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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011

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Clawson? I like that...though :rainbowderp: is his dad named clawman?....No? No?
Crickets sound in the distance.

Sighs dramatically.

Onward to read the chapter!

May the force be with you young Spike.

I like this very dark and edgy yet tragic in a way whether you dont know who is really in the wrong but i hope this story keeps going its very good

Is this a shield hero type story?

No because there is no isekai plot where someone is reincarnated in another world

awesome chapter mate keep it up can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Can't wait for more. I will keep a eye on this

Comment posted by Orrm deleted Jul 12th, 2021

Master Thief Dragon: We are the darkest Spike's Harem fic!

Feral World: Hold my gems.

I got to say this story start off dark since poor Spike deals with bullying and the only one who genuinely cares about him are the girls and surprisingly Neighsay of all people!

Hope Spike eventually warm up to the girls since this is harem fic… he can't be angry at them forever…

This story reminds me an anime where the main guy is an outcast and loser until he was betrayed by one of his classmates and they left him to rot until he came back as ultra-badass.... Arifuerta? But with post-apocalyptic elements.

Hope Spike came back as ultra-badass and give those bullies and anyone who look down on him comeuppance.

Anyway, what is the influence for this fic? Wildcard?

Was inspired by LuckyMagic's story Under the Purple Hood. With more of a Mad Max touch to it

I see.

A Mad Max-style harem fic with Spike and the girls…. Intriguing.

I am interested on what MLP villains look like in this Mad Max-style world like Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, Pony of Shadows, Storm King and Grogar… I wouldn't be surprised if one of them dress up as Immortan Joe! Imagine that!

Quite interesting, I like the backworld of a Zombie infection with some Mad Max touch. Glad I inspired you to make a fic like that, also I will keep an eye in the story, specially the development of the relationship with the girls. I'm sure you'll make a great story Wildcard. Have a nice day<3

Huh, no doubt the pandemic thing is slightly/practically based off our current events.

Plus this new story so far seems more violent and profane than the others. No offence Wildcard

Maybe its me, but when I found the main character's name is Spike Clawson, I was thinking "SWAT KATS: the Radical Squadron". Hell, even with Spike and Luster Dawn interactions,I could see her as Callie Briggs, since Spike could be Razor/Jake Clawson. Of course I also see a bit of Rogue Diamond as well with the setup. Definitely looking forward to more chapters of this.:twilightsmile:

Liking this store do far

Here's a song that would make a good opening for this story:


So it's like the bizarro version of Ladies Man on Campus?

Comment posted by Wardoun deleted Jul 13th, 2021

Good beginning of the new story!)
I know, this question may sound stupid, but I really wonder if Equestrians have hooves or arms and legs in addition to wings or horns? I have a feeling that they do have arms and legs since there is a tag Main 7 (EqG), but I'm not really sure...

The tag anthro is also in it, which means they're ponies but with human bodies

Oh, yeah, sorry, I didn't notice that tag right away😅. Thank you!
About the story itself, beginning is really good.
The only thing that confuses me is the character of Pinkie Pie.
I mean, she is Pinkie Pie! She always gives a good welcome for every newbie! It has always been a part of her character.
But...in this story girls didn't talk to him until this moment. So it means that Pinkie didn't give a good welcome for Spike...
I wonder why didn't she do that? Story says that a lot of Equestrians don't like humans. Was Pinkie afraid for her reputation or something?

Yes that's another reason why. Peer pressure from others

Is there gonna be a sex tag for this story?

so the long road to find the legend has started. lets see how it'll play out in the end. not to mention how the d:yay:ks likes spike's 'going away' presents.

He looked around at the city from up in the air. He smirked beneath his mask, and spoke, “I think I can have some fun before I take off.” and so Spike flew off into the night.

Oh no...

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Also, the girls and Harmony were all one and the same. Good to know. And they all got through to Spike's frozen heart faster than Yue to Hajime from Arifureta...or at the very least, they've convinced him to let them tag along.

Hmmm...now lemme see.

  1. Twilight Sparkle
  2. Applejack
  3. Rainbow Dash
  4. Rarity
  5. Fluttershy
  6. Pinkie Pie
  7. Sunset Shimmer
  8. Luster Dawn

The road for Spike and the Girls has begun! And it's going to be the most insane roads they ever been on! Let's hope they have a lovely day!

I'm so happy Spike get his payback to those who hurt him, especially those 3 dickheads and oh boy! It's a great payback!

At least, Spike is no longer a jerk toward the girls once they admits they are Harmony and the one who has been looking out for him the entire time.

The question is which girl that Spike will hook up with first?

Look. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Spike's got his overdue payback. But knowing those jerks, they'll spread slanders and say that Spike's a menace and determine to make him a public enemy number 1...

Of course, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna will know otherwise...too bad some guards are more willing to agree to disagree...

