive of being wrong, and everyone who does know better is either too scared to speak up or ignored or punished if they try to; and they don't realize they've made a grave mistake until it's far too late.



That's the certainly quite the situation to wake up to.

Beautiful. Both the idea and execution.

Even though it's not related, I'm reminded of the story Lost to the Sands. The 'after all this time' theme.

Very emotional read. This story is incredible. There aren't too many fics that explore this AU to such a realistic degree. The story reminds me heavily of the 'One Chance' indie game that came out in 2010.

So is Nightmare Moon an alternative personality for Luna? Something that possessed her? Not sure if giving up being NMM would change anything for Luna if NMM was just grumpy Luna.

So she completely destroys everything and then leaves Luna to live in it?? That sucks!!

I really like the story. Interesting concept that could definitely lead into a sequel.

I want to see what happens if Celestia returns after a thousand years and finds what has become of the world. I have the feeling she won't be so forgiving of her sister this time round.

Very nice, and that ending! Reminds me of "The frozen West"...

This made me cry. To think that a being so bent on what she wanted would find it would all be worthless in the end thanks to her lack of foresight, dooming everything and everyone around her - and then eventually herself. This is truly emotional for me. I haven't read a Nightmare Moon story in a while.

A lot of neat concepts were explored here and I think this is my favorite "post-Nightmare Moon" story so far. I like how she's not completely evil like Chrysalis, because she did have many emotions when she realized her plans had failed and that devastated her kingdom. I also like how the magical properties of raising the sun and moon are explored and how, like any Equestrian magic, they come with limitations.

Very well written, wonderful work!

Luna got troll hard:trollestia:

The eternal night that nightmare moon dreamed so much in the end ended up being the bane of his kingdom because without the sun it the plants would die since they need the radiation that the sun emits the temperatures will fall quickly since there will be no sun that provides heat and without counting the deaths due to lack of food and cold.

I feel like NMM is just an alter-ego of Luna, and she casted something to restore everything to the way it was, thousands of years back to the past, since the canon NMM is partly another entity that just revels in one's misery.

Excellent work writer.

As to the eternal night thing...Nightmare Moon's words in Canon made me think of how a child will sometimes say things like "I'll NEVER speak again", or "I HATE you FOREVER". In short, she was at peak meltdown when she first tried to wrest control a thousand years ago. Neither logic nor reprimand nor bribes would reach her and if she was going to go down it would be swinging.

The idea that Celestia and Luna essentially had the entire planet or cosmos at their mercy is indeed a scary thought.

Good job !!!!!!

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