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For those who want to see the full cover art: 1969731 on Derpi.

Excellent beginning. I can definitely empathize with Applejack, here.

That ending was such a sequel hook, and I am here for it! Another stellar piece of writing, my friend!

Hot, but fuck you and that ending.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ooh, such a brilliant seduction and what a wonderful gift for Applejack. :D

I need a sequel SO badly now. Also, some fucking hot sex, there.

How dare you get me hooked and wanting more. The absolute nerve to write something this amazing. The only way I can see you making up for your actions is to write a sequel. Or Celestia willing, a while series.

I look in the feature box and think, "Wait, my story got back into the feature box AGAIN?"

But no, lol. It's just another story with the same name. Featured about 1 day after mine left the feature box.

Heh. We should have coordinated. Could have had fun confusing people by having two stories with the same title in the feature box at the same time!

nice writing, very nice.
and it's in the featured stack now anyway :)

Please tell me that there's going to be a sequel to this.






Well I wasn't originally planning on writing a sequel; I liked the thought of the endless chase between two lovers.
But I can be convinced.


What, Applejack not getting love herself isn't a good enough reason?

For shame.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And what bribes would be needed?

Always about whether or not I can write a good story with it. If I'm not satisfied, then neither would you.
Besides, seems my sequels never get that much attention.
Six-pack and a trio of hot lesbians at my door.

I have written multiple stories of "self-conscious-odd-one-out-beefcake Applejack pairing with flirty-but-secretly-wants-more-to-life Adagio," so this story went from a promising start to 1000 for me in the space of a chapter. The ambiguity in Adagio's thoughts until the very end was neat, as was the emotional ride as Applejack went from depressed and doomed to finding the love she thought she'd never have.

But man, that ending. :pinkiesad2: It really does make the story feel unfinished, especially with both parties so sympathetic that I desperately want a happy ending, and with it so obvious that their story does indeed go on.

Regardless, I respect your decision, and you have my thanks for such a well-written contribution to my own personal crackship of choice.

Butt yes a final chapter or sequel would be dearly appreciated.

A sequel would be darker, and likely sadder- and probably less sexy, so that'd count against it.

I can write it, but it'd come in due time.

So long as there's a happy ending I can endorse more difficult feelings and less hot girl abs...:heart:

But I shan't annoy you further on it - I am grateful for what you delivered.:moustache:

Seconded. A sequel with a happy ending please.

Let me add my voice to the clamor for a sequel with a blissful ending-ever-after

I love it, but I agree with everyone else that there's too much room to not have a sequel. Where are Aria and Sonata? What did Adagio tell the other Rainbooms when she went to collect? Did Applejack get the girl? We have to know.

Funny enough, there's a concept for Adagio that's been kicking around in my head where she has maxed out charisma but in the presence of someone she's crushing on (I'm thinking Wallflower Blush) she becomes a stammering, blushing, unconfident mess.

great story, so sweet, of course more woudl be wonderful if u can do it

This was a sweet, but the ending was bittersweet. Like a few of the others who've commented, I, too, would like to see a sequel, or at least, an epilogue, with a happy ending.

Whatever you decide, you wrote a pretty amazing story.






In due time. I want to finish out the long-term stories I have on hand first.

So there is a sequel in the works.

I am good with this

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