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Cold in Gardez

Stories about ponies are stories about people.

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I can not wait to read this in its entirety

What 1287943 said.

Is this gonna be about recovering from the bad or about trying to make me cry?

God, what is this trash. I'm going to go read Michael Bay Presents.

You used to be cool.

1287979 Just a question: Why are you trying to downsize one of your fics under a different name?

Kid, I will kick your ass. No one talks to Gardez that way but me!

Whoohooo, let the shipping I had never considered before commence. :duck: :rainbowkiss:

I've only read the description, yet I get the vibe that it's a RariDash shipping. I usually physically get sick at non-Spike Rarity shippings, but if it's acknowledged here, then I may enjoy this. *Puts it on read-later*

'bout time you posted this Gardez! Can't wait to read it. :raritystarry:

Cult of Luna references in the description, or am I just imagining things?


Wait... whose box?

If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't Rarity be tagged instead of Twilight in the character list?


You could ask the same about authors writing Pinkamena leaping out through the fourth wall weapon in hand, chainsaw revved and ready to kill as the narrator screams in terror, shards of glass falling out of his screen, diving into his hands and pinning them to the table; a perfect opportunity for double the bonds (and thus double the fun) with some superglue to keep the glass in and so the author has to choose between severing his hands, running out the door and dying of blood-loss on the way to the hospital or playing with Pinkie, enjoying the chainsaw and dying of blood-loss on the way to the kitchen; he chooses to run but apparently his narration hasn't rendered the door in his room as a possibility - of course he tries to bash through, but there's nothing on the other side, after all, it's a section of his imagination that he really didn't think through and why isn't the real narrator saving me, he's just sitting there with a smile on his face typing this out even though the scenario could be ended right now; Pinkamena's chainsaw finishes his thought for him, brains out on to the floor, and everyone walks the dinosaur.


Oh, good catch.

Bad Twilight! This is Rarity's story! Yes, you have a speaking part.

Oh yeah, I have been waiting for this!

1288318 I'd like to see Pinkamena doing that. Seems like a good hooror story (sometimes I wonder what this fandom is doing to my head)

Yay! More of the best Raridash fic out there? Yes please. This is the reason I even started liking the pairing in the first place. Ugh, why must professors assign boring and lengthy journal articles when there's interesting pony stuff to read? Eh, it'll keep. Onward to romance-y ponies!

I want you to know that I'm breaking a cardinal rule against sex and ponies by reading this, and that's because it's you writing it, CiG. As far as I can tell so far, it's going to be a tool and not the entire premise, which makes it more palatable to me on an intellectual level (even though it really makes me uncomfortable while I'm reading it).

p.s. Great cover art.


Let me know what you think. There are a large number of people who follow me that don't like clop, necessarily, and I'm curious what their reaction will be.

If I lose several hundred followers overnight, we'll have our answer.

P.S. Thanks! Took about 10 hours all told, most of which was practicing with my new tablet and getting the body shape correct.

All right, you got me.

The dual sensations of pain and utter pleasure drew a wail from throat, slowly dying away as her breath escaped into the night.

There should be a possesive pronoun to own that throat. But very excited to read the extended version; the development of this relationship was beautiful the first time around, and with more time to develop, it will become something truly amazing.

I might be too much of a coward to read this. Any well crafted story with powerful themes that blends in eroticism just amplifies it's emotional impact. In the past, reading stories like these have left me contemplative, if not outright distracted, for days. And then there's the fact that I don't really read much "sad" and tend to be extremely OCD nitpicky critical of sex scenes.
Maybe over the weekend when I don't have to be paying attention to training for my new job.


Thanks, fixed that typo. I thought I got everything in the original few passes, but apparently not.

I hope your hopes are justified :)

I love fics like this. They seem so lifelike.

