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The sequel is here! You have my attention. :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

Insert comment to continue.

P.S Well, well ,well, It seems that you created Flutterperve:ajsmug:

Ooh, such a juicy love triangle. Fluttershy loves Pinkie Pie who is slated to married to Rarity who has found out that Fluttershy has a forbidden crush, and is now trying despertaly to help her friend, unaware that said friend is in love with her marefriend. :fluttershbad::heart::pinkiehappy::heart::raritywink:

Pinkie is doom. :pinkiehappy: Fluttershy is doomed.

Wanted to ask her friends to try it too, the next day.

When your older Sweetie. :ajsmug:

3738073 I have dubbed it Flaripie.
3737999 She doesn't mean to be... :fluttershbad:
3737965 :pinkiehappy:

I loved your Twinkie and Flairty in Green. You did an amazing RariPie in the predecessor to this fic. Now this story is shaping up to be amazing. I love how well you do characterizations, and turn even characters that I dislike, or am indifferent towards into characters that I can like. I expect great things from this fic and I hope that things work out for Flaripie.


"I'm here to face my doom." That's what I said at my last dentist appointment.
This is sticky, horny, cute, wonderfully layered, emotionally charged stuff. All the characters sound canon, which can be hard to pull off. I'm upvoting this and putting in a fave.

Dooooom! :pinkiecrazy:

I look forward to seeing this played out.

Hah hah. Now, 'Shy has the right idea! You know what they always say: if you can't join them, voyeurism!

Also, her slip up to Mr. Cake made me genuinely laugh.

Nice job with this, Steely, heaven knows we've been waiting for it.

Fluttershy accidentally became Fluttervoyer. And next time we have doom. Sweet, fluffy, pink, sugary doom.

heh, all i gotta say is poor flutters n' maybe she's over-dramatizin how pinks will react to her luv? :pinkiesad2: Anyways g'luck shy; u might need it :yay:

3739082 Well it's not like she planed to catch her friends in an intimate moment.:pinkiehappy:

Steel Resolve, you ship RariPie so much that sometimes i have a hard time believing you are a RariShy fan :fluttercry:

3740395 I am, believe me, just follow along here. This story is Flarity as well, believe it or not.

3740788 Have I steered you wrong so far, love? :duck:

3740815 come to think of it... there was that one time... nah, just kidding! :rainbowlaugh:

3739726 True, that wasn't her plan at all.
3738639 :fluttershyouch:
3739095 Flutters is much more worried about how Rarity will react.
3738307 :yay:
3738420 Glad you like it, and remember, if you missed reading it, this is a sequel.
3738251 Thank you, I do my best.

Good lord, you really start it off THICK, don't you?

Still, an excellent start all the same.

Now then, I shall go on ahead and hope to god a threesome emerges from this and that polygamy is permitted.

...And also Twilight/Celestia. Maybe. But who cares about her in this one right now?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to end well for all parties?:heart:

I think in any romance that lacks a sad tag, the destination is obvious. But the journey is the fun part. Buckle up.

I think that Twilight and Rarity end up as a couple and Fluttershy and Pinkie. Seeing as Twilight seems to like Rarity, putting emphasis on her name

“I’m... I’m okay. I’ve just been thinking. A lot.” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “First the gala, and then Ponyville with that stupid doll. Then Shiny marries my foalsitter, and now Rarity is marrying Pinkie...” Twilight stopped herself, realizing her disjointed thoughts probably weren’t making much sense to anypony other than herself. ”Sorry.”

I think it speaks volumes about your ability as a writer that I was simultaneously completely satisfied with this chapter and yet am obviously craving more.

Fave tracked, certainly.

This was so brilliantly self-contained as a single chapter story that I was stunned to see it had an 'incomplete' tag. Stunned and delighted.


I was talking about the emotion, rather than the tags.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3744021 Ah, well I always write heavy emotional stuff, it's kind of my thing.


That's very true...

But this seemed heavier, somehow.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is adorable -- but not saccharine in the slightest. Plus there were more than a few laugh out loud moments, which is pretty rare for me.

I was exclusively referring to this story.
(At least, in this case.)
Outside of this story, TwiPie DEFINITELY gets enough love.
:pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile:, and :ajsmug::heart::raritystarry:FTW!

3744924 Rarijack is adorable, but I am more of a Flarity or Raripie shipper, myself. I did used to ship Rarijack pretty hard, then I saw Green isn't your Color. Season 4 is really throwing me some hints too.

You know, those are a couple of ships I definitely don`t see enough of on this site. Too much AppleDash, not enough Raripie or Flarity.
Although, if you enjoy AppleDash, might I recommend The Only Thing Better Than Flying? It`s a REALLY great story with just the right combination of romance, drama, confusion, and a light sprinkling of clop.
(Sorry if I started to sound like I was plugging the story there.:twilightsheepish: I just really love it.)

I foresee (and dearly hope) this ends up with that most magical of words - triad! :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::yay:

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3740395 Well believe me, he's a Flarity fan. Though, 'fan' might not be strong enough of a word...

3746718 i was only discouraged for a moment because RariShy is probably the least shipped couple out there of the mane 6. :ajsleepy: and i thought Steel Resolve was the RariShy god XD so when i constantly see him updating RariPie, RariPie, RariPie, my very first reaction was "and you call yourself a RariShy fan!" :fluttercry: lol

3747220 Believe it or not, Raripie is less shipped. Look at the two groups. I am trying to balance my time spent on fics but I really enjoy both.

Believe it or not, Raripie is less shipped.


Commence read.

I was wondering what Fluttershy was going to say when asked who she was there to see.

"I’ll be sure to mention it to Aloe, so she can modify our schedule accordingly.”

this comma bothers me
it's not wrong, but when you say it out loud the comma seems like it shouldn't be there
to top this all off, this is speech, so i imagine it being said out loud.
aaeuuuugggg why does this bother me (your mechanics throughout are perfectly fine, by the way, this is just a personal little diddy)

This was pretty enjoyable! Good work on this, and good work to your co-writer as well for the work that he/she did, whatever it was, and to your proofreaders and the like.

Good work on the brevity especially. Scenes were short and to the point but felt very natural to me--the only thing I really noticed what that Fluttershy seemed to speak in much longer sentences than I personally imagine she would, but maybe I'm just being finicky.

I pleasantly await more of this.

3747220 I have no numbers whatsoever to back this up... but I would say that there are several shipping pairs less commonly shipped than Flarity. RariPie (according to Steel), AppleShy, ApplePie... maybe even RariLight.

well, t 1st reaction will be shocked... maybe but, i'm sure rares will try to a least understand n' allow flutters to say how she grown to luv pinks? :unsuresweetie:

3749261 i agree to your first three. RariTwi/Light I don't know about, while i wouldn't call the ship on its own popular, i'd say it's more popular than the others you mentioned for sure.

Hmm... Will we be seeing any TwiLestia in this fic, or was it just there for the sake of comedy?

On a side note...

Twilight pulled open the icebox, fetching the daisy sandwiches and floating a bag of Hays chips out of the cupboard.

Puns. Gotta love `em.

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