Don't mind me, I'm just writing a delusional comment here:
I read the Under the Purple Hood fanfic that the author was inspired by.
I see that, unlike that fanfiction, here Wildcard made the girls reveal from the very first chapters that they care about a person that many others don't care about.
Well I do not know. On the one hand, it's nice, but on the other, there is a lack of development. We do not know from what moment they suddenly began to worry about people. After all, no matter what these eight girls may say, they are not able to truly understand people. After all, he main girls have never been in Spike's shoes. They live well, consider them rolling like cheese in butter. And suddenly they are ready to give up their usual life for the sake of one person with whom they did not even communicate, but only sent him food, clothes, and the other things under a pseudonym (and the girls don't even know if this Garden really exists). Looks a little silly, doesn't it?
In the above story (sorry, if anyone has a small spoiler), the girls do not communicate with Spike at first either, but over time, watching his life, they get to know Spike better and slowly but surely begin to rethink their attitude towards him. And although in places everything is going too harshly in relation to Spike, but there the development of relations between Spike and those girls is clearly present.

I hope I haven't offended anyone with my opinion. I am not saying that the story is disgusting. No, I like the beginning of the story (especially the logical desire of Spike to leave this shitty place and take revenge on his offenders before that).
I will continue to follow the story with great interest. Let's see where it goes. Good luck with writing it, Wildcard!)

Very nice chapter! Ready for more!

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

  • Savage Types – Basic Ferals.
  • Wraithslicers – Ferals that have the weakest of eyesights, but incredible hearings.

The guard smirked, “No harm is to come to the human, huh? Well, we'll see if she'll keep that order if something were to happen and he happens to be the cause of it.” he snickered, as he left.

Oh shit!!!!!

It seems not all Ferals are same and thank goodness Spike let the girls, especially Twilight go with him or else, he had no idea about the feral variants.

They better be looked out cause all of guards are corrupted and they likely want to kill Spike, fortunately, at least Shining Armor doesn't view Spike as a monster unlike those guards.

Here's highlights

Spike looked down and blushing while thinking, 'I have a girl pony cuddling me in a bed. This is real!' he mentally cheered.

Glad that he went from want nothing to do with the girls to be exciting about sleeping with one of the girls.

Character development

As the feral was right on top of Spike, the boy flew up as the wraithslicer landed on the conveyor belt and pulled right into the machine. The girls looks away as they heard the crunching and slicing of the feral's body as it went through the compactor. Then out from the end was a compressed cube of the feral's mutilated body.

Well, it's official…. This is definitely going to be the darkest Spike's harem story that Wildcard put on… especially with the killing stuffs and apocalypse stuffs.

“Ok, that was the grossest thing I ever saw!” Rarity said looking a little green.

Get used to it, Rarity… you are in the Mad Max-type world… so get used to that!

“This is amazing.” Spike gasped, “Twilight with your research on the ferals, and my research on the location of the Garden we really could make it there.”

Look like Twilight will be the Ferals' expert… I wonder what job that girls going to have so they have a reason for being there to help Spike out?

Sunset and Spike were attaching fresh new wheels and tires to the vehicle, before Twilight and Luster used their magic to raise the vehicle up allowing Applejack and Rainbow Dash to work on the bottom of it. As Rainbow was trying to tighten it she ended up getting a shot of oil in the face making the girls laugh, while she gave them a dry look.

Ha ha ha ha ha! To be fair, she did got carried away! :rainbowlaugh:

After hours or hard work and fun, Spike and the girls stood before the Winnebago that looked like it was fresh off the market. It's new paint job was silver, and decorated with hot rod flames with images, of stars, apples, diamonds, balloons, butterflies, rainbow colored lightning bolts, and two sun images within the flames, and the hood ornament was of a dragon.

Yeah! Spike and the girls got their own Mad Max-type vehicle! Now they can go on their journey without being tired a lot!

Awesome work!

I hope you don't mind Wildcard but I noticed some errors in the chapter:

“So, now that we got enough food and dink, we'll need some way to store it.” Spike said.


Everyone was cautious, until they saw something leap out from a junk pile which was a feral beast that looked tiger-like, with bat shaped ears, and sharp claws. The group jumped away as the creature landed on the ground growling.

After hours of hard work and fun, Spike and the girls stood before the Winnebago that looked like it was fresh off the market. It's new paint job was silver, and decorated with hot rod flames with images, of stars, apples, diamonds, balloons, butterflies, rainbow colored lightning bolts, and two sun images within the flames, and the hood ornament was of a dragon.

“Right. A promise.” Spike agreed, as they hugged before heading back to the hotel room to get some much needed sleep.

If you like, I can serve as an editor for this story.

that one guard is gonna make human life very hard now.

I hope he goes back to sleep with rarity...

So that pony guard is going to be a obstacle for Spike and co.... not for long

Nice chapter! Now I see that the girls have a good motivation to leave Canterlot along with Spike!)
The only thing I would condemn the heroes for is that they do not leave anyone on watch while the others are asleep. You know, just in case. After all the world beyond walls are filled with danger....
I wonder when and where Starlight Glimmer is going to appear in this story (and also how does SHE relate to humans?). I'm sure that the tag with her name is there not just for the beauty😏. I'll be waiting for her appearance. Good luck!!))

This story has the appropriate rating for a sex tag.

Finally leaving but definite props for manning up to that garbage for so long. 👍

That one guard is definitely going to regret trying to get in their way, perhaps if the group left him and his co-conspirators to the ferals.

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