Hmm...do I dare critique?..... Of course I will. But remember The Witches Hat reveals all. Also the dialogue, the plot, And the conflict. On ward to this story chap!!!~:moustache:

My only question: Is Soarin', in fact, dead? All through the first chapter, I was like, Who's dead? and that continued into chapter 2. If this fic was written elsewhere, I've never read it before, but I enjoy it immensely. CiG, do your thing.:yay:

Hmm I adore the dialogue in the story. This is more of an internal conflict as I can read she calls her self a whore or slut many times. But ignores the voices in her head. Also....FINALLY!!!! A story that has a sex scene of a MARE and A STALLION. It's not that I'm homophobic but that all the stories I have read in do so is of to marehoods rubbing against each other.... But I digress. Great job Cold and Gardez.~:moustache:

I think I skip this due to tag. Maybe next time.

This isn't really porn, it's more erotica. And it's a damn good story so far, and on a topic that is a bit too taboo to be written about mainstream, but too personal to really discuss with anyone but the closest few friends, if even them. But this sort of thing everyone cares about. I wish there were more good writings of this sort. Jot, Bio. Orthodoxy, Sleepless have some. I wonder sometimes if I missed some, but it doesn't seem worth looking more. (There's just so much squick and smut out there to sort through.)

About this chapter:
It was Soarin's funeral? Twilight's? That's a nice small suspense.

1289216 "If I lose several hundred followers overnight, we'll have our answer."

See, I've never understood that sort of a reaction. If an author I otherwise like writes something I don't like, I don't read it, and just wait for their next story.

You've earned my trust with Wind Thief and Glass Blower. You also did a really, really good job with "the funeral" and not mentioning Fluttershy until deep in the story; reminds me of the shocker in Life of Garp, in which I noticed an absence and went back to count heads before the author made it clear. Most "one of our number has passed" stories spill the beans too quickly, relying only on the audience's connection to the characters instead of the raw story itself. (This is also true of fanfiction in general. You, however, show an understanding of the characters and what makes them unique.)

That title image is just fhsjfgahfvabekfvdfgvdhusb

So, wait. I was just about to read 'Salvation' for the first time, but now I see this has appeared. Which one should I read? :applejackconfused:

I'd want to read this asap, but alas, I don't want follow any more incomplete stories :twilightoops:

I will try to read this when I got the time.

Wait, so how is this different from the original Salvation? I'm confused.

...there a glassblower, his window filled with a thousand wondrous creations...

I see what you did there...

As always, your works continue to impress. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the next chapter!

Wow. The eroticism and sensuality in this flows so smoothly! The beauty in this is the portrayal of emotions that are so widely displayed; the characters are not thoughts or ideas, they are feelings. Anyways, I'm guessing Soarin' got into a flight accident and died, hence the funeral. Looking forward to more!


This one is that one times two, apparently. The other was shortened due to time constraints, so CiG is posting it here in its unabridged entirety.


The first few chapters are the same as the old version, with a few corrections. The new chapters don't kick in until around the middle of the story.

As SatoshiKyu noted, the new version is a bit over twice as long as the original, all told.


Thanks for the info! I thoroughly enjoyed the original fic, (although it was a bit mature for horse stories), and I can't wait to start reading this one!

You have my attention, as well as a thumbs up for the pile.

Alrighty Mate. First is the dialogue. I looove it. Its quick and understandable. Like you have Soarin' speak and Rainbowdash speak. But you can tell the difference between those two buggers. Conflict is internal. My favorite in the writing industry. And the Witches Hat reveals the line in a very funny lookin, way. Up in' down, up in, down up in, down. I love it brother. Keep up the work chap.~:moustache:

i really love this story and all of your writing... except the clop. Honestly, we all know how it goes, and a clop scene is guaranteed to have nothing surprising or exciting in it, so I skim read those parts. I understand the point of each, but those points could have been made just as strongly with them being half their current length.

Oh Rarity. How melancholy your life has become. :raritydespair:

Please don't make this a sad fic Gardez. This is one of the only fics where I can actually feel sorrow for Rarity!

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