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A bit rattely to read in some parts and i am not one for the clop, but otherwise it is pretty good.

This is pretty great. :y

11061793 Not really. Just wanted to do something a little different.

Came here for a quick bit of lesbian fuckery. Stayed for a genuinely cute story and lovely chemistry between characters that I don't believe get the justice they deserve when paired together, however incredibly rarely that may be. I know you say you don't have a sequel planned, but maybe time will aid you there. I hope for more, even if it's a while out.

Keep up the great writing!

This was sexy and cute.

This was equal parts hot and adorable. Love me a good steamy romance. This story immediately went into my favorites, great job! (I hope I'll see something related to this sometime soon. A sequel!)

Was just curious, this has multi-chapter potential

I haven't "d'awwww"ed in a long while. Thanks for that. It was surprisingly sweet.

11065778 Not a problem!
11062517 Glad you enjoyed it!
11062301 Thanks!

Fabulously flirtatious and fun! We can always use more Lunadash.

Wh- seriously? All of that and Luna never gets to rub it in her sister's face? What a rip. Faved.

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